CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX) – A St. Louis County jury is recommending a prison sentence of  life without parole for a University City native convicted of killing a University City police sergeant.

After more than eight hours of deliberation on Friday and one hour on Saturday, the foreman announced the jury’s decision in the Todd Shepard case.   

Prosecutor Bob McCulloch reacted afterward, “Todd Shepard deserves to be executed for what he did. I’m terribly disappointed the jury didn’t return that verdict.”

The jury found the 43-year-old Shepard guilty of first-degree murder on Thursday, in the October 2008 shooting death of Sergeant Michael King.

Shepard called prosecutor McCulloch a vile name as he was led in handcuffs from the courtroom, Saturday.

McCulloch says he prepared the victim’s family for the possibility that jurors might not recommend the death penalty for Shepard, “Once it goes to the jury we have no control, it’s entirely up to the jury. They understand that. They’re equally disappointed. They certainly think the defendant deserves death.”

Neither Shepard’s defense attorneys nor his family members were available for comment after the hearing.

Judge David Lee Vincent III set April 13th as the date for the formal sentencing hearing.

Shepard’s attorneys told the judge they may file a motion asking for a new trial.

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Comments (2)
  1. More of the same says:

    If any man deserved to die it was Shepard. The sad part is that is what he wanted to happen, that is the only rational behavior behind the stunts he pulled. It is clear to me, Sheard was building material for appeals on the basis of imcompettent counsel.

    The state will save a fortune in lega bills on appeals, regardless of the cost of incarcerating him forever. The key has to be that he is in the worst hell hole under the worst conditions Missouri can find. Make him kick his drug habit cold turkey, and eat spam for the next 5o years.

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