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ST. LOUIS (AP) – St. Louis is losing residents, according to U.S. Census figures released Thursday, and the population decline goes deeper than being another blow to the proud city’s image.

The drop will mean a financial loss that could cost the already cash-strapped Gateway City millions of dollars.

Figures from the 2010 census were a bitter disappointment, as the city’s population dipped to 319,294.

That’s down more than 29,000 — a staggering 8 percent — from 2000.

For St. Louis leaders, the news was doubly disappointing because they were expecting to see an increase.

“It is absolutely bad news,” Mayor Francis Slay said. “We thought after more than 50 years of population decline that the city had finally changed direction. Obviously, that’s not the case.”

The census numbers are more than an ego shot to a community already fighting an image of high crime and poorly performing schools.

Federal funding for many of the city’s programs is tied to population.

“It will mean a significant loss in federal dollars over the next 10 years,” Slay said.

St. Louis was the nation’s eighth-largest city with a population of 856,795 in 1950. Now, for a couple of decades, it hasn’t even been Missouri’s largest city.

Kansas City’s population grew to 460,000 in the latest census, widening the gap over St. Louis, though the St. Louis metro area remains significantly larger.

Since the mid-20th century, the exodus of St. Louis residents to the suburbs has been startling. And people keep moving farther away from the urban core. St. Louis County lost population in 2010 for the first time, down 1.7 percent to 998,954 in 2010, as residents relocate to communities like St. Charles, O’Fallon, Wentzville and Troy.

“This is a time for an urgent rethinking of how we do everything as a region,” Slay said. “If this doesn’t jump-start a discussion about the city re-entering the county and how we start thinking more as a region, nothing will.”

St. Louis is unique in that it is its own county.

St. Louis city and St. Louis County are completely separate entities.

Slay said that leads to redundancies of service that are unnecessary.

Steven S. Smith, a public policy professor at Washington University in St. Louis, agrees that something needs to change.

“The challenges are really quite substantial,” Smith said.

“How do you attract business? How do you maintain neighborhoods? How do you prevent continuing decay and abandonment which, when it gets to a certain point, leads to a downward spiral?”

A census estimate on July 1, 2009, forecasted that the city’s population of 348,189 in 2000 had grown to 356,587.

Either the estimate was wrong or there has been a substantial recent exodus.

The 2010 census is based on the population in April 2010.

Slay said the city was hurting from the recession, with some residents displaced, perhaps hard to find.

Still, he said, that doesn’t account for such a steep decline.

The mayor said the ongoing struggles of the city school district are a big part of the problem.

“A lot of families are leaving the city for better educational opportunities, especially public education opportunities,” Slay said.

Increasingly, they’re moving further and further out.

Jefferson County saw its population increase 10.4 percent to 218,733.

St. Charles County’s population continues to rise sharply, up 27 percent to 360,485.

The fastest growing counties are on the far outreaches of the St. Louis metro area — Lincoln County grew 35 percent and Warren County 32.6 percent.

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  1. Ed Golterman says:

    Something needs to change? Something needed tg change 20 years ago Mr. Professor. You don’t know what the something is, you dont know what should have changed and why, and you don’t know what can be done now, and neither does Slay.

    1. strongteamaker says:


      St. Louis should change its name to Detroit, Mo. It will soon look like Detroit. When will that arch get destroyed by the new Americans.

      1. M J says:

        You don’t know what you are talking about. Don’t knock our Arch. Where do you live anyway?

      2. M J says:

        Please disregard the post I left above. The person the comment was for is gone. I guess his comment was deleted. Have a great day!

      3. alan geezer says:

        Hang a piñata from it .

      4. Luke says:

        There is basicly no Illegals in St. Louis so my guess is this guy is another glen beck or michael moore fan (both fake idiots that dont really care about anything other then making money) if you were from st louis you would know its not like chicago or any other city in the us we have a very small illegal alien and or hispanic population. by the way remember ronald regan was the last president to give amnesty to the mexican illegals.

    2. denise says:

      When a city has a city government and a county government, public unions are the problem. The union bosses are sucking money from both places, making it hard to get anything done. Wake up public union workers, your union bosses are sucking out the core of your city. It is Detroit, they just needs a few more years.

      1. patches12 says:

        Correctd Denise… public Unions are basically money laundering outfits for the Democrats

        Taxpayers pay the public servant, the servants are all unionized, they pay dues to the Union which in turn pays big chunks of money to the Democrat party….

        costs continue to go up REGARDLESS of revenues…. smart people move out where taxes are lower.

    3. John says:

      Why do people tiptoe around the fact that where there is a high concentration of blacks and other minorities, there is an inevitable increase in crime and deterioration of the school systems. The next step, of course, is the flight of the law abiding and educated to the hinterlands. Where are the leaders of the black community to take the bull by the horns and to get to the black parents to instill good values in their children. Forget the self-serving bluster of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and get into your communities and educate those shiftless, uneducated parents; and stop blaming “society”.

      1. John Wimberly says:


    4. anthony perone says:

      In 1970 we were filming in East St Louis at the arch. EVEN THEN….we needed armed security guards to protect the crew. America has let St Louis rot and its shameful. We have never learned to cope with desperate poverty….I saw it there.

  2. Paul Savko says:

    Ah, yes! A few more entitlements and fewer industries don’t help the flight. No one wants to addres the crime statistics for St Louis… hmmmmm..

    1. John Marmaduke says:

      The only reason the crime statistic is so bad is because the statistic doesn’t have the county included in it, unlike every other major city. St. Louis gets unfairly represented in that statistic.

      1. oracle2world says:

        The crime statistic IS bad. If it is only for St. Louis city, even more accurate.

      2. strongteamaker says:


        Look out St. Luis, Camden is working hard to recapture its Crime Crown for 2011. NJ is planning to have a Crime Crown commemarative license plate announcing their pride of number one in something other than taxes.

      3. denise says:

        If it had the county added to it, the numbers would be worse. Boo Hoo, St. Louis gets unfairly treated, acceptance comes with the first step. If you want to safe your city, get rid of the entrenched unions, lower your business taxes and your city will thrive within ten years. Oh and get rid of the democrat leaders.

      4. Iratebobby says:

        If you read the story you would understand that the city is its own county. “St. Louis is unique in that it is its own county.”

        Therefore the city crime stats are the county crime stats. That makes you wrong. You sound like the city and county leaders who are shocked at the population decline but have done nothing to fix the problem. The crime rates are horrendous and all you do is pass on mis-information to deflect the correct information. You live in a hell hole run into the ground by liberal democrat leadership. They and you are two peas in the pod. St Louis will never rise until the governing liberal mentality is run out of town.

      5. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

        Overrun with ‘born on welfare’ demos.

      6. Joe Phillips says:

        Baloney. The problem is the neighborhoods I grew up in and used to travel around are not safe for white people or black people. The apologists and excusers have created a jungle. Busing started it, lax crime control continued it, and the race baiters thrive on it.

    2. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      People are fleeing Libya and St. Louis for their safety.

  3. Gary says:

    Slay wants the county’s tax base. That simple. Why not offer incentives for businesses to return? How about tax breaks. How about cleaning up the corruption that is so evident each election cycle when the Dems pull all of their tricks?

    1. Ximena says:

      Dems remind me of the Sandinista party during elections. They go door to door telling you everything you want to hear, they give you a sack of rice and beans to prove they want to help you feed your family, they convince the ignorant that they are the ones that care for them and will help them get what they need, fight for their education, and then once it’s all said and done, they raise your taxes, cut your programs, and leave you with nothing but, they are so polite about it that you don’t know what hit and you don’t realize that everything they promised is completely beyond their reach, it’s all a scam to get votes. They don’t care if you have someone else’s ID, why do you think the illegals love them so much? The Sandinistas will use your dead family to vote for them, it’s the same concept.

      1. davec says:

        Apparently youve seen the Sandinistas up close and personal. Thanks for the post.

      2. sylvia says:

        Holy Smokes Ximena, do you have the Democrat Party’s number. You are dead on right about this political party, too bad a segment of our society are either too stupid or have their hands out hoping to receive something for nothing from this party instead of taking advantage of the resource richness of this wonderful country in order to achieve a good living on their own.

      3. denise says:

        Its the PUBLIC UNIONS(who work for the taxpayer)who vote to get into office their people, who then write the bills to raise their wages, pensions and benefits, while the taxpayer is losing his pension, benefits and the taxpayers wages are stagnant. Please stop voting for public workers, they are not your friend.

      4. Steve says:

        And Denver

  4. Frank says:

    St Louis is not unique in being a city/county. San Franciso is also a city/county government. And yes, they are separate redundant governments too.

      1. Ron says:

        And Indianapolis

      2. Former St Louisan says:

        Ron, Indianapolis/Marion County runs under a UniGov system so as many services as possible are not duplicated. Police/Sheriff’s Department being one of the most recent conversions into one command. There are some exceptions such as Fire Districts and Schools, but no duplicity in these areas.
        Jacksonville and Louisville are similar.
        St Louis City just wants to maintain the Nepotism for their families. If the County was allowed a say in the city, South & West county voters wouldn’t be putting up with their sh!t and you’d actually get some qualified Mayors in there that care more about the city than the city’s largesse..

      3. degintn says:

        and nashville,tn

      4. Jed says:

        Nope, Baltimore City and Baltimore County are two separate regions and political entities.

    1. F.R. Duplantier says:

      And New Orleans.

      1. YoYo says:

        and Louisville

      2. Mark Hallenberg says:

        and Atlanta, Philly, Cincinnati…

      3. legalpanther says:

        @Mark Hallenberg:

        Cincinnati is not both a city and a county. Hamilton County is the county in which Cincinnati sits. However, there are many other cities and townships that are also in Hamilton County but outside of Cincinnati: for instance, Cheviot, Norwood (I know this city is completely surrounded by Cincinnati, but is its own city nonetheless), Delhi Township, Green Township, etc. It is true that Cincinnati is the biggest, it is not the only.

    2. Vicki K says:

      and Jacksonville, FL….

      Anyone else notice a pattern here?

      1. Joe Citizen says:

        No…help me…what is the pattern here?

      2. Vicki K says:

        Consolidated governments are forced to spread limited resources evenly across the board and can’t take into account differing values & demographics like small, autonomous townships could do. With no safe neighborhoods left, the intelligent/law-abiding citizens leave the area, bada-bing – instant ghetto!

      3. Jeff Schwandt says:

        Actually, Jacksonville, FL and Duval county are fully consolidated. St. Louis (the city) is completely separate from St. Louis County. No doubt the legacy of a power struggle & pride from decades past.

      4. Bostonsane says:

        Jacksonville city is not separate from it’s county. Quite the opposite. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacksonville,_Florida. Just saying . I really would be scared to move back to St Louis with the obvious racists posting comments here. Yikes!

      5. Pitbullll says:

        Want your city to be a ghetto? Vote Democrat.

        The pattern is apparent for all to see. Every city, county and state around the country run for any significant period of time by Democrats is broke, poverty stricken, crime ridden and overly unionized.

        GET A CLUE.

    3. henry says:

      And Philadelphia

      1. Mark Hallenberg says:

        all headed for the likes of Detroit – the best example of politically-correct progressive liberal government.

    4. Dennis says:

      But San Franciso doesn’t have a city income tax! I have to think that tax is part of the problem.

    5. MWalters says:

      You are not understanding. The information is that St. Louis is the only city in the United States that does not exist within a County.
      St. Louis County stops at the City’s edge, and the city does not reside within a County. No other place in US is this way.
      Should make for less “redundancy”, but the corruption between Slay and Unions, and Democrats is the major cause of their problems. I am surprised that Monsanto, Nooter, and A-B has not moved out of the city already.

      1. Lou Gots says:

        That’s wrong. Philadelphia is the same way–City and county are consolidated.. Philadelphia is still a pretty good place to live. We have crime bot it’s tolerable. We have a good mayor. D.A. and Police chief, so people have faith in City Hall. Obvoiusly, that is not the case in St Louis.

    6. Steve says:

      God, you people are completely not getting it. St. Louis City is not merged with St. Louis County like Nashville-Davidson, Indianapolis-and whatever County it’s within. St. Louis City is a completely separate entity from St. Louis County. The city is not within the county, it’s not merged, none of that. St. Louis City has 319,000 people. St. Louis County has 998,000 people. When you hear about St. Louis, you’re usually hearing about St. Louis City.

  5. steve says:

    I wonder if the city of St. Louis is controled by conservative Republicans?
    No I guess not.

    1. M J says:

      Mayor Slay is actually a pretty good mayor, a relatively conservative democrat. Unfortunately by the time he came into office things had already gotten pretty bad. He is probably the best leader they could hope to elect. He does not have a lot to work with.

      By the way, most citizens of St. Louis County do not want to merge with the City.

      1. Captain Obvious says:

        A “conservative democrat”? Boy that’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

      2. St. Louis U says:

        No just a moron.

    2. Josh says:

      St Louis was last controlled by a republican mayor in 1949. St Louis has lost over 60% of its population since 1950. Weird.

      1. denise says:

        Isn’t it. When did the public unions start?

  6. Joseph says:

    It’s no wonder people are fleeing the sump hole that is St Louis. It has been run by the Democrats for so many years and they have FAILED abysmally here as they have each and every time they have been allowed to run things.

    just look at the States with the biggest deficits and highest levels of unemployment and you will see they are ALL run by and have been run by Liberals.

    1. IC LEMMINGS says:

      Just like Cleveland Ohio and Detroit.40 years of buying elections by the unions !

  7. Mark Pujols says:

    I guess some people fear murder and rape. Who knew???

    1. Tony LaRussa says:

      Hehe……..so true. But as long as they keep promoting basketball and hip hop, peace will endure. ;-). Disgraceful

  8. M J says:

    School choice would have stabilized neighborhoods and mitigated or even halted much of the decline. But oh, no the teachers unions and the anti-Catholic bigots would have none of that. This is what happens when you let the teachers unions and the public school only radicals have their way.

