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HAZELWOOD, Mo. (KMOX/AP) – The city of Hazelwood says they do support the Girl Scouts but not when they are violating the home occupancy code.

They’d been warned, but the city says the Girl Scouts Abigail and Caitlin Mills continued to sell Girl Scout cookies from a stand in front of their home. A neighbor complained anonymously because of all the people and the traffic and the dogs barking at all the people and the traffic.

“Based on this complaint, the city of Hazelwood had to take action,” says spokesman Tim Davidson. He says it is also against city code to sell products from home.

And while he has heard some complaints from residents that Hazelwood is being too harsh on the teens, Davidson says others have pointed out that one tenet of the Girl Scouts is good citizenship.

“The fact that we did have this code in place, it’s the responsibility of every good citizen to respect the laws that we have,” said Davidson.

But the girls’ mother, Carolyn Mills, is vowing to let them keep selling their cookies, until they reach their goal of 2,000 purchases.

She says the cookie stand is equally important as a learning opportunity. “This is teaching leadership, communication, entrepreneurship,” Mills explains. “They’re getting to know the value of money, and how to keep people from ripping you off.”

Mills says the cookie stand has been a six year tradition, that started by chance. “We were parked in the driveway, counting the cookies in the back of the van, when suddenly a car pulled up and the driver asked if we had any extras,” explained Mills. “And then another car pulled up. And another.”


The battle of the cookies is over in Hazelwood.

Wednesday the Rev. George Hutchings bought the last 36 boxes. Hutchings took some boxes and told the mother and daughters to give the rest to neighbors.

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  1. Rob Billeaud says:

    Yet another example of bureaucracy run amok.

    1. Greg Zotta says:

      “We don’t want to give the impression we’re cracking down on Girl Scouts selling their cookies,” Davidson said. Yeah right. Hazelwood sent a notice to cease cookie sales from a stand set up in the girl’s driveway. Davidson continued, “We want people to realize the city of Hazelwood strongly supports the Girl Scouts of America and the ideals it stands for.” The city sent Mills, the girl scouts mother, an infraction notice after a neighbor complained to the city that the cookie booth had caused excessive dog barking and unusually high traffic volume on the street. Sounds like this neighbor was complaining about excessive dog barking, not the sales of Girl Scout cookies? I believe there are ordinances about dog barking, so what if anything did the inspector do about that? What if the kids were playing, which may cause the dogs to bark, would they then be prevented from playing? Dog barking can be a nuisance and the owners of the dogs should be responsible neighbors and keep the dogs quiet. Nevertheless, I wonder what would have been done if the kids were selling crack instead of cookies? Hey Statists, leave the kid’s cookie stands and lemonade stands alone.

    2. denny kitch says:

      Oh for crying out loud! We were kids once! Doesn’t the world have bigger problems???? Let the girls sell their cookiies!!!!!

    3. Don Milton says:

      For the love of Pete! Stopping the sale of Girl Scout cookies? That’s outrageous.
      They can’t stop the selling of drugs in the community, but wait, cookies?What’s next Avon? Mary Kay? Amway? What a bunch of humbugs.

  2. Michael says:

    I agree with the law, i’d be irritated if I was just trying to get home after a long day at work and my driveway is blocked by a line of traffic to buy cookies, it’s no different than a wild party on the weekends. Can’t they just go somewhere else like a Wal-Mart parking lot with alot more people and manageable traffic flow?

    1. texashorseman says:

      It’s all about you right Michael?

      1. Michael says:

        Well apparently it’s all about this mother and the girls if they think they own the neighborhood

      2. voluntaryist says:

        No, they think they own their driveway. It’s the cowardly anonymous crybaby who complained to gov thugs that violated their private property and freedom to engage in commerce.

      3. jnsesq says:

        Sorry, Michael, it IS all about you. Poor, tired, overworked thing…

      4. jimkress999 says:


        What a stupid reply. Where does it state the mother and girls “claim to own the neighborhood”? For Heaven’s sake, they’ve been doing this for 6 YEARS.

