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ST. LOUIS, Mo (KMOX)-Another source is calling St. Louis “America’s Most Dangerous City”. This time it’s US News and World Report. 

In a new ranking based on seven years of FBI crime reporting data, St. Louis tops the list of America’s 11 most dangerous cities.  The magazine gives the city a ‘crime risk index’ of 530, Atlanta is second at 484 followed by Birmingham and Orlando at 380.  The national average is 100.

Police Chief Dan Isom tells KMOX’s Mark Reardon it’s another ranking based solely on numbers that don’t necessarily add up to reality, “If you take strictly population and number of crimes in the city, just that basic analysis, yes, we’re probably going to be at the top in most categories.”

But Isom says, “Most people in St. Louis know there are many different neighborhoods. I believe we have one of the safest downtowns in the country. I believe my neighborhood is extremely safe. Now, do we have neighborhoods that are extremely dangerous, yes.

“It’s just unfortunate that that kind of ranking paints a broad picture of what St. Louis is about. We’ve got to deal with those problems and we don’t want to minimize them, but it doesn’t reflect the entire city.”

The magazine does say that St. Louis has made ‘major strides’ in reducing crime while others on the list have seen fluctuations or even growth in violent crime rates.

Read the entire US News and World Report article HERE.

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