  9. JamesS says:

    Nothing, of course, in the story about what the exodus is really about. The press and politicians are unwilling to address it much less name it. So it will go unfixed. And it does not really matter. The productive class will produce elsewhere. And St. Louis will be left with what they will not speak or even whisper. St. Louis can look to Detroit for a glimpse of the future.

    1. Detroit Chris says:

      As a resident of Southeast Michigan, just north of Detroit, I hope you are wrong. The corruption and waste have been around so long it could take generations to reverse the damage.

      All that’s left in Detroit is the welfare class who only votes for those politicians who promise more government programs and the Democrats at the state level have been too afraid to say no. Although that seems to be changing.

      Three Step Process to recovery
      1. Eliminate the Corruption – Open books, bidding and hiring records, and convict the guilty.
      2. Dramatically Reduce Social Programs – They’ll move to someplace that will give them more.
      3. Privatize Everything – No Unions, No Government Pensions or Lifetime Healthcare.

      1. Mark Hallenberg says:


    2. Art says:

      Right on, and until we can frankly talk about the problem it will never be fixed. I wonder who will go to zero first East St Louis or St Louis.

  10. Charles Herriitt says:

    The reason for the decline is HUD!!!

  11. wagonhoe says:

    “Well it’s too late baby yeah it’s too late…” People needed to be getting serious more than a decade ago and now it’s too late Saint Louis has been lost.
    Here come those questions OH How do you attract business? OH How do you maintain neighborhoods? OH How do you prevent continuing decay and abandonment…? Well make it illegal to leave Saint Louis since it is socially irresponsible or worse than irresponsible, and put up a wall to keep people in.
    The policy status quo is here and there is nowhere else for the status quo to go unless for instance we subsidize, nationalize and move up to a brave new future away from property rights and the freedoms from the old Constitution in general.

    1. Pedro, el Capitan says:

      If you’re advocating that St. Louis move more aggressively toward socialism/marxism and away from the ‘freedoms from the old Constitution’, I’m perplexed. Do you really think this will work? And do you really think productive people will accept the yoke of more government and less freedom. StL is already a bastion of entitlements and freebies, and has been a Democratic / socialist haven for decades. The result? A city that takes more than it produces, an environment growing more ripe for crime daily.

      St. Louis and its entitlement aproach has allowed many of it’s citizens to become dependent and weak. StL needs to adopt another way — you sir are not part of that bright new way. You represent the cancer that is reducing StL to a shell of its former glory — by the numbers, by the data. If you disagree, you aren’t disagreeing with me; you’re arguing with mathematics (the city continues to diminish) — a fools errand.

      1. F.R. Duplantier says:

        I believe wagonhoe was being facetious.

      2. bunky says:

        Sarcasm, el Capitan, sarcasm.

    2. F.R. Duplantier says:

      Serf City?
      Many big-city mayors and their urban-planning courtiers envision a solution to the alleged problem of “sprawl” that would, in effect, reestablish the serfdom of the Middle Ages. In the authoritarian fantasies of these self-flattering fatheads, servile city dwellers would be permanently bound to town homes and would require the seldom-granted permission of hizzoner in order to exurbate themselves. The sovereign of such a dopey utopia could ignore the thieving thuggery on his crumbling streets and raise taxes to 50, 75, or 100 percent, even higher! No longer permitted to participate in the peripatetic poll, those pesky peons would be stuck in the city! They would be subject to him, not vice versa. Ah yes, the Middle Ages — called fondly to mind by would-be lords, less fondly by their designated vassals.

  12. steve says:

    The Democrooks could stop stealing everything from everyone inside the city limits.
    That might help.
    Of course pigs might grow wings and fly like eagles too.
    But that probably won’t happen either.

  13. spoutinghorn says:

    I think St. Louis needs to tax the rich even more. This will lead to an increase in government programs, and all the freeloaders will flock to the city!

  14. DL says:

    This is simple: the Black community needs to begin acting like civil, responsible, human beings and quit destroying their neighborhoods. Who wants to move to a crime infested neighborhood ran by thug drug dealers? Who wants to open a business, only to be held up at gunpoint once a year? Don’t sugar coat this or hide behind the race card…this is a Black issue! Take responsibility and correct your promblems! We’ll continue to give you money, food stamps, and other social entitlements, but it’s up to you to act right. It’s not a racist statement if it’s TRUE!

    1. Showme says:

      My, my DL. I guess the truth hurts sometimes. Eh?


    Yes We Can Build A http://www.NewNation.org


    1. Browns44 says:

      You want diversity? How about electing a Republican government, that would be diversity wouldn’t it? For the past 60 years St. Louis has been a one party (DEM) government with no voice of opposition or contrast of views.
      This is no different than the other cities in the rust belt, same party in contro,l same demographics, same issues with the public school performance, same level of Union support of the status quo.

      1. Hank says:

        Well said. To the left, diversity is code for giving more taxpayer dollars to ‘minority’ groups even though they take the lion’s share as it is.

    2. C_M_I says:

      Funny, tried to go to your site and it’s blocked by my filter as racist/hate…

    3. james4usa says:

      Oooooop’s I thought genius, work ethic and a DNA more evolved than within 3% of Ocean Invertebrate, were our strengths.

  16. Chuck Spears says:

    St Louis…….meet east st louis!

    1. Jim Rya says:

      LOL! Good one! Scary but good.

  17. steve says:

    Please let the above comment be satire!

    1. jnsesq says:

      I’m sure it is, but with a painfully true subtext. Oops, there I go again, gettin’ all racist and stuff by daring to mention truth in the face of social, political and economic reality. Shame on my bigoted self! Well, there’s always Detroit as the model alternative. Or Camden. Or Newark. Or Philadelphia. Or Chicago. Or Mexifornia. Or _________

      1. Jim says:

        You are so true. The truth cannot be told anymore. I know what the problem is and so do you. Black people have destroyed St Louis, just like Detroit, Philly, Newark, Camden, parts of NYC. It is the truth.

      2. clayusmcret says:

        It’s not one ethnicity or another. It’s the socialist drive to get everyone on some sort of entitlement. Eventually, no one works.

      3. phillysmart says:

        Your wrong…black people have left a legacy of destruction like parasites…the cities are one example look around the world…haiiti…africa….if you open your eyes you can see it

      4. Say NO 2 GMO says:

        Capitalism which is color blind has lead to more destruction than any group of poor people

      5. Scott says:

        You’ve obviously been reading Marx and not Sowell. Try to educate yourself for a change, and maybe you’ll realize the obvious: capitalism is responsible for more prosperity across a broader range of the population than any other economic system in the history of mankind.

      6. jake49 says:

        You got it right Philly. Same thing has happened to Detroit.

    2. Go to hell St Louis says:

      Steve, don’t worry. It won’t be in the next few years. DA RICH FOLK will have all moved away so they don’t have to continue to support the entitlement mentality folk anymore. Funny thing, the rich folk (productive people) will take their $$ where it is more useful to them, ie, out of St Louis where their $$ is less taxed, somewhere less whining of entitlements, and SAFER to live. The non productive people will be the rulers of St. Louis and will go down in a ball of entitlement fire. Less money = less public services and infrastructure. Which then = zero productive people wanting to inhabit such a place. No tax base = death nail to St Louis.

  18. cageykg says:

    High crime, poor schools, corrupt politicians, what can be done to solve those problems. Oh wait. I know. Continue to vote straight Democratic, that will fix things. Right?

    1. Going2hellOnaGreased Pole says:

      The city’s solution is to join the county.
      Guess they want to spread the misery.

  19. cunning lawyer says:

    every big city has the same problem, no one will say what it is though everyone knows….

  20. Philip Inuhoff says:

    @Gary… Hey Gary, what incentives would you offer?
    Free bullet proof vests?
    A guarantee your child will only be beaten and raped twice/week in school?

    If you want to improve St. Louis, burn it to the ground, plow it up, and grow FOOD!

  21. MARK NEAL says:

    hmmm…what is the demographic break down of St. LOUIS?????

    1. Mr Liberty says:

      Lazy-violent-shi’head- hyphenated Amerikans.

  22. DanaDee says:

    My husband is from St. Louis. It’s the city in which he had a rude awakening one day that liberalism just doesn’t work. Too bad more people haven’t had that same rude awakening.

    1. could be says:

      maybe they have and thats why the exodus.

  23. ST LOUIS GO TO HELL says:

    The reason for the decline is HUD!!! This is absolutely right. I moved cause Section 8 was deemed by HUD to be 20% of my neighborhood. WHY WOULD I WANT TO LIVE (MADE TO LIVE) BY SH_T????

  24. Philip Inuhoff says:

    gnomesayin… classic!


  25. Steve Roberts says:

    Looks like that “Hope and Change ” hasn’t worked out so good for St. Louis. Or is this all Bush’s fault? Yeah, that’s it. Just give Obama little more time and money. More investment in Green Jobs and Education. That will turn things around. Really!

  26. william says:

    clearly Bush’s fault

  27. Timothy says:

    Survival is not mandatory – E. Deming

  28. Patriot42 says:

    East St. Louis has spread west and has taken over St. Louis with its crime. The inner city is so dangerous that no one dares not to step out of their homes at night because the liberal supported blacks will attack you.

  29. stlmaddog5 says:

    Having the city become a municipality of St. Louis County rather than a county itself, eliminating city county departments and employees, would be a start. Removing all the patronage workers at city hall and reducing the number of Aldermen/women by at least half is another step in the right direction.

  30. SH says:

    When the taxes and hassles are higher and the crime and schools are abysmal, who in their right mind would want to live in the City?

  31. Make'em Stop says:

    If St. Louis stopped electing corrupt politicians and held them accountable for their actions… they voted to raise taxes so high – companies and families couldn’t afford to be there… DUH!!! Democrats dug this whole, and unfortunately – we all have to pay.

    1. good riddance! says:

      the voters have no option except to elect corrupt officials. i lived there for 4 years and there was only one name on the ballot for each office. i’ll let you guess which party they were from. it felt like voting in iraq. i also had to register 4 times before they processed my application. i suspect it’s because i wasn’t registered with the ‘correct’ party. i left in 2005 and will never go back.

      oh – and the county left the city for a reason. the county doesn’t want them back.

      1. Jean says:

        I think the city did not want to be a part of the county in the 1800’s because the county was essentially rural at that time. Of course now the county does not want to be joined with the city and its problems of financing and crime.

  32. BT n Dallas says:

    I grew up in St Louis. Finished achool and realized just not much opportunity and very entreprenuer “unfriendly” place. Come on down to Texas folks. We are much like Missouri used to be. I left in 1991.

  33. TR says:

    I am a conservative, rugged individualist, strap up your boots and get to work kind of guy. I think that the level of social services that Daniel Boone first encountered we at just about the right level of intrusion.

    Thanks said, whoever you are that is posting the hate/racist stuff, you are repulsive.

    I lived in STL for 18 years and just moved. I miss my friends but I don’t miss the city. I agree, Francis Slay is about the best that the cluster known as STL can hope to elect. That said, I think we all know that Detroit will have a clone, sister city, and probably a lot sooner that we expect.

    Wishing all involved good things.


  34. Plasticman says:

    There is a real reason for this. And people need to stop hiding their heads in the sand. It’s because of blacks and no other reason. Not racist, just true. You want to move into a crime infested neighborhood with a nice family? If you do, you’re crazy. They are a ghetto group, they are racists, they are criminals. Look at the statistics and quit trying to hide behind somthing to deny it.

    1. Weasler says:

      I agree! And that’s the same with every other city in America. And the sooner America faces up to that fact, the better off it will be. The old Martin Luther King “dream” of blacks and whites living together in harmony is a colossal failure. It has never worked, and it never will.

      The flipside to King was Malcolm X (and now Louis Farrakhan), who preached the exact opposite of King. Instead of integration, he argued for separatism, or their own state. I really think America should explore his idea more seriously. After all, we already do that in a sense with the Indian reservations, which have their own sovereignty. Clearly, after almost two generations, the liberals’ approach, insituted since 1955 with Brown vs Board of Ed, has NOT WORKED.

    2. Eliza Pinkney says:

      Sixty years of LBJ’s Great Society destroyed the black family unit faster than 200 years of slavery.

  35. john says:

    I left St. Louis 13 years ago…sad to see what it has become. But even sadder to see the racism on the message boards…I guess I never realized how racist St. Lousians really are…

    1. Saltherring says:

      The racists still live in the city. They drove the whites out so they can have their own corrupt, thug-controlled, federally funded utopia. What happens when the money runs out?

    2. Weasler says:

      Oh, STOP IT already!!!!! Why is it that blacks constantly blame every aspect of their lives due to racism? They use that excuse for EVERYTHING! If they’re out of work, it’s due to racism. If they’re poor, it’s due to racism. If they’re on welfare, it’s due to racism. If they’re homes are decrepit, it’s due to racism. If they commit crimes, it’s due to racism. If they’re in jail, it’s due to racism. If they drop out of school, it’s due to racism. WHEN THE HELL ARE THEY EVER GOING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEMSELVES?

      1. jeffconn5 says:

        Agree….additionally, my son goes to school with several asian families…some of the parents barely speak english…however, they are on their kids to do well in school…I believe they will be fully integrated in society and living a good middle to upper class lifestyle. If our society was so rascist then they could not get ahead…but they will…they have conservative values….blacks have bought into liberalism…they will be an epic fail and behind even 20 years from now.

      2. sean patriot says:

        Because theyre ni@@ers

      3. Saltherring says:

        “If they’re out of work, it’s due to racism.”

        If they’re out of work, they’re in heaven.

  36. SirGareth says:

    A Plan for the the Renaissance of St Louis.

    1) De-certify the teacher unions and fire all of them. Give each family a 6000 voucher for sending their kids to private schools

    2) Fire all city and county workers and hire contractors to do the work

    3) Limit welfare payments to 6 months, then pay transportation costs to move all long term welfare recipients to California

    1. Sylvia says:

      Hey now SirGareth, as a hard working Californian, I take exception to your suggestion of migrating your welfare recipients to our fair but increasingly poor state! We have plenty of our own recipients, thank you very much!

