JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) –  Republicans in the Missouri Senate continued to block legislation Wednesday that would allow the state receive federal money to extend some unemployment benefits.

The legislation must be approved this week for Missouri to receive funding to pay extended benefits to people out of work for more than 79 weeks.

Legislation passed last year to continue extended unemployment benefits expires on Thursday.

Senators considered the legislation Tuesday and again Wednesday but have not come to a vote.

Sens. Jim Lembke and Rob Schaaf, who are leading opposition to the bill, said they’re concerned that accepting the money would increase the federal debt.

Schaaf said Missouri should reject the funding to send a message that the federal government should spend less money.

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  1. Randy Throop says:

    Create more jobs in Missouri & extended unemployment benefits would not be an issue. I’ve only worked 4 months out of the last 27.& no unemployment benefits since June. I’ve lost 2 vehicles to repossesion this past year, a Major creditor just seized my bank account today & took every dime we had in our savings account that was to be used to make a house payment that would have kept my home from going into foreclosue for at least another month. Now on the 19th of March or soon thereafter, we may be homless……….& broke. I wish the Republicans would make an effort to create jobs instead of trying to just make a point.

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