        It’s intolerant, busybody wackos like you who start wars. If you are the “affected”, cowardly neighbor, then man-up and go talk to the girls. Otherwise, just go away and put yourself out of our misery.

      5. RON says:

        Michael, what’s wrong? They don’t accept food stamps?

    2. Sam says:

      Who said anyone’s driveway was blocked?

      Neighbors who complain anonymously about their neighbors to the authorities lose the right to call themselves neighbors. What true neighbors do when someone who lives near them is doing something they don’t like is go talk to the person individually and ask them to modify their behavior because of the problems it’s causing.

      1. Yirmin Snipe says:

        Having lived by neighbors from hell, I can assure you that the best way to deal with them is through anonymous complaints. Direct contact with an idiot only makes matters worse.

        The fact that the mom and her kids think they are actually accomplishing something by selling a box of cookies for $5 so that the little troop can keep $0.35 with the rest going to the manufacturer and the head office clearly is an idiot. The troop could make more money going to a Sams or Costco, buying candy bars and selling them for a dollar a bar.

        Maybe that is the reason women in this country make less than men in the workplace, organizations like the Girl Scouts begin using them at a young age as underpaid workers and they just continue that trend throughout their life.

      2. JB says:

        I’m a GS dad and have volunteered at many a booth and will say this, you are incorrect on every point you make. I’m not being mean, just pointing out you are wrong. Please do some more research before you just give your opinion.

      3. DJH says:

        It would appear as if the idiot has identified themselves – got a mirror?

      4. nancyo says:

        judging from the mom’s comment in the article, she doesn’t seem like the type to want to work this out

      5. Pip says:

        Really….? When your neighbor stabs you in the back….? Only the loser crybabies who don’t want to face up to her would make that statement. She has a right to face her accuser, maybe the accuser should contact her Senator, Democrat Clair McCaskill to straighten it out, (after she pays her personal property taxes of over $280K she forgot).

      6. Tom D says:


        Ideally, you are correct. The reality though, is that, in far too many instances, the offending neighbors either escalate the offending behavior or respond with violence or vandalism resulting in a feud. As a former law enforcement officer, I’ve responded to many such situations.

        In this day & age where people shield themselves behind computers or in their cars thus losing real face to face interpersonal skills, I would imagine the situation has grown significantly worse.

        Dealing with bad neighbors without painting a target on your back with them, their friends & family is a frustrating situation that often requires a great deal of tact & diplomacy (skills that many folks lack) & in some cases just notifying the authorities.



      7. Bubba says:

        Thanks for your thoughts supported by experience.

      8. Skep41 says:

        You would think simple common sense like this would be obvious.

      9. Oberon123 says:

        Forget the issue of blocked driveways. The city’s LAW says that you cannot sell form your home. Did you miss that part of the article? True neighbors in this day and age know enough not to confront anybody directly, for fear of being shot. As this woman has already said that she didn’t care about the law and would let her children continue to sell their dam*ed cookies, she’s not somebody I even dream of confronting personally.

      10. JoeIndustry says:

        The article said that there can be no business selling from home. Does this mean Avon & Amway are illegal businesses?

      11. Medbob says:

        I don’t remember who said it first but, “The law is an ass.” Sounds like a nasty law created by nasty people. This law should be targeted by the citizens of that city, and removed. What about Stanley Home Products? Amway? Shaklee?
        The inability to “sell from your home” sounds like the draconian hand of the parasite class.
        Get a job!

    3. kit says:

      Your an idiot Michael!!!

    4. thedoctor2001 says:

      I really want you for a neighbor, pal. The first time your grass was an inch to long, I’d drop a dime on you so fast…

    5. Eric says:

      When something so traditional and American becomes a nuisance to impossible to deal with that we must use laws that were not intended for this use, we have lost our common sense and have become narcissistic.

      1. jnsesq says:

        And all those American traditions can be so annoying! Kinda like that pesky old Constitution, eh, libs?

      2. newt2012 says:

        sad but true…Clinton/Obama America

    6. Old and In the way says:

      Oh, so no parties are allowed either? What about Thanksgiving? can my out-of-state relatives not visit?
      Next time, think before typing, Michael.