  37. IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN!! says:

    You CAN’T spell liberalism without L-I-E-S http://www.AMREN.com

  38. Have vs Have NOTs says:


  39. Josh says:

    So st Louis hasn’t had a republican mayor since 1949. St Louis has lost 60% of it’s population since 1950. Weird.

  40. Jim says:

    One thing Democrats are good at. Emptying cities. All large American cities controlled by Democrats have one common denominator. People voting with their feet. If you can’t outvote the social justice advocates, you have to relocate. No other options. Facebook has been a excellent resource for learning where to move. Millions of American can’t be wrong.

  41. Easypeasy says:

    What do St. Louis and Detroit have in common? Find the simialrities and find the problems. Democratic corrupt leadership for decades..Check. Strong teachers unions with poor educational results…Check. Institutionalized support of the indolent through high taxes…Check. Businesses and workers being demoinized as not paying their fair share by Government employees with gold plated retirements and thier snout in the public trough up to their eyebrows..Check. A large uneducated Black population who refuse to move into mainstream America and have made welfare, violence and drug abuse an art form. Who believe that the white racists failure to increase wlefare payments is the problem, not the fact they have 6 kids by 4 missing fathers by the age of 22…..Check. There you go. face these problems and the city will grow.

    1. Spadecat says:

      Succinct and well-stated. Check.

  42. hammer666 says:

    Well, start with NEA public schools inability to educate, HUD and all the tax issues. People are sick and tired of paying higher taxed and for what? Poor results and then they ask for more of your earnings…. those that cannot produce or truly contribute are pulling all down…. some are tired of pulling the wagon for others… wait till we start moving to Australia,,,

  43. John says:

    St. Louis is loaded with crime. People who can afford to leave escape to the suburbs. The people who are left have no money. They continue to vote Democrat, and the Democrats increase taxes to maintain or increase current funding levels. This drives more people and businesses out to the suburbs. See the pattern? St. Louis will soon be like Detroit: a chocolate city with no cash. Who needs Budweiser when you have plenty of crack to smoke and politicians blaming the white devils for all the problems? Maybe Obama will share some of his stash with the poor in St. Louis. LOOL! I’m glad I left St. Louis 27 years ago.

  44. Bubbalama says:

    I am proud of our multi generational entitlement based fatherless familyoriented economy!


    USA: THIRD WORLD RISING – http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

  46. Mark Matis says:

    It’s the demographics, stupid! And until this country admits and addresses THAT problem, the exodus will continue here and in the other cesspools as well. Enjoy your multiculturalism!

  47. Nick says:

    Hey, im an enlightened democrat, I know what will attract more businesses to bleed, eeer tax…..LIGHT RAIL!!! DUUUURRR

  48. gram says:

    First ‘white flight’ in North city followed by ‘ Black flight,’
    Locusts leaving the field they have stripped of all nutrients.. Crime petty and otherwise compound the situation.,
    Note also St. louis County residents that work in the City have to Pay city earnings tax.

  49. stace says:

    entitlement exhaustion and crime…the two reasons why many cities are losing residents.

  50. 6310White says:

    Am under siege down by the Gravois, under the Anheuser Busch: gang bangers to the left of me, meth dealers to the right of me, and predators, perverts, and parasites in every direction. Retired on fixed income and can’t get enough from sale of my house to move anywhere. I’ll be better off when we have Sharia and the robbers have to learn to shoot left handed.

  51. Gavrik says:

    I assume that white folks are fleeing STL for whiter cities and decent black folks who can are heading to places like Atlanta. Certainly cannot blame either group. Leftist programs have destroyed the black family. But the causes of black crime probably don’t matter to the people who are fleeing it. It is simple self-preservation. BTW, it is only stupid people who can came up with nothing better than to call other people “racist.” What a ridiculous word.

    1. Charlotte says:

      How true–the term “racist” has become a lazy, meaningless reply to criticism of minorities.

    2. Steve says:

      Actually, the metro population has not stopped growing. It grew by 28,000 from 2000-2010. It’s mostly natural increase, no doubt, but it shows that most people are not leaving the area, they are just moving further out. So you’re wrong. Stl folks aren’t leaving for other metro areas.

  52. robert swist says:

    Hard to believe that no mention of RACE being a element of the decline.

  53. skippy777 says:

    319 residents in st. louis….that’s pitiful….chandler, arizona is just another arizona bedroom town…there are 300,000 residents…mesa, arizona with 400,000 residents also just another bedroom town…

    by the way, chandler has one of the best school systems in the nation…high school ranked in the top ten with more merit scholars than nearly any other school….in 1980, there were only 30,000 residents…now, thirty years later there are 300,000.

    there are fewer than 1 percent blacks in chandler……just saying…draw your own conclusions.

  54. Smitty from Motown says:

    St. Louis -The Gateway to Detroit.

  55. MarkS1 says:

    Errrr, if memory serves wasn’t St. Louis the place where a liberal judge ordered a massive tax increase and expenditures on “education” in the worst districts in the name of equality to the tune of about $1billion about 20 years ago? Didn’t St. Louis do just that- impose new taxation on the better neighborhoods and proceed to build Taj Mahals of NEA dominated ignorance in the poorer quarters? All in the name of fairness, of course. It was tremendous news at the time and many of the stingy, mean old conservatives predicted that a) it wouldn’t work to turn education around b) lead to more productive people leaving c) hasten the decline.

    1. Saltherring says:

      You’re thinking of Kansas City

  56. Louis says:

    If you work in the city limits of St Louis, you have to pay a 1% city tax on all income, no matter where you live. As a result, the best companies have all relocated outside the city limits to the suburbs mentioned in the article, so it only makes sense that their employees have followed. Yet another classic example of taxes influencing behavior, in this case higher taxes causing business and workers to get the heck out.

  57. Louis says:

    Also, St Louis Public Schools have not been accredited for several years now. This means kids graduating from these schools have little to no chance of getting into decent four-year colleges because their high school diplomas are basically worthless. I guess those teacher unions aren’t really getting good things done, huh?

  58. mike says:

    I live in Southeast Michigan North of Detroit, the city looks like a nuke went off. The “social engineering” of Detroit has created generations of families that are dependant upon the taxpayers to support them. They continue to have more babies to gain more free $ from the taxpayers. The Democratic Party is responsible for the status quo of all of the social handouts to families that have been conditioned to expect the Government to pay and take care of everything in their lives.

    One of this countries other problems is people who work for the Government or Public employees expect to have a raise every year no matter how bad the economy is on top of thier lifetime FREE health care and lucrative pensions.

    The general public cannot afford to pay for these luxuries anymore, time for the public sector to carry their own weight.

    1. Karen Simmons says:

      Whew, you said a mouthful, a MOUTH FULL OF TRUTH!!! I am a committed resident and still scratching my head as to why folks fought against much needed development fearing GENTRIFICATION. Read an email saying THEY are coming. Forget the black and white of it, my focus is GREEN!

      Who in the heck are the “THEY”, folks are referring to, looks like THEY ARE LEAVING NOT COMING. Nix that, they have left! Sad state of affairs! Wake up people, wake up! I am so sick of a core group of African Americans who continue to believe in some conspiracy theory to move all of the blacks out and whites in…folks would rather pay high gas prices, fight bumper to bumper traffic and send their kids to a school where they can learn. Now that’s a novel idea. It’s not a black or white issue. People simply want a better quality of life. Not too many want to deal with failing schools, crime, declining population and maybe living next door to a neighbor who just doesn’t care!!!

      I say, bring as much massive development that you can bring on, on YESTERDAY!!!

  59. Easypeasy says:

    Both American and St Louis have been living in an economic fantasy world. You cannot tax the producers so that non-producers can endlessly not produce. Eventually you have to borrow money to give to the non-producers so they can live a life style thay haven’t earned. The non-producers are content to remain uneducated, violent and drug addled and have their life style choices subsidized by a government who penalizes success so it can reward failure. Make unemployment a loan, not a gift, make welfare, section 8 housing, WIC, Food stamps available for 1 year and if you still need help then barracks style living with childcare so the recipients can work or attend retrainng. No benefits for illegals except emergency medical care until stabilized. Drug tests before any Gov’t benefit given. If the test is failed then benefits suspended. Meanigful education reform, fire bad teachers, pay raise for good teachers and meaningful discipline. Do well in school or do work on a farm you are capable of.

    1. jeffconn5 says:

      Here Here…..

    2. bunky says:

      Right on, Right On, Right on ….

  60. Cousin Eddie says:

    I have an idea….take a look at the city’s and county’s tax and fee structure, and that will give you a glaring indication of why this is happening.

    1. Tom says:

      St. Louis would provide a beautiful template for the steaming fourcoilers that constitute municipal government in Austin Texas. High taxes commuter rail used by around 600 people a day, sanctuary city for illegals a huge entitled public employee sector public schools teaching to the test and endlessly celebrating diversity. We are on the brink of many more St Louis type situations.

  61. skippy7777 says:

    in private, even most blacks will tell you that things were better before the civil rights movements of the 1950s and the 1960s…..blacks would be happier…. but jews would not.

    1. America is becoming Zimbabwe says:

      Before the civil rights act 1964 we could exclude anyone from our business or neighborhood we wanted. Now even if they have bad character(if they are black)we can’t. That is truly the problem in a nutshell. Even the best neighborhoods are often ruined by one gangsta family moving in. MLK’s idea of judging by character was right but it is now illegal.

      1. james4usa says:

        Yup when Ian Smith was running ZIM it was the breadbasket of Africa, under that Cannibal Mugabe GDP $200 pp pa. Most of that is aid money. US GDP$46000 pp pa.


    we need to outlwaw ALL and ANY welfare, hud, section 8 food stamps (except 65 and older) in all states except california and send all aid to california , and by doing that all lowlifes ( white, black, mex,) will migrate to california for thier free suport. getting free rent and food and the money they make can go on thier lowriders and speekers and then the rest of america can settle down to jobs and safe life away from the freeloaders.

  63. Warm says:

    Virtually none of these entitlement recipients are employable.
    Nearly each and every one has a criminal record to one degree or another; wouldn’t surprise me if many have civil litigation records for credit card charges and other loans they haven’t paid.
    Its all over. these people need to employ themselves since no one else will.

  64. Mitch Rapp says:

    Try raising taxes

  65. Gen.Custer says:

    Let me put it this way.You have gangs openly walking the streets. You know who each and every one are. They will attack whites if we simply walk in their neighborhood. God help any woman that her car breaks down in the city at night. It’s far wose than it ever was with the Indians in the 1800s.

    1. davec says:

      Give them “Farewell Money” (welfare) and let one gang run a protection racket against another. Thats productive employment, isnt it?

      ITS HOW GOVERMENT WORKS. We give THEM welfare money, they play class warfare and use cops as protection racketeers!

  66. john says:

    60 years of Democratic leadership!

    ’nuff said…

  67. RM says:

    Take a few moments and Google the country’s most dangerous cities and then note the demographic percentages. The cultural problems we face are astounding. We continue to hide behind and justify our root challenges in the name of political correctness. Nothing will change if we continue to move down this road.

  68. GFM says:

    I have lived in the city since I moved here from another fully functioning midwestern city 25 years ago. Both city and county here are parochial, clannish places. The county attitude toward the city is priggish and superior and narrow-minded. On the other hand, the corruption in the city and throughout city institutions is legend. Unity is what is needed between city and country and accountability is needed in all areas of government in the city. However, as long as a majority of country dwellers stereotype city life and city dwellers, the place is sunk. Comfortable superiority is expensive and very damaging to the welfare of many people–enjoy being smug while it lasts.

  69. Frank says:

    Perhaps the answer lies in raising the price of gas to $12 a gallon and locking it in. People will resettle the citys because they can’t afford gas prices to live in the suburbs. Only problem is our African American neighbors who comint black on white crime in staggering numbers according to FBI statistics. How do we deal with that? And if this is profiling the statistics back it up. That’s the facts Jack.

    1. Pete says:

      120 grains of logic will deal with most crooks.

  70. Dave K says:

    I moved away from the St Louis region (O’Fallon, MO) in 1998. At the time I was struck by how petty and grasping the city was. The wanted to tax people commuting into the city to work; they opposed the Page avenue extension as urban sprawl even as they advocated another bridge for downtown; they annihilated Bridgeton for a major workfare project at Lambert. Now St Louis isn’t even the center of gavity of the metro area.

    Tell you what, why don’t you raise taxes in the city. That will give you more money to work with, right? Keep heading right down the path you’re on and soon the only distinction between St Louis and East St Louis will be about a half mile of river.

    Pains me to say…

  71. Tom Jefferson says:

    Slavery was like holding a wolf by the ear. Now welfare is the same thing. Some say we don’t dare cut it off. I say let’s cut it off and like men face the storm.

  72. Lightrider says:

    Could it be BLACK CRIME??? Naaaaaaa!!!!

    1. davec says:

      its why I didnt move to more than on ebig Metro, the Mistake on the Leke (Cleveland O) for example.) I turned down a good job in that hell hole.

  73. imanegro says:

    “Slay said that leads to redundancies of service that are unnecessary.” Love it. Love it.

  74. Shawn says:

    St. Louis is a hell hole… why would anyone want to live there. The traffic and roads are terrible, the city is so run down, that a strong breeze would topple it over, and it’s filled with people that define “welfare society.” Missouri is filled with beautiful places to live, hard working people, and many who don’t believe that entitlement is the road to recovery and success.

  75. Plow everything into farmland and start over. Fire all the unions.

    Why would anyone want to live in St Louis anyway? No one can articulate a reason why a businessman would want to take risks there.

