Q: How can I listen to Cardinals baseball?

A: Tune in to KMOX 1120 AM on your radio dial.  KMOX’s 50,000 watt signal can be heard across the U.S. during evening games.  For day games or if you can’t pick up KMOX, check out this map of Cardinals Radio Network Affliates.

Q: Why can’t I listen to Cardinals baseball on KMOX.com?

A: KMOX does not have the rights to stream baseball games online.  In order to stream baseball games online, please visit mlb.com.  The broadcast is available through a paid service provided by MLB.

Q: How much does the MLB Gameday Audio service cost?

A: This is a service provided by MLB.  For current pricing information, visit mlb.com.

Q: During day games, how can I listed to Rush Limbaugh?

A: Rush Limbaugh is available on the KMOX.com Stream.  Every time a day game impacts Rush Limbaugh, you can use this link to listen.  Bookmark this page for future use.

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Comments (16)
  1. gerald weiss says:

    I can’t hear anything on this web page. Why? do you not broadcast commericals?

  2. don kueneke says:

    Circuitous. There is no link ot Rush during cards games. Links just return you to the FAQ and radio.com. Second stream dot com = same story. Must be missing somethgin here. Unable to listen to Rush via this site.

    1. Hi. Across the top at KMOX dot com is red bar. Click on the appropriate link to hear Rush Limbaugh. By the way, there is no audio on that channel from the top of the hour until about 6 minutes past.

  3. John Doe says:

    If you can’t hear Rush, go to Radiotime.com and do ti there, I DO!

  4. Matt says:

    If you can’t stream baseball, then by all means don’t stream the first inning, then cut to some rock & roll comentary. Rush does not appear on stream 2, just the rock & roll stuff – nice…

  5. The Global Warming Heretic says:

    Pre-season? Really? At least wait until they are actually playing for real before you pre-empt Rush. I’m switching over to Laura Ingraham on 97.1.
    Baseball on the radio is just…irritating.

  6. Mike says:

    How do I find kmox am 2 on my radio?

  7. kimberly says:

    i would like to have kmox on my radio at all times cause i use to live in st louis and still have family there ..thanks kimberly

  8. Ben Geolat says:

    I will not listen to your radio station, until you remove Rush from your airwaves. I do not understand why a once-prominent voice such as KMOX would want to have any affiliation with the man. I don’t know if you still claim to be the “voice of St. Louis”. You have gone so far off the scale of reasonable conversation that I can’t imagine who’s voice you are.

  9. Terry says:

    I will no longer listen to KMOX IF you remove Rush Limbaugh or give into the extortion against free speech. This issue is disgusting for all involved. The Democrats are dishonest about this issue, Rush made a false assumption by not reviewing the entire interview, and “journalists” enabled the attack on Rush by not reporting the truth.

  10. Georgia says:

    I agree with Terry. I am done listening to KMOX. Rush is a Hater. KMOX shows no ethical standards by allowing this bigot to carry on his vitrioloc diatribes.

  11. Mary says:

    Georgia and Ben: l guess you are OK with Bill Mahr calling Sarah Palin the “c” and “t” word. Mahr has give a lot of money to the Democrat party. I guess you are alright with Maxine Waters telling anyone the Tea Party (she used a vile name instead of Tea Party) to go to hell.. I guess you are OK with our President telling union workers to get in anyone’s face if they disagree with him. That’s called intimidation. Are OK with threats? The real haters are in the Democrat party – you need to pay attention. Rush is not a hater – you sound brainwashed.!

  12. Tim says:

    Stop with the stupid pre-season scrimmages pre-empting Rush! I listen in the car, and get stuck with some pointless exercise. You guys signed Limbaugh’s show up, and you owe it to fans to play as much as possible of it.

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