Brian Kelly

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX)-If you haven’t seen them yet, you probably will soon, extra police officers making sure motorists are wearing their seat belts.

Officers from 13 departments in St. Louis County kicked off the 2011 Click It or Ticket campaign by urging motorists to buckle up.

St. Louis County Police Officer Scott Roach says seat belt laws are not a case of government creating a “Nanny State”, “We’re trying to save lives…We’re here to increase safety, safe people’s lives. If I have to do that one person at a time so be it. But I don’t think by any means we’re being nanny’s about it.”

MoDot’s Tom Blair, who works with the Roadway Safety Coalition, says the goal this year is to get the entire county covered by those laws, “We need to drive down those fatalities resulting from unbelted motorists. We need to increase safety belt usage in St. Louis.”

The crackdown is focused on the 13 St. Louis County communities that have primary seat belt laws, which allow officers to pull over a motorist simply for not buckling up.  Blair says one goal of this year’s effort, is to have the entire county covered by primary seatbelt laws.

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