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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) — A public salary should not be a road to riches, according to State Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Cicero). He has commissioned a report of more than 1,000 state employees — mostly judges, professors, and university administrators – whose salaries exceed that of the governor $177,411.96.

Taking particular aim at the college crowd, Sandoval says the state university system has lost its way, focusing only on wealthy Illinoisans and out-of-state students.

University of Illinois spokesman Tom Hardy describes a competitive atmosphere in which the U. of I. is trying to hold onto the best faculty to remain a world-class university.

Retorts Sandoval: “I want a state-class university.”

Sandoval’s hoping the report, which he asked the Legislative Research Unit to prepare, puts pressure on his fellow lawmakers to do something about the salaries.

The highest-paid people in the report all made $600,000 in base salary in the 12 months ending June 30, 2010: SIU School of Medicine professors Khaled Saleh and Russell Yang; and University of Illinois athletic director Ron Guenther. Circuit judges are paid about $178,000.

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  1. richard coyne says:

    I never could understand why the state colleges ever have these over paid coachs and athletic people. They try to tell us they make money for the colleges. I bet they don’t. It they had to pay to maintain those huge building and staff I bet there is no profit. If you want to play sports in college it should all be walk on. Put the money into cuttiing the cost for people to go to college. ISU just spent $56 million ot build a rec center. What is up with that? I would like to see the rec center at a college in India Where are all the computer people are trained. That then come to the United States and take the good paying jobs.

  2. mgg says:

    While there ARE overpaid coaches and some administrators on University campuses – man of the people that are targeted could make a lot more money than they do by NOT working for the state. SO, you could accept that the state will pay lest and get less qualified people or your could realize that the pay of the governor is in NO WAY relevant to this argument, especially considering the caliber of governors we have had in this state over the last two decades or so. Most run for the “power” and thus end up in jail.

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