  76. skippy777 says:

    here’s an idea….each time a liberal elected official votes for legislation that entitles minorities to more benefits, that liberal must house a minority family in his/her home until the minority family can become self supporting.

    i am sure all of these jewish legislators would be more than happy to do so because they are always telling americans how much they really really care about minorities.

    we can call this program ‘minorities in mansions’…..from the white house to beverly hills, americans will witness the true meaning of peace, love, and understanding.

  77. Lightrider says:


  78. Metro says:

    The metro area of St. Louis is one messed up place. The people are mean spirited, lots of drunks and drug users – crime is really bad. Cops on the take. You name it.

    Good people want out. The area is nasty.

    1. M J says:

      Thats not true. Most don’t want to live in St. Louis City because of poor schools and crime. There are however a lot of wonderful communities in the Metro area including St. Louis, St Charles and Jefferson Counties. And the people are not mean spirited whether they live in the City or one of the surrounding counties.

  79. SW says:

    The aggragate of comments above demonstrate the rapidly dawning awareness that so-called liberalism has done nothing to free people from government.

    In Europe the early 1920s socialists of that time wanted to free society from GOVERNMENT.

    Fumble with terminology all you want, but the simple fact is that government is the cause of society’s breakdown, the massive public debt which is actually government debt, and the fact that people of all races and religions who wish to be free move away from such un-free areas wherein government cotninues to suck the life out of free men.

    It is time to re-learn the old lesson — that only limited government works, and fattening government intent on feeding itself first and last — in Eygpt, Zimbabwe, North Korea, St. Loius or Detroit — is the cause of human misery. Clutter up the chat with debates about race or welfare is misleading, for it is fat government which eats a people into starvation. It is only a matter of time. Collapse or a real revolution.

    It remains to be seen on which side of this the media will choose to be. So far, they have chosen the side of being a state-led media, and this will change by their own collapse or their revolving to the old standards of reporting corruption and investigating not to mention speaking truth to power, even when it is Democrat.

  80. Wake Up STL says:

    For the first time, I decided to take the Metro to the Blues game to avoid the traffic. There were two police officers in the Metro parking lot who stared me down as if I were some sort of criminal when I got out of my vehicle. I ignored them, boarded the Metro and went to the game. When I got back to my car later that night, I found glass shards all over my passenger seat from where someone had smashed my window in. Thanks a lot St. Louis. I’ll be one of those relocating as soon as possible as well.

    Why? Because the people who should care about protecting this city do not care. They’re only concern is to pull as many people over as possible so that their municipality can milk money from the working class so that they can ride around in Dodge Chargers. In that last year I’ve been pulled over 3 times for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, are you serious?

    1. M J says:

      On a brighter note, St. Louis has one of the best baseball teams in the country, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Gateway Arch is an engineering marvel. We have one of the best zoos in the country and its free, supported by tax dollars from both the city and the county and generous contributions from the community. We don’t get enough snow in St. Louis, but when we do hundreds visit Forest Park to go tobogganing and sleigh riding in Forest Park on a slope known as Art Hill where the beautiful St. Louis Art Museum is located. Its a beautiful sight at night walking up the hill with the moon and stars shining on a cold crisp night with the Art Museum as a backdrop and small bonfires lit by the Parks Dept where tobogganers and sledder can come to warm cold hands.

    2. Roger from Anaheim says:

      They need the money to keep the Lambs I mean the Rams in town!

  81. Susan says:

    I moved to St. Louis county several years ago and absolutely refuse to go near the city except to listen to the symphony about every five years, at which time I try not to look around as my husband drives me down there. The entire experience is disgusting, and I feel unsafe. No, I will not frequent any of the restaurants, and I tell friends who visit me that if they want to see the arch they can find it themselves. I’m embarassed to tell people I live near this liberal trash heap of a decrepit pit that calls itself a city.

  82. Dan says:

    And this surprises you why?

    People are waking up to the fact that multiculturalism is a fraud, and a bane on our nation. It simply doesn’t work, and eventually we’re going to have to admit that people prefer to be around their own kind – and that there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

    This trend will continue, and not only in St. Louis. I welcome it. Multiculturalists are seeing their dream disappear before their eyes, and more of these euologies (“Oh poor St. Louis, what on Earth could’ve happned?!”) are on the way from our progressive media.

  83. bill says:

    I hate to say it but I closed our plant in St. louis because of crime, vandalism, grafitti, unions,gangs and the steady deterioration of the city. 137 employees lost jobs because of this. We are now up and running again in Texas with none of the problems above,

    1. John says:

      You’re not paying state income tax in Texas either. I’m sure that played a role in your decision in your move too.

  84. ah told ya so says:

    Don’t worry your pretty little heads over this one. your ‘leadership’ has already been working on this problem. When the chinese shipping hub is completed, you’ll see a huge jump in population, you’ll see. I’m willing to bet that chinese food in St. Louis is going to get a little bit too authentic for the average mid-westerners taste.

  85. Buford T.Justice says:

    The solution to crime in St Looey is work farms and chain gangs every daySpirit crushing labor.It is truly all the criminals fear. Most of them don’t even fear prison rape. That day is coming to every city as criminals are going to have to pay for their food and housing.

  86. April says:

    They watched all those YOU TUBE Videos and realized they are sitting on the New Madrid fault and want to save themselves before St. Louis is just a ‘memory’ after the predicted coming catastprohic Quake.

  87. Leroy Whitby says:

    Get rid of the transfer payments to individuals. They keep what should be ghost towns alive when all they produce anymore is crime.

  88. Stong, Independant Woman Needs Support says:

    St Louis needs a woman or black leader.

    1. Weasler says:

      Yeah, that’ll fix EVERYTHING.

      What an idiot.

      Get real, will you?

    2. John says:

      What St. Louis needs is a dictator with the support of well armed mercenaries. Perhaps Moammar Gadhafi or Hosni Mubarak could be persuaded to run for mayor of St. Louis.

  89. chuck says:

    Twice the black population as KC and twice the crime problem…just saying.

  90. stringtheoryrob says:

    How is it a financial loss? If the population is 8% smaller spend 8% less.

  91. John Romjue says:

    There’s more good sense in above comments than in all the progressive/liberal/socialist sociology studies you’ll ever read. “Progress or Decay: St. Louis Must Choose” –the banner of a St. Louis daily I delivered in the late 1940s. St. Louis chose the socialist-hijacked Democrat Party and civic oblivion.

  92. Paul says:

    St. Louis is not unique. It is also true of Baltimore City and County, as well as every single one of the 30-some-odd independent cities in Virginia.

    North St. Louis looks every bit as bad as the worst parts of Chicago, Detroit, or Philadelphia. Give those buildings away or tear them down.

    1. TCRLAF says:

      There is a single common thread among America’s worst, most crime-ridden, most declining large cities that no one wants to talk about, or admit.
      I can’t imagine why no one in the media wants to mention that, can you?

  93. henry says:

    High crime. High taxes. Bad Schools. I’m surprised that only 60% of the people left. The real question is why do the people who still live there do not move. To fix the city, eliminate the government indoctronation centers (AKA public schools) Eliminate all mandatory taxes (including property taxes). institute public flogging for criminality (raise money by charging the people of the world to watch criminals being whipped). End all forms of government assistance. These steps will cause the peaceful productive people to return and the lazy criminals to leave.

  94. Wake Up STL 2 says:

    First, let me say that the reality of the situation is pretty sad and somewhat hurtful, but I know it’s nothing personal. Here I am, a young, black, college educated male living in this city and even I can see that those who are labeling this a race issue are 100% justified. I get nervous walking around downtown for the same exact reasons you (white) people do. I avoid public transportation for the same reasons you do.

    However, I’ve grown up on military bases around the United States, all of which are generally very diverse, and you cannot tell me that a significant non-white population alone is what brings the city down. This is a poverty issue. I can understand that race and poverty appear to be linked, but please understand there are those of us who have to fight against this stereotype, on top of dealing with the same issues you have with STL.

    The Solution: Get out of STL as soon as the opportunity arises and don’t look back. You shouldn’t have to ever feel nervousness about spending time downtown with your family. You shouldn’t have to wonder if the kids in the parking lot are going to try and rob you or not. And I, as a young black male, should never have to feel like my city hates me. I’ll be finishing my degree here shortly and moving on to greener pastures.

    1. mj says:

      My Friend, good for you.

      Where ever you land you will be ok.

      I do agree with you concerning poverty being the overriding issue facing not only St. Louis but many of Ameicas’ declining cities and communities. But until individuals understand theat their poverty is not someone elses problem, nothing will change in their life.

      Good luck and do not look back

  95. Seth says:

    Liberal democrats pursue policies that encourage growth of the underclass and it is the middle-class that pays for their sustenenace. The middle-class is smart, they leave this environment, and now the liberal democrats are left living in their dysfunctional creation with NO PAYERS into the abyss. THe middle-class is waking up and consolidating, soon the white-voting-block will take back the government and end the insanity.

  96. NMark W says:

    I don’t live in the area so I Know little about the government types who watch over this data…Are they idiots or just come to their jobs drunk everyday? How can an area lose 8% of their population over a decade and the leaders come out and say they expected to see an increase? That’s admitting complete ignorance or a total “I don’t care what the statistics say” attitude. Unbelievable!

  97. Worried Human says:

    “And people keep moving farther away from the urban core.” Why do you think that is? I would imagine that it is b/c they are tired of being ravaged by crime and laziness

  98. chocolate larry says:

    Wasn’t St Louis a ‘forced busing’ city – of kids from the immeadiate burbs into the inner city? Judging from the comments here, this elegant Democrat solution to America’s race problems sure has done wonders for addressing racial animosity and modernising the city. Turned generatioins of white people into Democrat hating borderline racists who simply moved out at the first opportunity!

    1. Truthteller says:

      Oh, I see… these white bigots were FORCED into being racists by Democrats. Talk about not taking responsibility… wow.

      1. Martin Lawrence says:

        Ya well “truth”teller, it may just be that plenty of people have good reasons not to naively extend a friendly hand out to a group who have proved they will stab you in the back, steal, and lie.

        If you have a problem with others perceptions, you can consider that your life experience is not the same as others. People aren’t perfect, but some groups just do not project the best impressions or intentions. One might ask, are victims of crime at fault if they dislike an assailant? If you would answer yes, you may be too naive and dishonest to carry out an honest conversation.

  99. Jim says:

    The problem is BLACK PEOPLE!!! Sorry but every city in America has a section of town that was nice in the 40s/50s but now is destroyed. The white people leave, the blacks with any sense leave and what is left. Dangerous black hood rats that do not work, sell drugs and steal. I am sorry but there is a class of black people that are destroying this country.

    1. Jean says:

      You have described north St. Louis.

      1. Roger from Anaheim says:

        You have described South Central Los Angeles
        You have described East Oakland
        You have described North Las Vegas
        You have described South Chicago
        You have describled Houston
        You have described Detroit

    2. Martin Lawrence says:

      I won’t argue, but would not such an element have been present through out all of American history? One has to ask, what has changed to such a degree that an element present through the centuries has become so destructive and disruptive?

      People kind of stay the same: its certain laws and social conventions governing society which have changed. I will leave it up to the readers’ imaginations to ponder which laws and social conventions, and more importantly why these changes have occurred.

  100. Sunshine says:

    The problem is black people and everyone knows it , even those who won’t say it. Have fun denying it while this city and every other city with major black populations – wallow increasingly in huge crime and murder rates while their “Democratically” elected representatives continue to tax and plunder the responsible and law-abiding while blaming “whitey” for all the problems.

    Lord pity the poor whites who are left behind in these urban cauldrons of crime, black racism and misery.

    And THAT is the TRUTH and YOU know it ! You deserve your chocolate cities. Enjoy!

  101. aelfheld says:

    “[…] high crime and poorly performing schools.” I don’t live in Missouri, but I’ll bet high taxes are also part of the equation.

    1. Jean says:

      You are right. The City of St. Louis has an earnings tax which applies to people living or working in St. Louis. The voters in Missouri recently voted to give residents the option of deciding whether they want to continue with that tax. I would guess most do not. I moved out of the city thirteen years ago mostly because of the crime. Otherwise, St. Louis has a lot to offer–beautiful parks, affordable housing, wonderful zoo.

  102. Bubba says:

    Fact, nobody wants to live aroung N. Ever N don’t want to live aroung N.

  103. Retired says:

    Some very sad commentaries about a what used to be a truly great city. I remember being in St. Louis 20 years ago and making a wrong turn off the highway and entering a neighborhood that was as threatening to a civilized person as I have EVER seen in my life! The real elephant in the room was never mentioned in the article. I wonder why?

  104. Ah told ya so says:

    As St. Louis goes, so goes America!

    1. james4usa says:

      Third world people create a 3rd world country

  105. Hank Warren says:

    Out-of-control St. Louis taxes, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  106. pancanfinfin says:

    The difference? There are those who work in the private sector and spend what they MAKE. Then there are those who “work” in the public sector who spend what they TAKE and there are those who don’t work who spend what they TAKE. When the latter two exceed the former — your in trouble. The taxpayer had always paid for the later two…unfortunately, the condemnation of capitalism its incremental destruction in this country now leads the socialist to nash their teeth and wonder what is happening to their idealist dreams and the monies to fund them. Well, here’s your answer…there’s no blood left in the turnip for your dreams and the doer’s of the world will now leave you to wallow in the pig sty your created.

  107. pomoc says:

    There will soon be a fence around the city you will need a liberal hall pass to leave the city

  108. Stan Hurley says:

    To increase the population, STL should become a sanctuary city and homeless-friendly city. It has done wonders for San Fran, Tucson, L.A., Chicago, Detroit, Miami…. Increase taxes on the few remaining liberals to support the huge influx of freeloaders. Everybody feels good.

    1. superchicken says:

      Too funny!

