CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX) — The Sunset Hill Police officer whose wrong-way drunk driving crash cost the lives of four college students from India was sentenced to eight years in prison Thursday.

Judge Michael Jamieson handed down the sentence after relatives of the victims gave tearful testimony of how the deaths have ripped apart their families.

Dressed in bright Indian fashion and speaking through a translator the victims relatives called for a sentence that would set an example.   The St. Louis County Prosecutor’s office recommended a 20 year sentence.

Defense attorney Scott Rosenblum asked the judge to consider Christine Miller’s service as a police officer and grant a sentence on the lower end of the scale.

Miller wept as she turned to address the victims families and apologize for her actions.

“I have prayed for you every single day, I pray for God to ease your pain and suffering and for your forgiveness. And I pray that God also forgives me. I will continue to pray for your families the rest of my life,” Miller was then lend away.

Miller entered a blind guilty plea in December to four counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of second degree assault.

Miller was off-duty and had been drinking at a bar just before the crash in the early hours of March 21, 2009.

The prosecutor in the case had stated her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit, and that her purse contained a bar receipt for five “cosmopolitan” mixed drinks.

Reacting to the sentence, Prosecutor Bob McCulloch called the eight years Miller received “terribly innappropriate.”   McCulluch says a sentence of 15 years would have been more appropriate.

Family members of the victims also criticized the sentence.   The fiance of one woman who died told reporters afterward with his eyes swimming that he “couldn’t believe” Miller got “only eight years.”

The group Mothers Against Drunk Driving is also condemning the sentence as “sending the wrong message.”

Defense Attorney Scott Rosenblum was pleased with the outcome, saying it was a hard case for anyone to decide.


St. Louis County Prosecuting attorney Bob McCullough talks with KMOX’ Charlie Brennan about the 8-year sentence.

Christine Miller Faces Sentencing Today

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Comments (8)
  1. Ed Bryant says:

    I have a major problem with this sentence. How can we say the families of the victims and the community at large have received justice? Looking at this from the perspective of a citizen, it appears that a police officer received a special consideration, which would be (plan and simple) injustice.

  2. kdawg4339 says:

    I do not think that just becasue some lady that is a cop should get off with only 8 years, she took 4 peoples lives for ever she should not get hers back for her dumbness. this is just wrong.. now you see how the justice system reallys is..

  3. Rmorgan says:

    I am disgusted with this inappropriate sentence. Yes, she may have been a good officer but she broke the law and caused many, many people’s lives to NEVER be the same! I guarantee you that if I had been that irresponsible and killed 4 people with many years still ahead of them, I would be in jail for longer than 8 years!

  4. Rodeo_Joe says:

    No Justice – No Peace

    This is a permanent STAIN on that Police Dept & Justice Court.

    They have NO credibility left, whatsoever.

    No Justice – No Peace

  5. Rodeo_Joe says:

    And while we’re at it –

    Start a RECALL of Judge Michael Jamieson.

    Remove Judge Michael Jamieson from office.

    Write the Judicial Board protesting Judge Michael Jamieson

    Contact the Missouri Bar Association demanding Judge Michael Jamieson’s removal

    Don’t just shake your head. What if it was YOUR family?
    It may be – next time.

    Contact the Missouri Bar Association demanding Judge Michael Jamieson’s removal

    Don’t just shake your head.

    Start a BOYCOTT of Defense Attorney Scott Rosenblum.

  6. Kathy R. says:

    I agree – Remove Judge Michael Jamieson from office.

    He has proven he is a danger to our community, and totally incompetent.

    What’s the phone number for the Bar Association? I’ll call. Heck yeah!

  7. Steve F. says:

    I believe Judges have a very hard job,He gave the correct sentence he heard all that was offered at trial he gave his decision.Thats his job.He has the education and well deserved title of judge.Your peer pressure wont change him or his decisions because he is a judge.Thank goodness for that.If you think you can be a better judge go to school learn the job become a judge its about a 15 to 20 year process.First amendment Works for me have a nice day.

  8. Tucson Dui Attorney says:

    Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Thanks for supplying this information.

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