Jordan Shapiro

JEFFERSON CITY MDN/KMOX) – The Highway Patrol would be forced to check the citizenship status of sexual offenders under a bill given first-round approval by Missouri’s House.

The bill sponsored by Rep. Mark Parkinson, R-St. Charles, requires the Highway Patrol to check citizenship status for people on the official sexual offender registry. Under the bill, if the sexual offender is determined to be an illegal immigrant then the Highway Patrol must turn them over to the federal government to begin a deportation process.

Currently, there is no statute in place requiring the state police to check the citizenship status of a sexual offender.

“We are telling the Highway Patrol how to do their job,” Parkinson said.

Opponents said the bill is redundant.

Rep. Jean Peters-Baker, D-Kansas City, a former prosecutor, said local law enforcement agencies in Kansas City already determine citizenship status for sexual offenders on the official registry.

“This bill doesn’t change anything,” Rep. Jeanette Oxford, D-St. Louis City, said.

Minority Whip Rep. Mike Colona, D-St.Louis City, also criticized Republicans for making this bill a priority.

“All this bill is doing is driving home that theme this session that we don’t care about creating jobs, raising money, or saving money,” Colona said.

Supporters said a vote against the bill would send the wrong message that the legislature does not care about sex crimes. Parkinson’s bill does not have a cost attached.

The bill needs one more vote of approval in the House before moving to the Senate.

Comments (4)
  1. o06rxb9ob says:

    It costs tens of millions to implement these laws which do absolutely NOTHING to protect children. But, teachers are being laid off and bridges are not getting fixed. But, it feels good to have laws that do nothing.

  2. joe mama says:

    why not deport every single one of the lawbreakers?why just sex offenders.old sick everyone is doing without yet these lawbreakers get a 100% free ride.

  3. yellowroselady says:

    There are over 12,000 registered sex offenders in the state of Missouri. One would think in the process of charging someone with the crime their citizenship should be verified but, some want to appear “tough on crime” and law enforcement is already overwhelmed with verifiying residence, which does nothing either to deter sex crimes. Why not get rid of the rediculous sexual crimes on the registry like urinating in public, sexting, Romeo & Juliet relationships, streaking, prostitution, etc and focus on the Level 3 violent sexual offenders and stop trying to make a name for yourself.

  4. ltm says:

    The only folks who truly benefit from sex offender laws are politicians who seem to have only their interests at heart, not children or sex offenders who committed minor sex offense behavior.

    The modern politician is definitely in it for himself. Power and money are great motivators for these people. Maybe we should inact a bill to monitor politicians whlle they are in office. We need to know who they dine with, who they bank with, everything about their finanaces, if they are gay, what religious affiliation they have and most of all if they say their prayers at night.

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