Tanya Sinkovits

ST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOX) — The investigation into the death of August Busch IV girlfriend might not be finished for sometime, but lessons can be learned from how she died.

On Wednesday, St. Louis County Medical Examiner Mary Case announced that 27-year-old Adrienne Martin died of an accidental overdose of the prescription drug oxycodone.

Oxycodone is a painkiller derived from opium, which when taken properly gives the user a euphoric effect.

Dr. Joe Primrose from Barnes-Jewish Hospital says that feeling is why oxycodone is quickly becoming the most addictive drug in the nation.

“It makes a person feel good, it doesn’t do anything for pain. So when people try to get off of it, they go through withdrawls,” Dr. Primrose said.

The head of the National Center on Addition and Substance Abuse at Columbia University Joseph Califano says doctors and parents are to blame for the spike in recent prescription drug overdoses that have claim the lives of movie stars, like Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy.

“Too many physicians prescribe them promiscuously,” claims Califano. Also parents need to keep an extra eye out too. “The number one place where teenagers get these drugs are out of their mom and dad’s medicine cabinet.”

If you suspect someone may be abusing oxycodone or another narcotic Dr. Primrose said individuals maybe not themselves, sweaty, and their Pupils would be small.

In 2008, 28,000 people died from drugs containing opium or an opium derivative.

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