  109. mark says:

    This news of population decline is considered NEWS? This has been going on since the 1950. It is like a snowball rolling down hill to the abiss of socialism…..And the city wants to be part of the county.?…what are they smoking.? The county has enough problems and we want to add more. Everything is too big in the city like the board of aldermen, city services, taxes, welfare state, entitlements, crime, political corruption and voting dead people, etc. The city needs a family intervention and sent to economic rehab. St. Louis was the templet for Obamanation long before Obama was a name on a birth certificate….oh right there isn’t one.. US look at St. Louis …..it is your future…

  110. Richardo Phynque says:

    I’m probably older than most of the commentaters and left St. Louis when I was drafted during the Korean “Police Action”. My folks moved to Fenton because of LBJ’s Great Society Program and the start of “Bussing” kids to the inner city and North side or Heaven forbid “The East side”. The Mass Exodus continued in ever major city in the country, primarily due to the Bussing program. Of course the outcome was predictable, The loss of Tax base equals City Decay. Liberals do not accept and will not learn from History.

  111. Noel says:

    Amazing, city “leaders” can’t seem to figure out that car theft, rape, murder, public housing that’s full of pimps, crack dealers and thugs…and the overtly hostile attitude towards whites has anything to do with the exodus?

    Gee, whoda thunk it? St. Louis is a war zone that’s perpetuated by entitlement programs that support the criminal population. Would YOU like to live in the middle of Sing Sing?

    1. Roger from Anaheim says:

      Just like Detroit

  112. Patrick Muller says:

    I would be interested to learn how an assumed increase of nearly ten thousand people actually turned into a decrease of nearly thirty thousand. And the possibility that it reflects an exodus since the April 2010 census…forty thousand people leaving in less than a year? Hardly.

  113. Truthteller says:

    Never seen so much racism on one web site in my entire life. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. But that won’t happen… because you all want to blame “the others”. I wonder how much responsibility each of you takes for your own lives? My guess is, not much.

    1. Rave on MF says:

      Keep sipping your latte & reading your NY Times. My guess is that you live in some cozy little white liberal enclave and never have to come face to face with da hood. Tell you what. Why not drive into N St Louis, park your little beemer, and then take a stroll at midnight? Be sure to have a copy of an ML King book under your arm so you can convince the locals how well read you are of their plight & how much you sympathize with their situation. Perhaps they will understand. Then again, maybe they’ll just kill your sorry ass & take your money & your car.

      1. Martin Lawrence says:

        Right on Rave, it’s sad that you have to shove the nose of the naive into the violent realities…

        but people who are sheltered and ask for it like this “truth”teller will never have a smarta$$ comeback to such a challenge.

      2. Truthteller says:

        I guarantee you that I have spent FAR more time in the hood than you, and far more time with African-Americans than you. You. Have. NO. IDEA. WHAT. YOU. ARE. TALKING. ABOUT. Just like most bigots.

      3. M J says:

        Hate doesn’t solve anything. We are all brothers and sisters and need to learn to get along.

    2. james4usa says:

      Yup race is an issue black DNA within 3% of Ocean invertebrate, Ave IQ 15 points below whites, H/S dropout 50%, Illigitimacy 72%, Black on white rape 100x more likely than reverse, Robbery 139X. Africa under black rule is being turned into diseased, poverty ridden, starving, corrupt HELLHOLE. With the begging bowl out for white money.

  114. fred says:

    So why are people leaving the city? The article doesn’t say but everyone knows. It’s the crime, bad schools and requirements forcing companies to hire incompetent workers. Why are these such a problem? I won’t say but everyone knows.

  115. Michael Dean Miller says:


    ” It’s da Shwartzes! ”


  116. M J says:

    On a brighter note, St. Louis has one of the best baseball teams in the country, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Gateway Arch is an engineering marvel. We have one of the best zoos in the country and its free, supported by tax dollars from both the city and the county and generous contributions from the community. We don’t get enough snow in St. Louis, but when we do hundreds visit Forest Park to go tobogganing and sleigh riding in Forest Park on a slope known as Art Hill where the beautiful St. Louis Art Museum is located. Its a beautiful sight at night walking up the hill with the moon and stars shining on a cold crisp night with the Art Museum as a backdrop and small bonfires lit by the Parks Dept where tobogganers and sledder can come to warm cold hands.

    1. Roger from Anaheim says:

      Glad you took the Rams away from us
      Better you waste your tax funds on them than us

  117. clayusmcret says:

    How can the leadership or residents of St Louis be surprised? An ever-increasing stranglehold by the democrat leadership, who are increasingly beholden to the unions, and a polulace with ever-increasing dependency on public entitlements. If you still work in St Louis and don’t belong to a union – RUN!

  118. bear says:

    The city “fathers” knew there would be a decline in population. All they had to do was ask the phone company, the water company, the electric company, the school board, or the landlords how their customer base was holding up. This “surprise” decline was about keeping other folks tax dollars flowing into this sewer. CORRUPTION in spades.

  119. cloudnine says:

    I hear Illinois would like to sell East St. Louis to Mizzou and would also throw in a bridge. Oh wait, there already is a bridge. Heck, the cost to Mizzou should be cheaper then.

  120. ReConUSMC says:

    Let’s be painfully and sadly Honest here !’
    Most Cities in America that have Blacks as the Majority of their Population and ‘Control ‘ those City Governments are all in the Commode all growing far worse yearly .
    The more we give those Cities Welfare and Billions in entitlements the worse they get …. and the more they Vote for radical Liberals that Foster their bad habits .

  121. Leroy Whitby says:

    Big cities aren’t as useful as they used to be now that we have instant communications and cars. They would get smaller naturally. But transfer payments don’t allow them to decline naturally, so they stumble along, like zombies in a B movie.

  122. TCRLAF says:

    Detroit with an arch…. Just another Democrat-run for 62 years failed city. At some point, you’d think people would make the connection between Democrat-rule, and growing poverty misery. But I guess they won’t get it until the lights go out.

  123. leftpolicies will destroy us says:

    St Louisans are not rascist and the few comments that sound so are off base. St. louisans are hard working, kind, accepting people. They are also very loyal to their beloved city and try to support it as much as they can.

    The deterioration IS clearly a result of the “progressive” politics (as it is in all Dem controlled cities). It is causing/worsening the poverty, as well as entitlement mentality, regardless of race.

    Interestingly, immigrants from Vietnam and Bosnia (albeit the Bosnians were helped w/ much govt $/housing) are thriving and industrious

    Heroin is destroying the people, as well; it is like a plague, and singularly responsible for much of the crime/obliteration of rational thinking among many.

    I’d like to nominate “Easypeasy” (commenter, above) for president. His solutions are precisely what we need. All I’d add is to tarrif all inports and stop the flow of opium/heroin (as long as we are dreaming).

  124. Walkthetalk says:

    Its not racial, or poverty, or Democrats, or HUD, or taxes, or crime. It’s SIN. People who choose to turn away from God (sin) do everything that is evident in Saint Louis (there is nothing saintly about it). Repent (turn to Jesus) is the only real answer. Get a new heart, a new outlook, a cleaning understanding of right and wrong, have your life turned upside down where evil is no longer looked upon as good and good is called bad. Are there no churches in SL? Are they all liberal spouting Marxist theology? Try finding out who Jesus really is. Go to http://www.christforamericans.com There you will find that sin brings misery on people, but you will also learn that to subject yourself to the corruption of sin is a choice you make yourself. That’s why Jesus said, “Repent.” That’s what SL needs. Real hope and change.

    1. Martin Lawrence says:

      Ha! Ya right, why don’t you go pray all the problems away then. Oh ya I forgot, praying is like wishing in that it’s make believe fantasy fairy tale b.s.

  125. Who is John Galt? says:

    I own a manufacturing company in St. Louis. We’re located here because of the VAST amount of available empty, cheap manufacturing space. If I had it to do over again, we’d head for the counties.

    In St. Louis, if your company name isn’t one that gets mentioned in the various “Business Reports” on radio/tv/paper that might occupy a building downtown and bring in 1000 drones who wear ties, except on Friday for Hawaiin Shirt Day, they don’t really care about you other than to soak you for all they can.

    They don’t realize that enough of us have fled for other pastures that we’ve taken ten times the amount of jobs that Centene can provide. And what kinds of jobs are they? Sure, they’re not tie and Hawaiin shirt jobs. But they are middle class jobs. Not the mythical middle class that people assume is only teachers and Public Sector union members.

    Enjoy your stay.

  126. jim says:

    How can this be, I thought everyone loved high unemployment, skyrocketing taxes, illegals, drug turf wars and general mayhem, who knew?

  127. leftwingpolicies will destroy us says:

    To Truthteller:

    I suspect the racist comments made were intentionally posted so that it will deflect from the 98% of comments that are pointpointing Democrat/left policies as the cause of the problem in our cities.

    Further, the posters writin rascit stuff know that many web site “Blockers” will block this site from people who might want to read it if it is populated w/ rascist remarks.

    These commenters are called “trolls” (diverting readers from he real discussions)

    1. jim says:

      I suspect you’re an idiot.

  128. Bill says:

    That’s exactly what happens to WELLFARE STATE. Vivid examples Michigan state, Illinois state, NJ state, NY state, PA. Need I go further?
    That’s good news for Southern states, Rocky Mountain sates, SW states. And that’s good news for small gvt-minded conservatives.

  129. leftwingpolicies will destroy us says:

    – apologies for the typos in 2nd post

  130. jane mccauley says:

    I left St Louis 35 yrs ago; in fact, I dreamt of leaving as soon as I finished college and could support myself. I wanted a beautiful city with temperant climate. I chose Seattle. I am now predicting Seattle’s demise in the next 30 yrs. Not because of Blacks, Latinos, or other minorities; but because politicians are afraid to make the hard decisions. My state is a magnet for illegal aliens! Free health care, food stamps,etc. I no longer go to downtown Seattle. The homeless sleep on the sidewalks, park benches, doorways, you name it. Thanks goodness for all the rain to wash away the stench. Wake up America and encourage people to work for a living and follow the laws. Jane

    1. Roger from Anaheim says:

      Jane you have not seen Illegal Invaders until you spend time in Los Angeles!!
      The city wastes $900 Million a year on these vermin!
      I’ll take you few Illegals in Seattle any day!

    2. safsda says:

      At least you guys have Phoenix Jones in Seattle to battle crime. Here in STL we can’t even get that.

  131. mopro says:

    While I agree that the city is not in great shape, the article is very carefully constructed in order to leave out certain facts. Very little mention is made of the metro area. St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County (and in Illinois, Madison County and St. Clair County) are, and for twenty years have been, among the fastest-growing parts of the US. Originally, this was the result of flight from the city, but other factors have since come into play.

    I just came from a client meeting with one of the largest pharmaceutical research companies in the world, with US hq in St. Charles. Business there is booming. In Lake St. Louis there is no real estate depression, and indeed, a housing shortage. St. Louis has moved east, west and south, and is starting to move north.

    The city? Bad areas and good areas. I recently checked out a new condo development on the near north side, where much of the author’s concern is centric. While the location is not convenient for me, the price and amenities knocked me out. I wish there was a way I could make it work. And, by the way, it’s less than a mile from the “worst” of St. Louis.

    So…a little spin for a not-so-slow news day? I tend to think so. Pockets of people from all over the US, including St. Louisans, like to hate St. Louis. My knowledge of the place is a little better than the author’s…it’s not paradise, but it’s good.

    Mr. Salter, after you finish your internship, go write about something else for which you have given only ten cents worth of research.

  132. Seattle Joe says:

    I live in Seattle and know nothing about STL, but let me guess: crippling taxes, crippling regulation, corruption, expanding black ghetto-land with extreme anti-white sentiment, violent police force, unreported anti-white hate crimes, massive welfare participation and manufacturing jobs all exported to China past 20 years? Entitlement attitudes with government and ‘education’ being the number one employers with a preference to hire their own color. I bet they have an army of parking enforcement goons working closely with tow yards to fleece anybody and everyone. Am I right? Ahahaha, of course I am.

  133. George Brett 85 says:

    If you get stuff for free why would you work? It is human nature!!!

  134. jt says:

    Missouri the state would be much better off if federal funding to St. Louis ceased entirely and that liberal-controlled, election-fraud ridden city were allowed to fully run-its -course faster.

    I have finally realized why liberals love living in urban core areas. It’s the federal funding. For welfare, for corrupt expensive infrastructure, for funding for ‘the arts’. They live off the fat of the entire land, taken from the producers, and spent in the big urban cities. I used to think it was that stronger central government was needed for higher population areas. No, it’s the character of the dominant voting group, and I think lots of organized crime election fraud.

  135. RighteousAnger says:

    In 1950 the city had a population of 856K, and 28 wards in city government. Today their pop is 319K and they still have 28 wards. Just maybe the writing on the wall is more apparent now. Big government means waste and unnecessary expenditures. The city has no one to blame but itself. Wishing does not make it so. Tough choices are just that, choice that are unpleasant but if you are going to survive then they have to be made. the city didn’t want the county, and now the county wants nothing to do with the city. Downsize and survive or stay bloated and continue to shrink

  136. Ernie Ernie says:

    I’ll put money on the fact the exodus is too middle class neighborhoods in other counties leaving empty storefronts, buuildings and boarded up homes. Just like Detroit.
    The good news is its takes about 30 years of this to totally destroy a city so there’s time yet.

  137. alanwillingham says:

    All those who believe in bigger Government, Unions, and Higher Taxes will be irresistibly drawn to St. Louis while business and real America workers will continue to steam to states where government welcomes them rather attacks, threatens, and extorts them into leaving

  138. Roger from Anaheim says:

    Good new is you still have the Rams (and all their costs to taxpayers)

  139. alanwillingham says:

    Maybe for their next trick, the socialists in St. Louis can pass a new law mandating every person gets a guaranteed Minimum Wage of $75,000.00 a year in order to afford housing, food, clothing and the ever increasing taxes and cost of government.

    Everybody Plays… everybody Wins!

    Who needs any stinkin’ businesses in such a fine city anyway?

  140. Arthur says:

    St. Louis needs a planned, orchestrated bankruptcy leading to becoming the 94th township in St. Louis County.

    This is the only way to save the City and put it on a level playing field with other cities it competes with.

