Charlie talks with U.S. Cong. Todd Akin about his proposed bill to repeal the $27million program associated with assorted transportation projects around the country, including the $1 fed grant for a bike trail on the St. Louis Archgrounds.

Charlie’s weekly check-in with St. Louis Cardinals Broadcaster Mike Shannon.

A U.S. diplomat shoots two people in Pakistan, and the Obama Administration wants diplomatic immunity for the diplomat. Charlie talks with Aftab Borka, CBS News reporter in Karachi, Pakistan, about the controversy surrounding this story.

  1. Meg Griffin says:

    II was doing errands yesterday. When I left the car you were to do a talk with Rep. Akin about giving back the money for the bike trail. I was so excited. When I got back in the car, the interview was over and that was not the case. Big disappointment. I listened to the interview at your website but the whole interview was not there. Is there any way we can give the money back????? If this were the real world and not the fantasy world the government has created, we would have to quit paying on the project because we are bankrupt! Florida is trying to say no to high speed rail because they do not have the money for their part.

    Other things on my mind

    Sales taxes near where I live.
    Walgreens at the corner of Manchester and Weidman
    The high tax is 6.925%
    The low tax is 3.725%

    Walmart at Manchester and 141. Approx. 14200 Manchester Rd. This is the new Walmart in my area.
    The high tax is 9.175
    The low tax is 5.975

    Home Depot 13929 Manchester Rd. (where the old Walmart was)
    The high tax is 7.78
    They said they did not have a low tax

    Schnucks Clayton and Woodsmill
    The high tax is 8.175
    The low tax is 4.975

    Target near Clayton and Old Woodsmill New within the last 2 years It is very close to the Schucks
    The high tax is 8.675
    The low tax is 5.470

    West County Shopping Center
    The high tax is 9.425

    Chesterfield Mall
    The high tax is 7.925

    How much am I paying to subsidizes the new Walmart? How much more are the same products costing me? I have always been a fan of the smallest government entity but how much am I paying extra to shop because the little towns compete with each other for stores. The shopping area of the old Walmart where Home Depot (mentioned above) is, has lots of vacant stores.

    Salaries of professional athletes. I don’t care what they make, they could make billions, as long as they are not subsidized by any tax money from me. I am especially taking about the stadiums and arenas they play in. For $10 or $15, I can go see the highest paid movie actor, easily have a very good seat, park free very close to the theater. I cannot do that here at the Cardinals, Rams, or Blues. The subsidies are not lowing the cost of going to the game.

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