ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  A terminally ill thirteen month old Canadian baby remains at Cardinal Glennon Medical Center following surgery earlier this week to place him on a permanent breathing machine.  

Baby Joseph is likely to be in the pediatric intensive care unit at Cardinal Glennon for the next seven to ten days, which is typical for children who have received a tracheotomy.

He is listed in serious but stable condition. 

This case grabbed international attention after his parents went against his Canadian doctors plan and a court ruling to remove him from life support.

Baby Joseph suffers from a genetic condition known as Leigh Syndrome, which is a progressive neurologic disease without a cure.

Doctors at Cardinal Glennon agreed to give Baby Joseph a tracheotomy to extend his lifespan, so he would be able to return to his Ontario home with his parents to spend their final months together.

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Comments (4)
  1. Melissa - Canada says:

    My understanding is that Joseph M. will remain at Cardinal Glennon Medical Center for the week and then be transferred to Ranken Jordan for at least 10 days before any possible return to Windsor..

    If Joseph returns to his home in Ontario will Priests for Life assume responsibility and pay for the 24/7 professional care he requires in the next months?

    Tracheotomies cause high risk infections and other complications. Joseph’s sister was admitted to hospital ICUs at least 6 times in her 6 months “at home”. Zina died in an Ontario ICU. Will Cardinal Glennon readmit Joseph to their ICU when inevitable infections occur? Do they expect other doctors and hospitals in Canada or the United States to move other ill babies lower on their ICU lists and pay the $5000 a day costs for Joseph’s ICU care?

    This is not a fairy tale. Its a tragedy.

  2. Dave Canada says:

    I’m no Christian, but how dare you try to know the will of god. “Leaving in god’s hand’s”, according to you, is the elaborate surgical intervention of installing a tracheotomy in what is essentially a corpse on the tax payer’s bill.

    What a moron

  3. Dave Canada says:

    Another abuse of a child at the hands of THE CHURCH. When will they learn? We say Islam lives in the the middle ages, open your eyes.

  4. Ewa says:

    If function could be prolonged indefinately even when the brain is not functioning is God’s will………….wait this could be a horror movie.

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