  141. Jsmith says:

    The first part of the article was a flashback of sorts, for me, from when I lived and worked in that area. North City was well-known for burning cars on I-70 (being burned after being stolen) and for crack houses. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to live there. I didn’t even like living there, and was fortunate to have a guarded place to park my car.

    The last part of the article bothers me. The answer to the mayor’s problem is NOT making the county share his pain. Reunification with St Louis Countu will do nothing more that lower the county to the city’s level. We sure as heck don’t need it, and we sure as heck don’t want it.

  142. rickystl says:

    I work in St. Louis City, and live in St. Louis County. And, I pay an additional 1% tax for the “privledge” of working in the City. As a couple others have mentioned here the City has been controlled by the same political party for over 60 years now. The same party that always promises voters something – from someone else. The City is once again talking about a “Regional Approach”. Translation: County money. St. Louis County is not the bargain it used to be either. The property taxes and loss of rights will keep people moving further West. What’s happening in Wisconsin, will happen here. The truth is: The citizens simply can no longer afford their government.

  143. JDG2 says:

    The heart of the problem in the U.S. is an insepidous decline in the quality of public education. Education, speaking generally, is much more than just the rote learning of the basics as a means to contemporary “factory” jobs. We must shore up public education and this cannot be achieved solely through an emphasis on standardized testing.

    The U.S. has been in reactionary mode since the mid-1970s – – reeling from the loss of international prestige as a result of oil strangulation, terrorist attacks, Watergate, and Vietnam. This malaise was put to good use by the Protestant religious radicals (Moral Majority, etc.), and an uneasy nexus was formed with the fiscally conservative Republicans (whom represent the financial institutions and certain “conservative” business industries).

    Understand that what the Republican nexus wants is not to increase efficiency, build small businesses, etc. Their goal is IDEOLOGICAL. They want to turn back the clock to an imaginary time (1950s) when the ethnic minorities were in their proper places (within their own communities). Adolescents and young adults lived rather morally, e.g. did not have access to reproductive rights such as birth control and abortion. They want to privatize everything possible, and it is happening. I have seen the effects of this ideological zeal in third world countries; it is called neoliberalism (ironic name). It has a meant a hard life for most people — water and other utilities increasing 60 percent over a very short time, Destruction of unions necessary for the protection of workers, and the list goes on. In the mean time, the truly wealthy received more benefits and breaks. Most people do not understand how the truly wealthy make a “living.” It is done through investments (interest) and rents (the economic term). They do not put money back into the economy nor does it somehow trickle down.

    1. mac says:

      Yes, because the neoliberal Republicans have been in charge of St Louis for the last 60 years. Great analysis! Hugo Chavez could not have done a better job.

    2. Armed Texan says:

      Watch “Waiting for Superman” and come back and tell us what you learned.

  144. patriot6280 says:

    Would I be wrong in assuming that St. Louis has been electing Democrats/liberals for some time now? Just saying, because the US cities/states that have been performing poorly economically statistically have leaders wth D’s behind their names. The cities/states that have weathered economic storms much better statistically have Rs behind their names.

  145. Rick says:

    Guess now we know the truth behind why Charlotte got the DNC in 2012, NOBODY wants to be in St Louis, not even the Dems! lol

  146. trajan long says:

    Real growth and prosperity DOES NOT COME FROM GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS AND when I hear officials whining about loss of Federal dollars you know the ship is already sunk. Less government, less unions, especially the teachers union, no illegals,, more fair competition and watch prosperity return.

  147. Steve says:

    Cities like St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit and others ask productive people to carry the unproductive. It has to scare the living daylights out of these cities that the productive people refuse to play along. That said, what is happening is obvious to anyone who can think and isn’t bound by bankrupt ideology. The productive are fleeing a future where ever more of their wealth will be confiscated by political hacks and ideologues. I don’t blame them one bit.

  148. Deskboy says:

    My son attended WashU after 2001. I found the Midwestern white people to be the coldest, most uncaring people I have ever met. And I founf the foew black people that I ran into to be the most arrogant, combative and ticking time bombs. Who needs that????
    You are stuck in the middle of nowhere, a Gateway to get the heck out of there.
    No wonder people are leaving.

  149. 2degrees from MU says:

    Happiness was St. Louis in my rear view mirror… in 1977, Happiness was even better when Missouri was in my rear view mirror…in 1981, Kansas is a much more attractive place to live.

  150. JDG2 says:

    Read Freakonomics by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt. It will give you a little Economics 101 lesson. I highly recommend the chapter concerning the decline in crime (nationwide) in the mid-1990s.

    I am a university professor of political economics, so I am in good position to impartially evaluate Dr. Levitt (the economist). Dr. Levitt notes that the decline in crime was due to the opening up of reproductive rights, i.e. abortion. His analysis is rigorous enough (he controls for as many variables as possible) and his data sets are extensive and longitudinal (over time). And, he compares his findings to other countries.

    The Republicans are an ignorant bunch of Know-Nothings. The religious radicals will destroy your civil liberties while the truly wealthy will just do what they have always done — park their wealth in the commodities that really pay (mostly found in other countries). Time to bone up on some common sense and Economics 101.

    1. Armed Texan says:

      You are a sheltered liberal elitist who has never held a real job in your life. You are in a position to evaluate N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

    2. Red Burton says:

      I could tell you were a type of public employee or lived in academe straightaway from your previous posts. Nice pension, generous lifetime health benefits, safe, unthreatening work environment, probably tenured which means you could spout just about any kind of nonsense in a classroom and never have a care about termination. Useful idiot with little common sense might be how many would describe you. Fellow readers, you can see how the indoctrination of our young people is carried out daily in our college classrooms. Listen to this person rail on the elite and yet, is blatantly smug and elitist himself. I’ll be you go so far as to retaliate against students who don’t follow your ideology, don’t you?

    3. M J says:

      You would not like StL. I think you would find Germany of the 1940s or maybe E Germany before 1989 much more to your liking.

  151. CrusaderPatriot says:

    I’ll bet I don’t even have to research it to know that Democrat’s have run St. Louis anywhere from 75 to 100 years. It is one party liberal big government socialist rule that destroys communities like this. Eventually, you run out of other peoples money to spend or they just leave to avoid the outrageous taxes!

  152. Uncle Sam says:

    The decline of St. Louis could be turned around. Make MO a right to work state, reduce taxes, in a major way, for business, greatly reduce real estate taxes, completely eliminate subsidized housing and all forms of welfare. Level every single abandoned structure. Don’t worry about the human cost of reducing social services. People needing social services will go someplace more receptive to them.

  153. Pete says:

    Maybe you should look at the leadership of your once great city. I just looked it up, and not surprisingly, you’ve been run by democrats for the past 60+ years, just like the vast majority of other cities that have been hemoraging population over the pst 50 years.

    I’m sure that’s not the only reason, but I’ll bet that contributes to your population problems.

  154. ranger01 says:

    When Dodge is not good to you, you get out of Dodge. Don’t those Bone Headed Politians realize that if people cannot get good jobs and make a living, they get out! Look at Chicage, another big city. It’s Population is down to pre 1941 population. the housing Rip off by the banks has taken care of the American Dream.

  155. RaeMarie says:

    They gave the reason for the decline, right in the middle of the article. The crime problem and the terrible schools. And somehow they are confused as to why people are leaving the city??? WAKE UP, MAYOR SLAY!!!!

    The article, however, failed to mention another reason people have left the city, and that is the St. Louis city tax. This has driven businesses into the outer counties and away from downtown. The liberals never get it. When you increase taxes, people vote with their feet and move to another place with lower taxes. Increasing tax rates always results in lower revenues because people either purposely make less or they get the heck out of dodge.

    St Louis City is one of the few Democratic controlled, liberal areas in Missouri, and it shows.

  156. Robert Crocker says:

    I think it’s all John Galt’s fault.

  157. CWG says:

    Have you seen the movie OMEGA MAN, starring Charlton Heston? Where, when the sun goes down, the mutants come out? Welcome to St. Louis.

    KANSAS CITY – Flush your toilets, St. Louis needs the water.

  158. Deskboy says:

    When the football Cardinals, you people did not ask why????
    And look at them now,

  159. JDG2 says:

    Let go of outdated superstitious beliefs promoted by proselytizing religious radicals. See through the facade promoted by Republicans connected to financial interests and certain corporations (particularly those controlling essential commodities). These folks are playing on your fears (human nature). They want to reduce you to SERFDOM because that is essential to the continuation of their cashflow.

    Government (federal) has ALWAYS played some role in the development of this country — think back to the buillding of canals in the N.E. in the early 1800s — reduced the price of many goods by 90 percent. We need government to take on big risky projects (space exploration), high speed rail, inter alia) that corporations won’t do. The Chinese are laughing their as– off at the Americans as they get worked up about gay rights, etc. We need to make a massive effort to fix our infrastructure ( a true disgrace at this point).

    Accept the reality that labor and capital are always at odds (that is not Marxist, Communist, etc.) And, chances are you are labor even if you work in an office.

    We need to achieve a balance of sorts.

  160. Pat says:

    I’m no college professor, but let’s take a look at what St. Louis offers. Highest taxes in the region. Worst crime in the region. Worst government services in the region. Businesses taxed until they’re chased out of town and take the jobs with them. Gee. I don’t know. Why in the world would people move away? I can’t figure that out. I’d better find a PhD to help me figure this out. I’m guessing it’s racism!

    1. JDG2 says:

      The incentives generally offered by cities for development always favor big corporations (because these corporations have deep pockets). The incentives are generally within the category of Tax Increment Financing (TIF). TIF, to make it simple, means you get a huge tax break (or pay none) for years along with a waver of impacy fees, etc.) So, the city takes an incredible risk for years (while not garnering tax revenue). Big corporations are attracted to these incentives and they will go only to cities where these are offered, particularly in the south like Texas and Florida.

      My God, cities have to collect property tax revenue; that is their bread and butter. It is this property tax revenue that builds and maintains schools and some of the necessary infrastructure.

      Crime is a more difficult issue because it is largely socioeconomic and also psychological. Broken windows (see James Q. Wilson) does work, but the persons most likely to commit crimes are pushed to live elsewhere. This what happened in Europe (France).

      The significant factors iare population control (REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS) and education.

  161. Farmer Bob says:

    So 29,000 people left St. Louis last decade and they’re all a bunch of “racists.” By the way, were they white? Do we know from this article? If they were white, did they leave or just die? Wouldn’t the “racists” be the first to leave a “chocolate city,” and not the last? And what do we say of the nearly 200,000 blacks who left Chicago in the last ten years, accounting for virtually all of that city’s population decline? “Racists” to a man, I’ll bet. Too many Hispanics in Chi-town for their racist tastes now.

  162. michigan resident says:

    Crime!!!!!!!! It will only get worse.

  163. mda says:

    Public Union workers at their best – government funding at its best – planned parenthood at its best! Liberalism at its best!

  164. Charles says:

    More and more American cities are beginning to look like Uganda. Jim, my friend you hit the nail right on the head. Oh, of course you will be called a racist for it. Truth has a way of floating to the top.
    Wake up clayusmcret it is indeed ethnicity, as well as the socialist. In case you have notice the two are working hand in hand.

  165. JWyatt says:

    “St. Louis is unique in that it is its own county.”
    “St. Louis city and St. Louis County are completely separate entities.”

    Just off the top of my head, I know that Baltimore city is treated as a county in Maryland, and is a separate political entity from Baltimore County.

  166. jack says:

    Its the same story in Jackson, MS. Population decreased while the suburbs increased. The demographic split is roughly 80/20 – from 70/30 in 2000. The city seems to think an entertainment district will bring people racing back to live in the city. Never mind that unless you are able and willing to spend in excess of 12K a year per child to purchase a decent education, you have no choice but to leave. For the most part, that leaves three groups in the city – those without school aged children, the affluent, and those who can’t afford to leave.

  167. Tom says:

    Unions, Unions, Unions. That’s all I hear these days. Everything is blamed on the union. If everyone belonged to a union, them we would all get the same great benefits. So run out and join a union. I did; I just join the Credit Union and can’t wait to get my big fat penson.

  168. JDG2 says:

    Before you spout off nonsense rhetoric (propaganda from the reactionary right), learn a little bit about how development works. Attend some planning board meetings or talk to folks (developers and city administration). Developers build and sell — they build it cheap (for the most part). Cities need and/or want to attract development and the subsequent corporations, etc. that will occupy the development. However, the dilemma involves loss of essential tax revenue, often over many years, in order to attract these developers, etc. How do you continuously acquire the needed property tax revenues for essential services, etc.? Florida and other backwards states have largely bowed down and that is where the developers and the corporations go. Now, do you get it?

    1. Calhitex says:

      JDG2. You have only cited half of the equasion. The city gains taxes from the employees who work in these “tax free” buildings. If cities didn’t think they would get more revenue from the tax breaks they know it would leave them worse off. They gain revenues from property taxes, state, county, city income taxes, and city and county payroll taxes of these employees. I am willing to bet they gain much, much more than they gave up. That’s how business is suppose to work; a win, win for everyone. And the governments should resist their desire impose corrupt requirements and regulations on them.

  169. Red Burton says:

    Wow. Watch the big cities fall like dominoes under liberal, leftist administrations. At some point, the only people left are public sector employees and the generational welfare takers. That’s why Detroit is no longer on the top of the crimes list — no one lives there anymore. Detroit is down nearly half the population it was in 1960.

  170. Ted G says:

    There is an article with good tables in it illustrating just how bad the census data is for St Louis – includes population and housing data (including vacancy data) for St Louis City and County, St Charles, Jefferson and Franklin Counties at:


  171. RETY says:

    I can see a time in the near future when educating your kids will become your own responsibility. There’s no need for the people to be taxed and educating large swaths of the U.S. population. It’s just a waste of time and money. Evolution has just left some groups in the stone age and they’ll never catch up. The US cities are turning into he## holes and always the same sub-groups. We need “sweeper squads” and reverse immigration to fix the problem.