    7. MarineDad says:

      Oh, please! “…it’s no different than wild party…”?

    8. don says:

      What have we become when we want to prohibit selling girl scout cookies. If you can;t handle it get help for your inflexibilty including moving somewhere else

    9. ExSophus says:


      I’d bet that if this DID happen at Wal-Mart, you’d be the first to complain they were disrupting traffic flow, and if you tripped and hurt yourself while walking within 50 feet of theirstand you’d try to sue Wal-Mart.

    10. Bostonblackie says:

      poor baby yu have to slow down in a residential area so the little girls who are tryin to learn and make money for a trip or camp have to brave a lot more traffic and sometime unsafe surroundings whatever happened to do it for the kids ,,you sir are an maroon and i mean that in the nicest sort of way

      1. Michael says:

        Seems to me everyone hear is getting out their bleeding hearts because it’s children and cookies

        10 to 1 though if I was out on the lawn and set up a Mexican taco stand you’d probably have a problem with it, and judging by some of the comments here, upset about brown people showing up on your streets!

      2. sharkman says:

        You are such a typical liberal dunce.

      3. matt says:

        How to determine who is losing…..

        Exhibit 1

        He who throws in the race card.

      4. darth says:

        by using the term “Mexican taco stand” I suggest that you are the one who is racist. Is a “Mexicvan taco stand” different than some other taco stand.” The girl scout stand is up at most a few weeks. Get over it or get out.

      5. Frankm says:

        Michael, its just like a lib to throw out the race card when confronted. quit hiding behind race. you probably are the “anonymous neighbor”.

      6. Michael says:

        I’m not the one who used an issue of neighborly dispute to rant about illegal immigrants and liberals in society, who has the anxiety issues here?

    11. Bostonblackie says:

      you are infering that someones driveway was blocked and the little girls were doin lap dances in the yard i am glad you dont live around here being the uber neighbor you are , you probably are the type of person that throws the type of parties that you complain about

    12. texrus says:

      Michael is a sad example of a child left behind, or dropped on his head at birth.

    13. Shawn For Liberty says:

      “The fact that we did have this code in place, it’s the responsibility of every good citizen to respect the laws that we have,” said Davidson.

      Uh… No. No it’s not. It’s the responsibility of every good citizen to call out stupid regulations passed by part time bureaucrats for arbitrary reasons. It’s the responsibility of every good citizen to exercise Civil Disobedience when laws are unjust, unconstitutional, and antithetical to the core values of this nation.

      And Michael, girl scouts selling cookies on their driveway are “no different than a wild party on the weekend?” Really? Reaaaaaly? Dude, you’ll pardon me if I skip “wild parties” at your house. The Oprah channel is having a “cleanse your spirit” marathon and I just can’t miss it.

    14. Girl Scout Supporter says:

      For loss of a better word. You’re a “Tool.” Must be difficult to wake up in the morning everyday and have to look in the mirror and realize you’re a bane to society by agreeing with this asinine law.

    15. Jaime says:

      What an idiot! Why don’t you buy your own island and take with you all the bureaucrats you require for the defense of your preferences. Maybe when the Girl Scouts are not around they would not allow you to pollute the air with your breathing.

    16. sjglaser says:

      … Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me!!!!!

      Oh Michael…. BTW me me me me me me me me me me me me me…..

    17. randy says:

      You are sick!!!
      And, obviously you have never really felt “american” in your heart.

  3. Paul B. says:

    This nation is losing its soul.

    1. Dan says:

      Losing? It was lost a LONG time ago

      1. John says:

        Indeed, totally lost and thank the righteous, saving-America-from-itself Draconian liberals for same.

        Welcome to the New America.

    2. Mike J. says:

      No no, let’s distinguish – the bureaucrats (and their supporters) are trying to suck the soul out of honest, hard-working Americans and their children.

      Ironically, they’ll criticize us for being intolerant of immigrants while immigrants are the ones most excluded from their monolithic bureaucracy which crushes little enterprises like this.

