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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  Missouri once again finds itself ranked high on a national list that it would rather not be a part of.

“Missouri is the 11th deadliest state when it comes to red light running fatalities,” says David Kelly, president and executive director of NCSR, the National Coalition for Safer Roads.  “In 2009, 18 people were killed as a direct result of a red light runner.”

NCSR is launching a TV ad campaign featuring people who’ve lost loved ones in red light crashes.

The ad campaign, called “Portraits”, shares stories of individuals who were injured or killed in red light running collisions.

Each TV ad features someone talking about how their lives were forever changed by a red light runner, and also includes red light camera footage of crashes and near-misses in intersections.

“It is no longer okay for somebody else to put all of us at risk so that they can get someplace thirty seconds sooner,” Kelly insists.

Opponents criticize the presence of cameras at high-volume intersections as mere revenue generators, and question studies claiming they’ve saved more than 150 lives nation-wide over a 5-year period.

To find more information about the new public awareness campaign and view the TV ads, log onto or
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Comments (7)
  1. obeys the law says:

    A pure revenue enhancer for the owner of the red light cameras and the municipality that fee splits with them.

  2. Saving Lives says:

    Red light safety cameras are just another tool for law enforcement to use to enhance road safety, reduce collisions and ultimately save lives. Fines are only paid by people who break the law. They are no more of a money grab than dui checkpoints, safety belt and child car seat checks or any other proactive traffic safety measure.

  3. obeys the law says:

    How many of these other “traffic safety measures” split the fines with an outside vendors?

  4. NickNasti says:

    Good ol’ corporate Amuuuuuuurica

  5. Matt Hay says:

    Anyone else find it completly counter-intuitive that they are showing footage of their product, Red Light Scameras, not preventing the accidents? I think most people can immediately see that all these scameras do is monetize poor engineering and completely remove the incentive from MoDOT or the municipality to spend money to actually correct the designs flaws, or add additional safety features like countdown timers, all red intervals, extended yellows, etc. Why? Because studies have found that for each second a yellow is lengthened, not only do accidents drop, but so does the number of violators. This means less in the municipal coffers and less to the Private corporation that runs the systems and takes a cut of the proceeds from each paid invoice. These things are nothing more than a scam, which sacrifices the safety of us all ultimately because the intersection deficiencies are never addressed. Let’s get these systems banned, and force MoDOT and municipalities to make real, scientifically validated improvements. ~Matt Hay Co-Founder WrongOnRed

  6. Obeys the Law says:

    Well said Mat Hay.
    Might Saving Lives have an affiliation to the Red Light cameras?

  7. tom says:

    Would anyone be surprised to find that the camera vendors started and are driving this campaign?

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