  172. ra44mr2 says:

    Another perfect example of liberals running things into the ground.

  173. Bham says:

    I’d move too if Monsanto was headquartered in my city.

  174. Cubs fan says:


  175. Stan Hurley says:

    Based on what’s in da White House, the whole country could look like E.STL eventually. True dat. Word from da Hood.

  176. Oldman63 says:

    The only mystery in this article is why the “experts” expected the city of St. Louis to have increased population since 2000. My daughter lives in a pricy loft in downtown St. Louis on Washington avenue. We only visit her in the daylight hours because your person, your car and your belongings are not safe on the street at night. The homeless can do anything short of homicide or a holdup and your call to the police will garner nothing more than sympathy for your plight.

    The public schools lost accreditation in 2007 and got another new Superintendant then. A special state board is running the district until 2011 when it will again return control to the elected school board which let the schools go to hell in the first place. We will no doubt resume the rotating Superintendant solution plan used to such great effect over the last 25 years. Young expectant parents generally put a move out of the city at the top of their agenda. Almost everyone living in the city with any reasonable income level sends their kids to private schools in or out of the city, including the teachers.

    There is never a Republican candidate for Mayor of the city, the election is the Democratic primary. Combining St. Louis City with the existing St. Louis county will result in even faster decline of St. Louis county. The result will be continued growth in St Chales and Jefferson counties. That is currently the only way one can escape liberal Democrat government.

  177. dred says:

    Another non-news item regarding St. Louis. St. Louis is treated differently from almost all other cities, because its COUNTY IS COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM THE CITY. The only other city like this is Baltimore. Therefore the flight from the high taxes, poor schools and high crime are exaggerated in these two towns, because almost everyone leaving St. Louis CITY simply moves to St. Louis or St. Charles COUNTY, or across the river to Illinois.

    That being said, St. Louis is suffering from all the liberal ills befalling all other big cities, and with anyone with a brain having escaped long ago, the town will continue to spiral down the toilet as it has been for the past 50 years.

  178. Pitbullll says:

    Why should anybody be surprised? Decades of rule by Democrats and their idiotic tax and spend liberal policies is enough to ruin anything. New York, California, Detroit, St. Louis, East St. Louis; you name it. Same symptoms – same cause. GET. A. CLUE. Or get used to the crime, blight, poverty and despair.

  179. Baxter says:

    If someine wants to know the problem. Look no farther than the city management. They’re BLACK. Every city in the United States with a majority black population is losing population. Why? You figure it out. My opinion is that blacks mostly feel a sense of entitlement that staggers the mind. If they can’t get it legally they take it illegally. Politicians leadong the way. If you want a “post racial” discussion let it start now let it start here and begin with honesty.

    1. Pitbullll says:

      It’s not their race, it’s the liberal mindset that is the problem. Yes, a greater proportion of blacks are liberal but their race is not the cause of the problem. Blindly following the progressive doctrine idiocy is. And some, like the city managers, have figured out how to enrich themselves in the process.

      Democrats must have the monolithic black vote in order to win elections and knowing this, liberal polticians have tailored their pathetically contrived arguments to keep blacks “in their place” and voting “properly.”

      You’d think that after 50 years of the catastrophic consequences of Democrat policies, some people would get a clue, but apparently not……

  180. Charles says:

    Notice on today”s Drudge Report, “US to be worlds 3rd largest economy.”
    by Willem Butler, chief economist for Citigroup.
    Yes, America is on a steep decline, period. China has moved from number 3 to number 2, and soon we will have China #1, Japan #2, and the US #3. The communist government refuse’s visa’s to 90% of black’s that apply to enter their country.. When I asked one Chinese why there were very few black’s there. She replied, “We are not opposed to all black people. We find those from South Africa, very, soft spoken and kind. But, American black’s we despise. Their behavior is not satisfactory to us at all. We believe they are destroying America.” Those are the words of someone on the outside looking in. But, probably just another white racist southerner (South China that is).

  181. George says:

    What are the demographics of the people leaving and what are the demographics of the people staying? What are the crime rates and what are the demographics of the victims of crime and the perpetrators of crime? Finally, what has been the political group in power overseeing this decline and what have they actually done to reverse it? Have there been any successes in their efforts? Have they just done more of the same?

  182. rk says:

    When Slay says this is a regional issue he is asking for a bailout. The city has wanted to be bailed out of its problems for years. So rather than looking at Democratic policies they just want other people’s money.

    I knew a union guy that worked for the city and he just laughed at the boondoggles and the waste of money that he saw in the city. Slay and the city government is totally incompetent….so they’ll whine about needing other people to bail them out. Pathetic.

  183. Fountainheadfool says:

    Some have seen this coming for a long time…

    “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion:
    the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases,
    while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage
    of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”
    – Ayn Rand

  184. Mel Shapiro says:

    The ultimate vote is that placed with ones feet.

  185. jeannie says:

    Not much has been written about the destruction of marriage and the family. Fatherlessness. What about abortion? And, why don’t we teach about God and prayer? The attack on Christianity and Judaism has played a role in the downfall of our cities and society.

  186. 88 says:

    Grew up in St Louis Mo area East St Louis Ill. East St Louis was always a blue collar town. When industry moved out in the fifties,sixties whites moved out. Blacks had no place to go same with St Louis area. So crime exploded in both areas. They will never recover and will be wards of State and Federal handouts.

  187. Texgal1 says:

    The answer to all the above questions about “what to do” is STOP ELECTING DEMOCRATS that keep taking away money from the job creators (businesses) and taxpayers and giving it away in entitlements like welfare, endless unemployment checks, etc.

    People are “voting with their feet,” you doofus Professor of Public Policy!

    1. fountainheadfool says:


      “STOP ELECTING DEMOCRATS”… is a start.

      Plenty of pathetically inept REPUBLICANS serving as well-
      and that’s just what they want us to think:
      DEM=BAD, so GOP = GOOD.

      Not so fast RINO’s…. JFK was a democrat, and I’d vote for him in a second if he were running today. But of course he wouldn’t be allowed on the GOP ticket today because he would be cast as too far right. He had his foibles, but he espoused tax cuts, on multiple occasions acknowledged the fact that lower personal tax rates equaled overall net gains in tax revenues, limited government and a willingness to stand up to our enemies and make them blink. Imagine how he’d be portrayed (destroyed) by today’s media…. I agree with you texgal, and I’m just saying, at this crossroads, having an elephant pin on your lapel does not automatically make you the better alternative.

  188. fountainheadfool says:

    Annoy a liberal:
    Work hard and be happy.

    “Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage’s whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men.”
    -Ayn Rand
    top 25 quotes… so many truths it’s scary…

  189. Generik says:

    The way the headline to this article was worded, I was expecting to read about a zombie uprising or something..

  190. Escargo says:

    It has good roads so you get in and out quickly; otherwise it’s like the state of Missouri, a total Sh–t hole. Bad weather and bland people.

    1. Roger from Anaheim says:

      I bet ya parts of Mexifornia could top Missouri!

  191. Midwestvoter says:

    No discussion around the 1% earnings tax on all wages earned in the city. I turned down a job offer to work in the city because I didn’t feel the need to “give” 1% or MY MONEY to liberal Democrats helping to fund their BS entitlement programs in the “city”. If the county and city merge, I’m looking to move out of St. Louis county. I want no part of the corruption and liberalism that plagues the city of St. Louis.

  192. cluelessinky says:

    I just reviewed the demos of St. Louis, I think I see the problem. It appears that there are many fewer young people than older types. The younger population leaves when theer are no opportunities.

  193. JBM says:

    Like most large cities, you have Democrat mismanagement and union corruption/control of the city…I would be leaving too.

    Oh, and that other thing…you sit on the New Madrid fault, which triggered the largest earthquake in US History…when will the next one hit??

    1. Roger from Anaheim says:

      I think Mexifornia will be hit before then and the cities will burn to the ground
      not because of the earthquake, because the Mexicans and Blacks will riot when their welfare checks dont come

  194. Len Hobbs says:

    All those folks who left – apparently, didn’t like living there…and all those who are still there – apparently do like living there. So…let them pay for everything!

    Otherwise – keep doing the same thing…and St.Louis will disappear.

    Let’s see – Austin, Texas is growing faster than grass in the summer – and St.Louis is losing population …hmmmm…I wonder what’s the difference?.

    1. Roger from Anaheim says:

      They have the death penility and use it!

  195. David Yuhas says:

    We have Very Big Plans for St. Louis.

    Let me put you on the Mailing List of our Internet Newsletter, “The Barn-Owl Empire.

    The first thing that has to go is the City’s Nickname “The Drive-Through City”

    Of course…if you are going to style your City after a McDonald’s you are going to lose people

    Great Cities have Gates…Luxor, Egypt, for example, had a Luxor Gate.

    For St. Louis we begin with “Saarinen Gate”

    Just as across the Nile from Luxor is Thebes….East St. Louis, for 800 Years was the Agricultural Capital of North America.

    How do you think North American Indians learned to grow Corn? Do you think they found it growing Wild?.

    Downriver from Luxor & Thebes was the Great City of Memphis. So there you are. We are thinking Big at CSA-St. Louis

  196. waycoolsnoopy says:

    And these morons are surprised? What do you think is going to happen when a country spends 2 solid decades exporting jobs, technological superiority, and middle class quality-of-life to places like Mexico, China, India, etc.? And the jobs that you clueless imbeciles have not been able to export, you made sure to import a deluge of uneducated, disease-ridden, prolific serfs from the third world to slash the wages, living standards, cutural identity, and American standards and values. And just now you foolish quislings are pulling your collectivist heads out of the sand and noticing the ever encroaching squalor?? TOO LATE! Enjoy your serfdom! Enjoy your “diversity!” Enjoy your multi-lingual-multi-cultural “renaissance!” This is not a “recession,” sheeple! It is the logical and very predictable outcome of “walmart trading values” and open-door deluge of foreigners and aliens! And even with all of this, the sheep are still worried about their bread and circuses! Look no further than the trivia poll adjacent to this article! Unbelievable! You deserve everything you get…or lose!

  197. David Cearley says:

    County and city taxes, for the same space? Unions of course. I used to contract out IT work across the country. The two worst places to do business in the US were Manhatten and Saint Louis, both due to insane work rules that do nothing but drive up costs. Hint to government leaders, if your city isn’t business friendly, your jobs will move somewhere else. You don’t think car manufacturers destroyed Detroit, do you? The UAW and Local 3 in New York City can give you pointers on how to destroy your economy.

  198. MJ says:

    Elections happen every day in these communities. People either elec tto stay or they elect to move out of the cess pool of democrat ran dead ends called urban centers. Sooner or later even the most loyal citizen looks around says the heck with it. I have been to St Louis often over the past 30+ years. I have seen the decay and it is terrible to see a once pretty good city become what it is today. Detroit on the river is a good start for what it should be renamed. I do business on the road quite a bit and cannot drive thru the city any longer without wondering if I am going to survive the trip. What a shame! The good news Ameica, is that nto every city is as bad as St Louis. The bad news America, is that too many of our urban centers are on the way to this end.

  199. Bob says:

    St. Louis needs to adopt a crime reporting system like Baltimore( the city that bleeds) Just change, alter or modify the facts, and you are an “ALL AMERICAN CITY”. !st Degree Rape = domestic dispute…..Homicide = unattended death ect. ect. ect. NO CRIME HERE!

  200. ChevyBelle says:

    Residents are leaving because the way the government has been running things for the last several decades doesn’t work. You can’t suffocate business with pointless regulations and burden citizens with exorbitant taxes and then be surprised when they flee.

  201. Moose says:

    It’s too close to E. St. Louis, Illinois !

  202. jrsjr says:

    Lower taxes to attract business, eliminate welfare to reduce costs and raise personal ambition, and raise education standards.

  203. WG says:

    I grew up in St Louis, my mom still lives in Hazelwood (sadly) and I’ve since lived in utah, Kentucky and Alabama (currently). StL is the most racist city i’ve ever lived in – and oh, I mean black people who hate white people.
    Growing up, I was pretty much only picked on by blacks.
    When I moved to Alabama I was pretty fearful but black people here are sweet and courteous. I almost teared up the first time I went through a drive-thru! “Here you go, honey. Have a nice day, sweety!”
    My mom goes to Walmart, black women stare at her, yell at her for doing nothing. And should anyone wonder why the city and even the county is losing population? Enjoy your poor neighborhoods of hate, savages.

  204. steve says:

    Its not the unions per se. its the voters who elected the politicians who decided to allow public unions since that was the way to get re-elected. Now that the unions have such clout in campaign funding, where is the poor politician to go for $$?
    Try this – public unions yes, but do not allow the union to contribute to ANY election or campaign .

  205. stephen says:

    what does st.louis and compton(ca.), oakland,detroit,chicago, have in common ?think about it.after carefull thought you realize the reason for decline with these once great cities.

  206. tjpatriot says:

    I lived in Hazelwood for 15 years, and at one point I formed a small company doing small computer wiring jobs. At one point, I did a job in the city, and got a letter from the City of St. Louis. It basically said that since I was non-Union, that I am ordered to “Cease and Desist”. So I did. I now live in Colorado.

    Oh and for those of you who have lived there your whole lives and may not realize what everyone else who goes there painfully knows: It’s not only you business climate that sucks. Your regular climate sucks too.

    1. M J says:

      Hey don’t knock Hazelwood. The people who live there are hardworking, have great values and are a lot more generous and open than you will find in many places.

  207. sean patriot says:

    ITS THE NI@@ERS ! You know it is.

    1. Roze says:

      Damn right it is. Thank you Somalia!

  208. John says:

    To fix the situation, I would recommend a gigantic tax increase and adding another layer of gold-plating to city union retirements. It’s always worked so well in the past.

  209. Wildflower Addie says:

    Get rid of the 1% income tax. Taxes are already too high. Lower the property taxes too. Get rid of public sector unions. These are good starts.

