Brett Blume

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) –  As the world holds its collective breath over a potential meltdown in Japan, Governor Jay Nixon isn’t ready to abandon Missouri’s dependence on nuclear power to generate electricity.

“I mean, no one knows the full extent of the damage (at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi plant) yet, and obviously we’re still in an analysis and recovery phase,” Nixon replied when KMOX News asked him about it during the Governor’s stop in St. Louis Wednesday.

“Every technology carries with it a degree of risk.”

Governor Nixon announced last fall that he had reached an agreement with key energy companies across the state to begin the process of constructing a second nuclear power plant in Missouri.

The state’s sole existing plant in Callaway County has been generating electricity for nearly three decades.

Nixon said there are some fundamental differences between Japan and the Midwest…namely geography.

“The siting we have at Callaway is a much different site than would be near an ocean or in close proximity to a fault line, the way the Japanese are,” he explained.

He believes “scientists and engineers” will eventually use information from the damaged Japanese facility to better quake-proof future power plants, like the second reactor being built in Callaway County.

Nixon calls nuclear power an important source of energy for Missouri, the country and the world.

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