There are so many different avenues I was thinking about for my second column on I thought about the Blues and how their season mirrors the 2010 Cards. I was also thinking about Mizzou’s struggles on the road in conference play. And then of course the Albert situation, but my friend Mike Claiborne touched on that earlier this week and that’s not going to go away anytime soon. But Super Bowl Sunday is what pulled me in like a magnet. No, I’m not going to dissect the game. I’m going try to find solutions for the problem the NFL seems to be having with the entertainment aspect of the ‘BIG GAME’.

Let me start out by saying that I’ve had the pleasure of attending several Super Bowls. There’s no event like it, and the NFL deserves all of the credit in the world for marketing its product so well. So I’m not going to suggest the league should do away with all of the pomp and circumstance. That’s what makes this a National event. But what I am going to do is offer suggestions to make this event more enjoyable. Sure, I could do a 100 page column criticizing what we have seen lately from the entertainment aspect of the Super Bowl, but I think that would be counterproductive.

My first suggestion has to do with the National Anthem. To me it’s pretty simple in the way this situation can be rectified. When the ‘entertainer’ is informed on the phone that they’ve been chosen to sing the anthem, that person should have to sing or recite the anthem over the phone. If they fail to remember the words, then rescind the offer.
My suggestion for next year anthem is Jim Cornelison, who belts out the National Anthem at the United Center before Chicago Blackhawks games.

Now let’s move to the halftime festivities. Obviously some terrific groups and/or singers have not lived up to the hype or maybe even had a clothing mishap. So let’s go back to the old bread and butter, marching bands. I know some of you are saying, ‘how boring?’ Well, have you ever checked out some of the bands in the Southwestern Athletic conference? These young men and women are not only talented musicians, but great entertainers. I always look forward to the battle of the bands at halftime of a SWAC game.

These are just a couple of ways I think the biggest event year in and year out in our country can be more enjoyable. Of course, what do I know; maybe the league wants all of this stupidity to continue because we can’t stop talking about it and the event. Well, at least I can’t.


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