      1. Paul says:

        This comment is so completely true – go to traffic court in CA – they have a special break-out session for the “non-english” speakers with a translator. Each one is guilty of the same offense: driving w/o a license. Each one agrees to pay the fine and move on. Do you think they’re illegeals. Oh and by the way, the rest of the citizens had to wait until they were finished with their translator.

      2. Lee says:

        I agree. That seems to be a pinhead interpretation of a pinhead law!

      3. Lupus Yonderboy says:

        The neighbor is obviously a HOA leftist communist.

        Which is why, the Scouts teamed up with the reverend, and, delivered a special/limited edition of the peanut butter cookies. I understand that there will be “no more carp (sic) from the neighbors”.

      4. Chris Savard says:

        I nominate this city as PUTZ”S of the month,,The busy body neighbor bummer we all know one. it’s the girls scouts,I agree nasty behavior picking on kids in one of there first lessons in the Free-market.. throw the dogs a bone, traffic? were they on there lawn or the freeway?….

    3. Jeff O. says:

      The anonymouse caller needs to get a life!

      1. Ray says:

        To arrest someone on an anonymous complaint is unconstitutional since one has the right to question their accuser, The the city and their prosecutor to shove it where the sun don’t shine, Nazi SOB’s

      2. Sadie says:

        anonymouse-RAT neighbor is more like it. LOL

      3. Josh says:

        Ray has completely NAILED it!! I didn’t even think of that, but it’s 100% TRUE! Where would the USA be today if this were the attitude in the 1800s? HINT? A lot like where our White House is trying to take us!

      4. Bart998 says:

        RAY completely FAILED it! The anonymous caller isn’t the acuser, police or code enforcement officer is. The caller just got them to go and see for themselves. The law is rediculous. What’s next, lemonade stands? But the officer have to enforce the law in regard to the complaint. What if YOU complained about something that was illegal and the police refused to enforce the law> People of Hazelwood, change the law.

      5. student1776 says:

        These town officials including the police chief should be voted out of office and sanity restored.

    4. Kevin says:

      Stop complaining you nanny-state loving sheep. You feminized fools love an overpowering government and you know it….

      1. chief says:

        Welcome to the Reservation. Hazelwood: laughing stock of Amerika.

    5. Mad Hacker says:

      And the little red caboose of the sanity train has chug, chug, chugged round the bend. ;(

    6. Stephen Cooper says:

      Way too much government at far too many levels at a staggering direct and indirect cost. Its way past time for massive layoffs if this is how our government spends its time.

    7. Billy Bass says:

      Draw up a contract and have to cookie buyers and the girls sigh it. Aritcle I clause 10 “No state shall interver with oblilagation fo contracts.

      1. MaryB says:

        Billy Bass – “Draw up a contract and have to cookie buyers and the girls sigh it. Aritcle I clause 10 “No state shall interver with oblilagation fo contracts.”

        Write back when you are sober.

      2. Wesley Gray says:

        They have property law rights protecting them. They were on their own property.

    8. Lamarr says:

      It happens because we are passive in the face of it.

      Quit whining. Spend a lot more time demonstrating to your elected officials what you want and that you’re watching them carefully.

      Raise your voices in a public forum–not on a comment page–against the trends and events that the dark side is perpetrating.

      Don’t Let Them Win.

    9. The Paul. says:

      Too many unionized over paid city employees micro managing the neighborhood since they don’t have real jobs, that would be against union rules……..

      1. PopDigify says:

        Requiring identification of the complainant and advising HER that she would be identified would have ended it.

      2. mish says:

        Your message has been read by more people than you can reach with speaking in public

    10. Jay says:

      This is a good opportunity for the girls to learn the reality of inconsiderate, selfish neighbors that have nothing to do all day except complain. Keep selling the cookies !

      1. PowerPC says:

        No…Too many nosey neighbors. I hate nosey neighbors and I hope this caller gets some sort of payback. Anybody that feels that they need to call the police or city on some girl scouts did it out of spite. Many police states rely on citizens calling in to report their law breaking neighbors. Worked well in Europe in the 30’s and 40’s.

