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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – The head of the national Humane Society says the battle over Prop B in the Missouri General Assembly is no longer just about dogs.

Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, says legislation dismantling voter-approved standards for dog kennels has turned into a fight for the democratic process.

“The initiative process is a constitutionally provided mechanism that’s being subverted before Proposition B has even taken effect,” says Pacelle.

Opponents of Prop B have argued it would harm legitimate breeders.  Pacelle says it would only impact larger facilities often known for harsh conditions, neglect and even cruelty.

The Missouri Senate is likely to take a final vote later this week on overturning the ballot measure that passed in November.

Pacelle tells KMOX, that’s why it may be up to the Governor to protect dogs.  “It may find its way to the Governor soon and we’re hoping Governor Nixon — who has always been a friend of dogs and been respectful of votes of the people — will veto this legislation.”

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Comments (13)
  1. Shelley says:

    Subverting is such a polite, clean term. I rather like “spitting on the voters of this state”.

    And for what? So that people can make a buck keeping dogs in miserable existence? Selling sick and defective puppies to little kids whose hearts are going to be broken when that puppy dies? To mislead consumers with visions of a small mom and pop breeder, when the reality is 100s of dogs in small wire cages?

    1. Jeff says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Politicians and farmers have distorted the facts. This is only about dogs. And the people have passed this. Dog breeders are shameless. Get a real job. Dogs ( thanks to people who don’t have the decency to spade or neuter ) are doing a good enough job reproducing. Animal shelters are the only place to get a dog. Breeder over populate what is already a problem, and then treat these dogs like a commodity. They were not put on this earth to make you money. GET A REAL JOB!! And quit throwing away dogs that don’t make you money away like trash. These creatures have more of a heart and soul than you all will ever no

      1. Jeff says:

        And that should be spelled know.

      2. Brandy says:

        Maybe you should do some more research. In the wording of the bill it says “pets” which in this case is meaning “any domestic animal.” So, this is not just about dogs.

  2. Terry Ward says:

    NEW Missouri Puppymill report..This is what Missouri is trying to hide. PLEASE PASS IT ON!

    Missouri breeders have made war on dogs, it’s time to make war with the breeders.

    Let them know the world is watching…

  3. RoninDallas says:

    I see the HSUS Lackies have already reported in.
    here’s the reality. HSUS is trying to systematically and methodically end all animal usage. Wayne has even Stated so himself. Of the Monies the HSUS has received to assist the animals in need, the majority of it has gone to paying salaries and Lobbying efforts. This is all matter of public record. HSUS dumped MILLIONS of those dollars to corrupt the system to get Prop B passed to begin with. HSUS is not based in MO. it’s a DC based org. the Ads and lobbying was intentionally directed at KC and St Louis knowing those areas had the greatest pull of voters. it’s not missed that the VAST majority of ( read that as nearly ALL) counties voted AGAINST this. of 114 counties, 111 voted against it.
    This law wasn’t designed to shut down abusive breeders, but to shut down ALL Breeders and all animal enterprises… BTW, how’s that RICO suit against HSUS coming along? What about the federal IRS investigation?
    For the record. I’m not a breeder, I’m a rescuer so I’ve seen first hand horrid conditions and also BS allegations of negligence.

  4. Missouri Voter says:

    Poor Wayne thought he crushed the legal puppy industry in Missouri and now the people who he didn’t manage to snow are fighting back and have the support of the more intelligent members of our legislature. Our govenor will be smart enough to realize that HSUS is trying to bankrupt and entire section of rural Missouri, and he will sign the new bill. After all, the revised bill removed the insulting language that did the job of passing the bogus Prop B, added funding that was lacking in Prop B, took away the criminal penalties that would land breeders in jail for very minor offenses, and added some stricter regulations designed to actually help the dogs, rather than destroy the dog breeders.

  5. Terry Ward says:

    The Mo Senate has insured their collective political future by stamping on the backs of dogs.
    And filled their political coffers with puppy Blood-Money.
    And consorted with anti-humane corporate lobbyists.

    MissouriVoter likes this.

  6. Barb York says:

    Whiney Wayne has had his way with voters for years and just doesn’t know how to lose. Well he better get use to it because the country is catching on to the lies of HSUS. Prop B did nothing but try to destroy a legitimate legal industry. There was no funding, no enforcement, no definition to Prop B. SB 113 addressed defintion, funding and enforcement which enabled Missouri to address illegal, unlicensed, and/or substandard facilites. And by the way–HSUS, HSMO, and their cohorts are outraged they will have to adhere to the same law as professional breeders. Why is that? If they are truly concerned about the welfare of dogs then all entities licensed by the state of Missouri Dept. of Agriculture should follow the laws that protect the dog. “A dog is a dog is a dog”, no matter who has the animal. Buck up and face the music instead pushing your agenda across the nation!

  7. Crewser says:

    Does anyone realize that this was a BALLOT INITIATIVE? The respectful Senators and Representatives of Missouri are having to clean up this mess called Prop B, because of the VERY POORLY written language within it. You can not have a law on the books to include criminal penalties, and have gray areas that are open to interpretation. H$MO spoke at a hearing and when asked specifically about what is the definition of ‘Nutritional Food’, her answer was: “Well, it’s just common sense.” Also when asked to define what a domesticated animal was, NO ONE could give a definitive answer. You can NOT have laws to be defined as COMMON SENSE and in gray areas, let alone prosecute with no precise definitions within this bill.

    For all the people that are crying the blues on this, face the reality, and look at this from a legal perspective. Don’t be upset with our Missouri Senate, as they are merely cleaning up a mess that should have been avoided all together if Robin Carnihan had done her job correctly and professionally.

    Thank you Missouri Senators and Representatives for doing your job and recognizing a poorly written bill such as Prop B.

    I only hope that Governor Nixon is watching the Governor of Nebraska! There is no common ground when you try to work with the H$U$, A$PCA or PETA. It’s their way or NO way. They are after Missouri’s agriculture and are trying to come in the Missouri doggie door! KICK THEM OUT!!

  8. Sara says:

    I work with animal rescue in Minnesota, and more often than not, when we get a group of dogs from a puppy mill, they come from Missouri. What is going on down there that we have to keep running down to clean the mess?

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