Go see the new photo of the late Elizabeth Tyalor at Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood. However, unless you’re getting a tour from management, only ladies can see it since it is in their restroom. Charlie and Mike talk about Liz and much more.

Proposition B, the puppy mill cruelty prevention act that was passed by Missouri voters. Should the proposition be upheld or overturned? Missouri State Representative Ed Schieffer (D-Lincoln County) and Humane Society State Director join Charlie and take calls on the issue.

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  1. Linda says:

    I live in a rural community. Everyone was scared by the Ag Industries lies to vote it down that they would never be able to eat meat again. People were horrified. Actually Prop B when it was filed the title clearly stated Puppy MIll Cruelty Prevention and that guaranteed Missourians under the Constitution that it cannot include any other species only dogs! I educated myself, went to the Ag hearings underwhich breeders fall, conducted by representatives who are members of these Ag businesses. Could they be biased, get money from these organizations? Well after listening to the Ag Dept investigators showing horrendous conditions and telling these representatives that some breeders were performing surgeries such as C-sections, hernia repairs etc, these reps stated, “well we need jobs.” Read both bills. Educate yourself. I did. Because of 50 years of the Ag Industry not doing humane treatment of dogs, we now have the Better Business Bureau telling US not to buy from Missouri. Face the fact. There are more bad breeders out there than good breeders. Prop B is the better bill. SB113 takes us back to the dark ages again, where breeder dogs are doomed to death. Rescues and shelters will have to pick up the tab for the debacle of this crooked industry!

    1. Anne Robertson says:

      Linda, thank you so much for your commendable efforts to get the facts and make your own decision based on the truth and not on fear-mongering and the self-serving statements of those who profit from puppy mills. Our representatives have done all of us a disservice by promoting untruths in order to justify their transparently unethical and immoral support of an industry which should and does bring disgrace on those of us who call Missouri home. I wish everyone would do as you have done and look past the lies (which are not all that hard to figure out since the lack of logic behind them are pretty clear) and help bring much needed relief to helpless animals and some pride back to the “Show-Me State”. You are a bright spot in my day, you give me hope for Missouri. You, as a member of the Agricultural community have already taken a huge step forward in challenging others to see the lies behind these bills which actually are using all of us from inside and outside the ag community to benefit an industry based on needless pain and suffering. I have been alarmed, however, reading the Cattleman’s Association web site to see that people looking to them for honest information are instead being fed lies. No one wants to destroy the farming industry, we just want those profitting from illegal and inhumane neglect of dogs and puppies to stop. I join you in urging Missourians to take an honest, logical look at the questionable facts being presented to us by equally questionable legislators.

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