    11. CookieMonster says:

      TERRORISMMMMM!!!!!!! Why doesn’t anyone think of the children???

    12. Frank says:

      These girls should get an old ice cream truck, then drive up and down the block 8 hours a day playing “turkey in the straw” and selling cookies from the truck. No wonder the real estate market is Hazelwood, MO started collapsing years before the housing crash.

      1. florrie says:

        “These girls should get an old ice cream truck, then drive up and down the block 8 hours a day playing “turkey in the straw” and selling cookies from the truck. No wonder the real estate market is Hazelwood, MO started collapsing years before the housing crash.”

        This is the best comment I’ve read all day!

      2. tomSeattle says:

        My ice cream guy played the entertainer every now and then

    13. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      Too much government.

    14. KMG says:

      Who would ever want to live there?

      1. chief says:

        I did not choose Hazelwood, they annexed me.

    15. Dee E. says:

      So we can build a mosque where the same religion killed 3000 people but dont let the girl scouts sell cookies on their own front lawn………yeeeeah

    16. edwardallen says:

      Why was there no prosecution of this. It is a clear violation of the law, no matter if children are involved, and it sends the wrong message for children to get away with crimes without punishment. I want to see the police to follow the law to its letter, and file charges in this case. No one should get away with crimes scott-free.

      1. Joseph Anthony Fetz says:

        Other than the fact that this “law” is a statute created by the local government, what exactly is the crime in this matter?.

        I see no crime, as this is merely the act of one party who owns private property agreeing to exchange such property with another party within a particular geographical area. If the act of exchanging private property to another party is a crime (no matter what the geography), then what definition constitutes a non-crime?

        Further, zoning laws infringe upon property rights preeminently, as it is the right of every individual to be free to exercise his right of property and exchange, so long as such exercise does not infringe upon the rights and/or property of others. Zoning laws dictate what one can or cannot do with their property. If this is the case, then one cannot be said to actually own ANY property, rather it can only be said that one is merely a fief, that is granted “privileges” from the municipality and/or State, and that one pays tributes to such a municipality and/or State in exchange for the exercise of such limited “privileges” (which can be immediately taken away).

        Does this dynamic have any semblance to what is called freedom and/or rationality? Does any statute whatsoever passed by a municipal and/or State legislature automatically have plausibility in terms of logic. No, it is merely politicians legislating statutes to create crimes that would not have otherwise existed without such statutes. This is a case of a fantastical crime created out of the ether of bureaucracy. What you really should be asking is what is the rationality of such a statute, or that of zoning laws in general?

      2. seestraight says:

        you are a dumb f***

      3. irishman says:

        The problem is with the LAW, not the Girls Scouts. IIt is still a right in America to redress your governement and sometimes civil inrest against a silly civil law is the only way to get attentnion.

    17. Stephen G. says:

      That happened a very long time ago. I think it was in the early 60’s when they took God out of the public square.

    18. jARED says:

      Lol this nation never had one. It’s one big fantasy camp.

    19. Donald Trump says:

      Kenya show me a birth certificate?

    20. mfm123 says:

      Grinch that stole the Girl Scout cookies works overtime! Shame on that woman!!!

    21. Esteban Colberto says:

      “This nation is losing it’s soul.”

      1. James Brown is dead?
      2. Which came first, the nation, or the soul?
      3. At what point, was the nation most soulful? Civil War era? Trail of Tears era? One year in the 1940s when all the yuppies were born? The day Regan was elected?

    22. Crestfallenkev says:

      With all the crime in MO and especially in the ST Louis area, and this is what they focus on? Ridiculous

    23. xybernaught says:

      Obama personally ordered the cookie selling shut down because these girls were not union members!

    24. MRX says:

      Increasingly I no longer recognize the country of my birth. It is inconceivable that this would have occurred as I grew up. I am beginning to think about retiring abroad. I am finding America increasing oppressive..

      1. American says:

        Living abroad isn’t any better, same thing going on all over the world…haven’t you noticed? If you haven’t, you should start reading world news on the net.

