Brad Choat

WASHINGTON D.C. (KMOX) – Will there be a federal government shutdown in early March, if lawmakers don’t reach a consensus on a budget bill? 

Senator Dick Durbin says it’s too early to predict, “I certainly hope not. We’ve made it clear from the start that that is the worst outcome. If we end up shutting down the government and calling into question whether we’ll meet our obligations for Social Security checks and paying our troops, then that’s an absolute utter failure.”

The Illinois Democrat was a guest on NBC’s Meet the Press, Sunday morning.

Congress has until March 4th to decide on a spending plan for the rest of the fiscal year.

The Republican-controlled House passed a budget bill this weekend that cuts $61 billion.

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill says she and other Democrats are not happy with cuts proposed for U.S. border security, “For gosh sakes, we’ve had everybody talking about securing the borders, and then instead of making some reasonable adjustments in checks we write to oil companies, they’re cutting border security. I think we need to look at the priorities.”

McCaskill was a guest on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

She said there may be a need for an extension past the March 4th budget deadline.

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