ST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOX) — As a bill barring state courts from considering Sharia law inches closer to a vote in the Missouri house — local Islamic leaders are calling it another example of “islamophobia”.

The bill’s sponsor is quoted as saying Sharia law is spreading and could threaten Missouri, but Greater St. Louis Islamic Foundation spokeswoman Ghazala Hayat says that’s just part of the anti-islamic wave that’s going through the country.

“It will just perpetuate this kind of negative talks about Islam,” Hayat said.

Hayat says Muslim’s are proud of the United States Constitution, and are not spreading anything against it.

She says while the Quron encourages Muslim’s to ‘spread the word’ — it does not seek to impose Sharia law on anyone.

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Comments (4)
  1. Doug A Zimmerman says:

    It seems that everybody uses the race card. That is racist in itself. It is time to stop all racism! Any time any people other than the poor white man, that it is their best interest to get way. They use the race card. It is just a political sledgehammer that has lost it’s time.

    This is the United States from America, our judicial process is governed by the Constitution. As many flaws as it has, we have to use the rule of law. People cannot just come to our country, and take over our laws with their own

  2. King says:

    Why are you using a CAIR member as your source?

  3. rick says:

    islamophobia is a myth. it is used to supress the truth of the violent nature of islam

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