Brian Kelly

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Blues owner Dave Checketts is putting the team up for sale. Checketts told a media conference call that he failed to reach an agreement with the team’s majority owner TowerBrook Capital Partners.

“There are differences in opinions and terms that we couldn’t live with, our new investors couldn’t live with and our old ones couldn’t live with,” Checketts said.

Responding to reports that a group assembled by minority owner Tom Stillman made a recent offer, Checketts reiterated that he has not received “a credible offer” for the team. Checketts says the franchise is in “good shape” and is not losing money, plus has cash and resources. He says both he and TowerBrook want to keep the team in St. Louis; he says that’s “not a question.” He reiterated that St. Louis is “absolutely” a viable hockey market.

LISTEN: Dave Checketts Hosts Conference Call

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  1. David says:

    The blues get a lot of my “disposable” income and time. Honestly, I’m not feeling the love. Ever since the strike ended I have supported the Blues and the NHL with my wallet and time. I am tired of being taken for a sucker. Best of luck to you all. I think a bigger investment in fly fishing would be a more rewarding and lucrative return on my hard earned dollars. There are several guides that will really appreciate my hockey money a lot more than the Blues and the NHL. I’ll reconsider investing time and money with the NHL and the Blues when I know there will be a team here to cheer. Until then, see you on the White River!

  2. Ed Golterman says:

    Had the city and others not delayed, and delayed, and delayed the restoration of Kiel Opera House. Checketts would not be in this mess. Not Fair. Her energy and her revenue would have helped. Not even open, the Opera House is delivering huge economic benefits, with more to come. Could she save the Sheraton City Center? Yes. did she help keep Peabody downtown? Yes. Can she help keep the Blues in town? Yes. If she were a parking garage?

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