SPRINGFIELD (AP) – An Illinois lawmaker is pushing to raise the state’s minimum wage to more than $10 an hour – higher than anywhere else in the United States.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Democratic Sen. Kimberly Lightford of Maywood has introduced legislation to raise the minimum wage by 50 cents plus the rate of inflation every year until it reaches the point where it’s equivalent to what $1.60 an hour was in 1968.

Today, that would mean an hourly wage of $10.03.

Lightford says she wants to make sure the working poor aren’t ignored or forgotten. But opponents say the proposal could cause businesses to move to other states, especially if it comes after a recent corporate income tax increase.

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Comments (2)
  1. tedj says:

    This will be the final nail in the coffin for small business in Illinois. It will put us over the edge and another statistic of Illinois bad government.

  2. jessica says:

    fist off all i think that there is people that work realy hard to pay there bills and to make sure that there families have some thing to eat. IM ONE OUT of THOUSENS AND THOUSENS of hard workers that only get paid 825 an hour i dont sit dawn in a desk all they for 10 hours i work hard and still dont get any where some times my 2year daugher goes hungry and that will help alot if becoms 10 hours an hour.thanks

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