Overnight America with Jon Grayson

Bovine Penis? On MY Pizza?
Briana McGee of Ah Badabing Pizzeria in Shelton, WA joins us to talk about their selection of odd pizza toppings, including, yes, bovine penis.

Colorado Man Defends his Sons Rights
Shan Moore is the father of a Colorado student barred from school due to his use of medical marijuana lozenges. His son’s use is legitamite, as he has a disorder of the diaphragm. The school has since relented their decision, but his Shan (pronounced “Shawn”) joins us to explain the situation.

Mind The G.A.P.
Anne Malleau of the Global Animal Partnership joins us to talk about animal welfare. No, not unemployment for farm animals, but rather the rights of said animals to have their basic needs taken care of.


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