ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Just minutes ago, a Clayton jury suggested convicted murderer Todd Shepard be sentenced to life without parole for the 2008 murder of University City Police Sgt. Michael King.

The jury deliberated for about an hour this morning after eight hours of deliberation yesterday in coming to the decision of sparing Shepard’s life.

KMOX reports that Shepard lashed out at Prosecutor Bob McColloch as he left the courtroom, calling him a “punkass” and a homophobic slur.

Our previous story:

CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX) –  Against the advice of his attorneys, and his brother who yelled out, “Todd don’t do this”  convicted police officer murderer Todd Shepard testified during the penalty phase of his trial today.

KMOX’s Kevin Killeen reports that when Prosecutor Bob McCulloch asked Shepard if he had any regrets, Shepard said, “Only for the pain I caused the families.”  But when asked about the killing of University City Police Sgt. Michael King, Shepard answered in a loud and strident voice, “No, no, no, no regrets. It felt good.”

Earlier today, Shepard’s sister Sarah Henderson broke down on the witness stand as she asked the jury to spare Shepard’s life.

“I just ask that you don’t sentence him to death,” Henderson sobbed.

This morning Shepard lashed out at McCulloch cursing him in a loud voice as McCulloch pointed towards Shepard to make some point.

“Stop pointing at me you Mother F***!” Shepard said.

Psychiatrist Dr. Robert Phillis testified for the defence, arguing that Shepard is psychotic and his delusions of being a revolutionary lead him to kill Sgt. King on Halloween night in 2008.

Prosecutor McCulloch tried to make the point in cross-examination that a revolutionary can be zealous without being delusional.

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Comments (8)
  1. Chick Nezas says:

    This air thief should be burned at the stake. He should not be allowed one hour out of his cell for the rest of his miserable life. He should be kept in the darkest hole and fed bugs and urine. The light of day and fresh air is way too much to give an animal such as this. I fail to see why a jury would give him life instead of death. If he escapes, he should call them for a ride.

  2. george says:

    Too bad his mother did not have an abortion for this lower psuedo life form. You can’t call him an animal because it denigrates other animals. Perhaps some white supremist will cause justice to happen in prison

  3. Brian says:

    these animals have gotten out of control, the blacks all over are really and truely out of control and are quickly becoming the real threat to the security of the United States. hope they never let this slime see the light of day again, but something really wrong with the jury allowing it to live it should have been executed very slowly and painfully so he would see he got what he deserved.

    1. Amadaeious says:

      Brian you are a idiot, I believe that this guy is nuts too, but I DARE YOU BLAME ME FOR WAHT SOMEONE ELSE DID, and say that my race is a threat to humanity. Who in the world do you think you are, because I got news for you, you need as much help as this nut needs, in fact, i believe you need more for your irresponsible comments.?

  4. Charlie says:

    They need to treat criminals the way criminals need to be treated……only then will there be security for the public and less criminal activity on our streets. Rehabilitation only works for those who truly want it and most criminals do not want it. Instead, they use it as an avenue to remain or gain their freedom to continue a criminal life.

  5. oldcol says:

    The contrast in the way this murder was handled is very telling. Had the situation been reversed this would be tried as a “hate crime” and turned over to Federal Courts for trial. The NAACP would be rabid and the good race baiters would be out in force to stir up hate and discontent. The perfect storm to riot and loot, and lash out at the establishment.

    Absolutely no comments from the minority community decring this act of exteme racial hatred.

  6. okiepokie181 says:

    Charge him with violating Sgt. King’s civil rights under federal law and see if the Feds can get the death penalty!! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!!

  7. John Clifton says:

    It is obvious the criminal system has spoken, NOW IT IS TIME FOR THE “Civil Sysytem” to kick in. This sould cost the family as well ! On the federal level they have shown over the years to be wimpy on crime = NO REAL RECORSE THERE !

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