Alex Degman

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) — Last month’s blizzard set snowfall records in counties across Illinois, but it set more records than just snowfall totals. More counties will receive storm-related federal aid than ever before.

Illinois Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Patti Thompson says local governments in 60 counties are eligible for reimbursement of storm related costs from the federal government. All 60 are eligible for 75 percent of cleanup costs related to staff overtime, debris removal, repairing damage to government buildings, etc.

Local governments in 34 counties will also be eligible for 75 percent of their snow removal costs over a 48 hour period.

Nine counties will receive that reimbursement rate for 72 hours worth of snow removal.

“A lot of local governments spent a lot of their budget dealing with this snowstorm,” says Thompson. “So this assistance will help them better recover from this historic storm.”

Roughly a dozen meetings will be set up around the state, starting later this week, to offer help to local government officials as they prepare their applications to the federal government. Thompson says it usually takes two to three months to receive full reimbursement, but it could take a bit longer this time.

“With having 60 counties involved, we anticipate there could be anywhere from 1700 to 2000 or more applicants,” she says.

The Federal and Illinois Emergency Management Agencies concluded those 60 counties amassed a total of $64 million in reimbursable expenses.

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