Bill Reker

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – He’s calling it the perfect storm.  The state senator who has introduced legislation banning red light cameras has, himself, received a red light camera ticket.

“I wasn’t driving it and on every notice I got in the mail, I sent back that wasnt driving” said Republican Sen. Jim Lembke, of St. Louis.

He says that argument was rejected in St. Louis Municipal Court Friday.

“I had a motion to dismiss based on the fact that I was not driving and some of the constitutional problems that I have. The idea that the ordinance is in direct conflict with state statute. the judge rejected my motion to dismiss ” said Sen. Lembke.

He told KMOX’s Mark Reardon his fight is not over: ” I’m appealing it up to the Circuit Court.”

Senator Lembke owns four cars.  One of them was caught driving through a red light on Jan. 12th.  

Lembke declined to say who was behind the wheel.  The senator is fighting this case, himself.  He has not hired a lawyer.

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  1. Henry says:

    There should never be a ‘minimum yellow’ at a signal with hi accidents, and certainly not one with cams. Last week the Supreme Court said that compliance with a minimum standard is no protection from lawsuits from the injured. With the Williamson v. Mazda decision, accident victims now have a more compelling case against the city for exploiting a dangerous intersection for profit. It is getting easier to see the profit motive with cameras, which should be an “under color of law” crime punishable by jail and monetary fines. said:
    “The justices unanimously today said that compliance with [1989] federal seatbelt regulations doesn’t shield a company from claims that it should have installed a safer type of belt. The ruling marks a change in the law in much of the country.”
    Justice Breyer wrote that regulators intended to set only a minimum standard.

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