  210. Roze says:

    Well I wonder WHY? Let me guess, whites are fleeing because they are tired of being ATTACKED by mobs of (insert “offensive” term here).

  211. Double A says:

    Don’t worry, citizens of St. Louis. The Democrats will use your continually increasing taxes to build Paradise on Earth, just like they have with every other major U.S. city. YES WE CAN!

  212. phillysmart says:

    Another big city destroyed by the democrats all future detroits…the democrats are the enemy within

  213. Feech LaManna says:

    How did it happen??? Just look across the river moron.

  214. rt says:

    Youre an idiot… Slay wants to JOIN the County… It has nothing to do with your taxes or the tax base. If you live in Sunset Hills do the high taxes in Clayton affect you? NO! Its about combining resources like police, fire, road crews, and sharing the positives in the ENTIRE region! Does StL County have a zoo, a museum, a football team, the Cardinals, etc… wake up… The entire area is suffering and its because everyones got an opinion on how/why they think theyre better than everyone else.. Together we stand divided we fall – try to remember that

    1. Trace says:

      YOU are the idiot. Of course Slay wants to join the county. He’s on a sinking ship. Why are football and baseball stadiums in located in ST. Louis? 99% of the people come from the county to the games yet we could not build a stadium in the county. Whenever “regionalism” is invoked, it means “put it in the city.” Yes, they need upwardly mobile people to come in and be robbed and car-jacked.

      The entire area is NOT suffering. Divided we survive–keep us separate from the rotten, corrupt city of St. Louis.

  215. Robin says:

    The last Republican mayor of St. Louis was in 1949. Census results show population peaked in 1950. Democrats have been in controll ever since. Hmmm…I wonder if there is a correlation between the two? City schools are appalling. Anyone remember Pruitt-Igoe? Crime is rampant. Why would any sensible person choose to remain in the City of St. Louis? I feel so sorry for the good people who are essentially trapped in the city. They get the worst of everything.

  216. JT says:

    Here I sit in AZ, in my nice, well paying job… something I could not find in St. Louis, my old hometown. I do miss Missouri.

  217. Duncan says:

    Why are Americans so thick headed, for years the writing has been all over the entire nation: Democrats and liberals are destroying this nation. the Democrat diseased cities are dying, hemorhaging people, becoming revolution grounds for mohamedans and other enemies of the nation.
    Americans vote in garbage for public servants and that is what they get is garbage and the nation is rotting.

    IF AMERICAN DOESNT BRING BACK GOD AND GET RID OF THE DEMOCRATS SHE IS FINISHED…America is a dead man walking, eventually she’ll fall.

    1. mopro says:

      “America is a dead man walking, eventually she’ll fall”. Sounds like America is a she-male.

  218. AK says:

    The answer is to increase social spending. We need to rip down some of rich people’s loft housing and build more affordable housing for the poor. KIDDING!!!

  219. Jack says:

    From Illinois. Years ago, I use to take my family to St. Louis for baseball games and particularly the 4th of July event. I was amazed at how a big city could be so nice during the the airshow and fireworks of the 4th. Then one 4th we noticed a change in the people at the event. Not only more people but the type that only causes troubles. They were never there before and don’t know why all of the sudden that type started showing up. That was the late ’90’s. I haven’t been back since although my kids have been to a couple of games.

  220. Chase says:

    The realitity of “acceptab;e” public discourse is framed by mindless political correctness. It is impossible to state publically what has gone so ng with our big Democrat controlled cities. Everyone with even average IQ knows this truth, but remains mute for fear of physical abuse (or worse ) – like “good Muslims” who are not wanting topursue jihad. For Christ’s sake folks, look at what has transpired in just the last decade! Anothe like the hlast and we will be toast and a penniless banaa republic.

  221. wakeup says:

    The problem is simple…St. louis has been losing good residents for the last 50 years, because they have been under democratic rule. It doesn’t get any easier to understand! Look at the best performing cities in the nation, they are republican cities!

    The good citizens leave, and the bad ones stay behind.

  222. Leo says:

    Why are people treating this natural event as a tragedy? Why does America need this or any city. Cities are cesspools for crime and the home of the entitlement class who suck money from the taxpayers to feed their cocaine habit and support their fatherless babies.

  223. wakeup says:

    People are fleeing the city for the same reason I am leaving Los Angeles this summer! Democrats have been ruling (and ruining) the city for decades. My family deserves more!

  224. Say NO 2 GMO says:

    Wait a minute, are you telling me that Nelly was wrong?

  225. Cousin Floyd says:


    Look at the crime statistics. The crime-index average is 319.2
    For the 2009 year St. Louis was 1052.2!!!!!!
    That’s ridiculous. No wonder people who are able to are leaving the city.

  226. carl says:

    Why would anyone want to live in St Lois. Just a big nasty ghetto the last time I was through there.

  227. Cousin Floyd says:

    I was wondering if anyone new why that in every city that is predominately black the crime rate is astronomical? Just look at places like Detroit, Richmond, Atlanta…..
    anyone know why that is?

  228. cousin floyd says:

    Also, I was wondering if anyone new why all of the major cities that are run by Democrats are all hell-holes and going bankrupt? Does anyone know why that is?

  229. john says:

    Blacks move in……..white flight. It is that simple.

  230. borntobePolitical says:

    “Federal funding for many of the city’s programs is tied to population”

    When it is all said and done, they are worried about Federal funding. Is it any wonder?

  231. Adam Smith says:

    The city with the highest standard of living in 1968? – Detroit.
    Rep Mayor – pro business.
    Since then, nothing but Democrats elected. Tax business more and more, force union contracts on industry – competition gains and gains until it’s nothing but a burned out war zone.
    Guess which city is next?

  232. Saltherring says:

    Hey, CBS, check out these comments. Your “news” programs aren’t attracting any viewers, because you’re just spewing PC lies. The people are getting the real news elsewhere and we’re really riled up. Time to impeach Obongo.

    1. SW says:

      A most apt comment. The marketshare of various media is exactly the same as folks from cities voting with their feet. It’s basic economics, which the political Left either forgot or never learned. People vote with their feet as well as their votes and their wallets.

      And — yes — people are getting riled up, but not like the Astroturf which the Left tries to serve up as a “majority” when in fact a few actors trumped up to look like a majority.

      People vote with their feet, their wallets and their votes. As with any brand, once burned they tend not to come back for a long time, if ever.

  233. RNGH says:

    Unions and taxes take another city to it’s knees. Too late for St. Louis. If it weren’t for the unions all our products wouldn’t come from CHINA!

  234. biffula says:

    Only the leaders of a cesspool city like St. Louis would be surprised to see its numbers decline.

  235. SandyfromChesterfield says:

    I truly believe that if you close the city public schools and the children went to charter schools they would have a much better chance at life. There is no future for these children so they resort to a lfe of crime and drugs. THE COUNTY DOES NOT WANT TO MERGE WITH THE CITY SO WE CAN PAY THEIR BILLS. It is bad enough too many people from the county were fooled into voting for an increase in sales tax to pay for the city buses thanks to the endorsed from ex-Chesterfield mayo, John Nations. Now as the head of MODOT he uses the money to make a bike trail to nowhere through the homeless tents! We will not be fooled again.

  236. LastLilliputian says:

    What St Louis needs is more investment. The rich need to do their part to help the working man. It’s about the children!

  237. J.V. says:

    Gee, I wonder if governmental workers in St. Louis are union members?

  238. Trace says:

    Memo to Mayor Slay:
    Allow WalMart to build 2 or 3 stores in your city. God knows you have lots of areas open for redevelopment, and needs more jobs and a tax base.

    I was born in St. Louis in 1957, the high water mark for population. There were 28 wards then and still are today. Blocks of empty lots and buildings with 28 Democrat ward reps. And yes they all get gold-plated benefits for a part-time job.

    Even if you DON’T live in St. Louis but work there, you must pay 1% earnings tax. Have I mentioned St. Louis has the highest crime rate in the nation?

    If St. Louis County merges with the city, their population will continue to decline, also. Too bad St. Louis county elected Charlie Dooley, the Obama of the county.

  239. TheBiz says:

    St. Louis is a dump and it will always be a dump! The only thing good about St. Louis are the Cardinals and their season is already lost. I beg all citizens of St. Louis to move to Chicago please!!! That’s the only city in the Midwest worse than St. Louis.

  240. San Diego Steve says:

    I have been to St. Louis. If I lived there, I, too, would flee. As Gertrude Stein said of Oakland, California: “There is no there there.”

  241. LastLilliputian says:

    I have a right to work. We need shared sacrifice!

    Conservatives are full of it – name something they have actually gotten rid of? They only slow things down. Social democracy is here and you didn’t stop it and you can’t change it. The demographics are now set in stone. The last time you had a shot you gave us Medicare part D. So I say climb on board!

    Ride the social democrat bomb and wave your cowboy hats folks -YeehAAAAAA!

  242. irishalaman says:

    Who the Hel voted for Carnahan then?
    What a sham that election was. Carnahan should resign and
    give the seat to Martin, NOW.

  243. My rambling youth says:

    When i was 16 i traveled from Va Beach to Wichita by bus. i got off in downtown St.Louis for 2 hours and was propositioned for drugs immediately. One black man said..”hey Harry want some medicine?”. I Never forgot how pathetic it all was. I must have had a guardian angel.

  244. Jamie says:

    I am an ex-patriot of St. Louis. Even when I lived there in 1995, it was super bad. Theft, and robery way up, once beautiful neighborhoods trashed and filthy. you could walk down the sidewalk and hear ‘crunch-crunch” stepping on those disgusting water bugs. and then you have this monolithic Democrat socuialist rule that has just two ideas, tax and spend. I got another job and got out.

  245. Richard Bagg says:

    The blacks are destroyinh your city.. The people that left were white… its the truth… happening in all large cities..

  246. That’s too bad. That Gateway Arch makes your skyline so pretty.

  247. ETEE says:

    White Flight. Period. Census demographics don’t lie. Whitey is voting with his feet.

  248. Observer says:

    A few obvious facts:

    Countries with exclusively Black populations are the poorest, most violent, and least-developed countries on the planet: Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, etc.

    Cities in the US with high Black populations tend to be poor and have high rates of crime: Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta, St. Louis, Newark, Baltimore, etc. In fact, the percentage Black population correlates directly with the reported violent crime rate, according to FBI data.

    Places outside of the US that have recently seen high rates of immigration from Africa have become poor and violent: suburbs of Paris, parts of London (Brixton), Stockholm suburbs, etc.

    FBI statistics on crime show that during the past century, Blacks have always committed violent crime at rates 6-8 times the rates of non-Blacks.

    Further statistics show that Blacks are dramatically underrepresented in occupational groups that tend to require specialized education and have high average incomes (engineers, dentists, doctors, professors, etc.). Blacks are vastly overrepresented as net recipients of governmental transfers from taxpayers (welfare, unemployment, food stamps, disability compensation, etc.).

    It seems valid to conclude that on average, Black people are simply more violent and less intelligent than non-Black people. Presumably this is a result of the selective evolutionary pressures in the territories occupied by their ancestors (Africa), compared to the pressures exerted in the areas inhabited by non-Blacks.

    Most behavioral and cognitive traits strongly correlate with genetic factors. It seems highly unlikely that additional resources devoted to education and social services will succeed in creating a productive, non-violent Black population in America, or anywhere else. St. Louis will not get better until it somehow manages to dramatically reduce its Black population, and attract non-Black inhabitants.

    1. Wow. I guess this where people end up when they miss the Klan meeting.

  249. Grape Ape says:

    The problem is niqqers, pure and simple.

    1. D.D says:

      Really? Im always amazed at people who think black people are the problem. How do you account for the numerous meth addicted, meth dealing, poor, uneducated white people living in the city, south county, jefferson county, fenton etc…I work in social services and I can’t tell you how many white families we service for incest, drug abuse, child abuse, etc… many of them uneducated, having serveral children of out wedlock, receving state aid. this is not a black problem, it’s a poor low soci economic problem.

  250. ed hardison says:

    Ship all the blacks off to Detroit and the problem will be solved. Whites dont want to live around blacks, simple as that. What was crime like during segregation? I rest my case

    1. Leisle says:

      What was crime like? Uh gee, go ask all the blacks that were lynched. Oh wait, you can’t they are dead. You guys were bigger criminals than a black could ever be. AND STILL ARE!

  251. Stovach says:

    Have lived in Detroit and St. Louis. We should close both cities and start over. Both cities have an overbearing politburo style government that abuses everyone and produces nothing. Massive federal,state,local, property, consumption taxes. Roads suck, schools suck, crime is rampant, good baseball stadiums. Their future looks as bleak as the past 20 years. The US has followed the Soviet model and we are paying for it. Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren are paying the bill. We tried to sustain this in Russia and failed.
    I emigrated here to get away from the Soviet disaster. My children recently emigrated to Australia to get away from the US disaster. So very sad.

  252. William Tautphaeus says:

    And Los Angeles

  253. William Tautphaeus says:

    Los Angeles is in Los Angeles County; St. Louis being in a county that bears the same name is certainly not unique(one of a kind). That’s what was meant.

    1. Kenneth Farmer says:

      St. Louis. Missouri is not in a county; It is an independent city. St. Louis County is a separate government entity. Clayton, Missouri is the county seat of St. Louis County. Each has its separate government. St. Louis is however not unique since Baltimore, Maryland, another independent city, & Baltimore County are also separate & distinct.

  254. Libby says:

    This is sad. Researching what I THOUGHT was a great city, finding out it isn’t. The responses to the article have confirmed that my choices are limited to bigoted Whites or Black criminals, decisions, decisions. Maybe I’ll stay in Columbus as there doesn’t seem to be any room for an educated Black female in St. Louis or the surrounding areas.

  255. John846 says:

    Very nice site!

  256. Leisle says:

    Its amazing how racist these comments are. You want to blame blacks yet white people will do anything not to be held accountable for the decades of destroying black communities anyway they can.

    You people are sick.

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