ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – It appears the International Association of Firefighters Local 73 likes what they are hearing from St. Louis Comptroller Darlene Green. 

In a statement Tuesday morning Jeff Glorioso, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 73 said the union appreciates Greens efforts to avoid the layoff of 30 Firefighters.

Glorioso said the membership applauds her strength and integrity to stand up to those that would jeopardize public safety purely out of spite. 

That a 48 hour unpaid furlough, in addition to the $1,600 in annual shift differential pay that firefighters already lost last year would be painful. 

Glorioso said however,  if this is something that is part of a comprehensive contract that provides for the security of our members, our membership would seriously consider Comptroller Green’s proposal and the union looks forward to seeing her official proposal.

In a direct slam against city hall, Glorioso said the heavy-handed and aggressive attacks on Firefighters made by the Slay administration will only result in failure.

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  1. King says:

    Look at that picture and then answer who is really being heavy handed. Taxpayers need to step up on this while they can.

  2. troy says:

    while i support the firemen i really don’t think they have figured out yet that a majority of america has become anti-union & is unemployed, frustrated and taking huge cuts themselves.
    although america loves thier first responders they don’t love the idea of first responders having decent pensions or benefits anymore, maybe because misery loves company?
    despite my personal desire to see muncipal cuts, one thing that really does concern me is the fact that the city firemen in particular won’t recieve social security when they retire & the city does not provide health insurance to them either when they retire (unlike most county depts, and the city PD who get health insurance)
    the question remains as the city is about the lowest paid dept in the region after we continue to strip city firemen of more & more pay & retirement security, is it fair to leave those who came on the job with a certain understanding that they will take a beating physically and get a certain defined benefit with barely anything to survive on after they hang up thier helmet?
    i think probably not, maybe we should look at other ways to cut manpower or research management spending by city elected leaders or reduce benefits to thier patronage employee (non-merit civil service employees)

  3. city resident says:

    Here’s a novel idea nobody in the media or city hall seem eager to talk about, instead of layoffs or furloughs why don’t the city just demote about 5 battalion chiefs, and about a dozen captains that they just promoted in the past 8 months?
    we definately need responders but lets keep the cheap rank and file personnel who have lower salaries and get less pension.

    1. Fireman says:

      Obviously you do not understand the chain of command and span of control. Spam of control states that one supervisor can effectively manage 5-7 people but ideally in an emergent situation that number is 3-5 people. St. Louis City fire trucks are manned with four people which puts them in that span of control. They have captains and B/C’s for safety and accountability. Without accountability firefighters can get hurt, lost or killed. So now that you have been informed do you still agree.

  4. city resident too says:

    to fireman, i believe i agree to the span of control theory, but what about the 26 people retiring and the 20 unfilled vacancies thats 46 positions eliminated from the FD’s manpower even if the 30 layoffs are prevented, if your theory holds true with 46 jobs gone via attrition at a 5-7 employee per supervisor ration equals to 7-9 captains not needed, and maybe 2 bat chiefs. . . preferably a HQ admin type.

  5. lets just cut pay for the bosses says:

    has anybody else noticed that the most vocal opponents to the 48hr furloughs are the captains & chiefs while the regular firefighters are willing to take the financial hit to save the guys on the chopping block, i agree with the earlier span of control post, but couldn’t see why we just dont cut the salaries of the captains and above by 20percent?

    1. City Fire says:

      Are you aware that city firemen (captains and chiefs included) already make a substantial sum less than those of equal training/responsibility on St. Louis County departments? The City has already reduced salary AND taken away MANY days off, captains and chiefs included! Fact is, the City is pi**ed off at the fire department over pensions (long standing battle that the city illegally de-funded some years ago and was made via the courts to reimburse) and the residency bill…there are other places the city could save money without a personal vendetta against a single department. 28 aldermen making more than $40,000.00 a year each for a P/T position is one place that can be cut, unnecessary use of funds is another (painting fire hydrants, brick laying in crosswalks, just to name a couple) Oh, by the way, that $40,000.00 a year is more than a starting police officer, firefighter, EMT or paramedic makes for the City!

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