KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) – Those very low-price Nike shoes you see in dodgy flea markets and other back street shops may not be counterfeit after all.

Police in Kansas City say thousands of pairs of Nike shoes stolen from tractor-trailers in Kansas and Missouri may be on the market on our side of the state. KCTV reports the most recent theft occurred when a tractor-trailer containing more than 3,000 pair of Nikes was stolen in Junction City, Kansas. Those shoes are all white, Nike Air Max 90s.

In December, somebody in Kansas City stole a tractor-trailer full of more than 4,700 pair of white Nike Air Jordans. Police estimate the value of the stolen shoes at around a quarter-million dollars.   They hope to hear from anyone who might have seen large amounts of new Nikes being sold on streets and parking lots.

They’re also asking for help finding the still-missing stolen trucks.

Copyright 2011 The Associated Press


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