    25. Teddy says:

      If you really want to shaft the busy-body neighbor, take up a collection to buy two dozen boxes of cookies, then have the girls post a sign for a “Girl Scout Cookie Give Away – One Free Cooke Per Car.” The ordinance prohibits “selling” but not “sharing” so the neighbor’s complaint now has no basis. Give him/her a cookie and suggest finding the good in the world instead of nit-picking.

  4. texashorseman says:

    Whay is it thereis always some do gooder that know best.

    1. shawn says:

      why can no one from Texas put together a sentence that doesn’t make them look stupid?

      1. Frank says:

        QUOTE: “put together a sentence”?

        Mighty fine command of the King’s english ya got there, pardner….

      2. Texan says:

        You don’t look too intelligent yourself—can’t even capitalize correctly.

      3. TomB says:

        Why is it that there is always someone who criticizes a post on its grammar and spelling rather than the merit of its content and thinks that is all that is necessary to win a debate?

      4. Jacquelyne says:

        Because they are idiots

      5. Mike in TX says:

        Since you brought it up, the W in ‘why’, at the beginning of your comment, should be uppercase. If you’re going to harp on some one else’s grammar, you should probably make sure yours is correct.

      6. Ben Dover says:

        Frank, that’s “pardna”.

        And unless you haven’t noticed, we don’t have a king.

      7. Funny Bone says:

        Ben, no king but a Messiah.

      8. porchhound says:

        It worked on your mother…son

      9. The MaD HaCkER says:

        Why is it that there is always someone who criticizes a post on its grammar and spelling rather than the merit of its content and thinks that is all that is necessary to win a debate?
        When you have facts, argue the facts. When you have laws, argue the law. When you have nothing criticize the post on its grammar and spelling. 😉

    2. MikeLI631 says:

      This law notwithstanding, the cookies SUCK this year !

      1. poorsinner says:

        The City of Hazelwood
        415 Elm Grove Lane
        Hazelwood, Missouri 63042
        (314) 839-3700

        I called this morning and the city clerk tried to argue that it’s against the law to sell ANY COMMODITY from your home.

        You can sell it on the street, at your church, in a business or on the corner,

        JUST not from your home.

        Communist city government at it’s finest. Whatever you do, don’t try to sell Girl Scout Cookies, puppies, or homegrown veggies from your house…

        That’s against the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Judy Tavis says:

        They are all nuts!!!! Live an let live!!!!

      3. poorsinner says:

        Here’s the number for the Economic Developer for the City of Hazelwood.

        David Cox, at (314) 513-5018 or (314) 607-9754 cell.

        Hazelwood: Open for Business

        Officials for the city of Hazelwood have a vast amount of experience dealing with industries and helping grow all types of businesses. We’re ready, willing, and most importantly, able to support companies both large and small. When we say that we’re business-friendly, we mean it.


      4. Walter J. Biggles says:

        Beg pardon, but the Thin Mints are as good as ever…What sucks is the city of Hazelwood. Laws that suck need to be changed. These are Girl Scouts, for Christ’s sake, not crack heads.

        If I could find out which neighbor ratted the kids out, I would take a dump on her front porch every morning, starting tomorrow, and garnish it with a Girl Scout cookie.

      5. mitchell says:

        They are not selling products assumes a profit, this is a charity act where the money goes to the non profit GSA and they get nothing.

        So lets round it up, Sell cookies from,
        home – zoning violation
        corner – need a business permit
        school – againt the school rules
        church – againt their tax exemption status
        reservation – all good – head over there girls, and you can camp too

      6. deanH says:

        So are garage sales illegal in Hazelwood?

      7. James says:

        Rude and ignorant comment, and totally uncalled for.

      8. An Old Girl says:

        Mine were delicious and I tried a box of every kind offered. My favorite was the peanut butter sandwich cookie.

    3. clark kent says:

      City contact info:

      Tim Davidson
      Phone: (314) 513-5014

      1. poorsinner says:

        I called Tim Davidson and left him a message telling him that I going to “bad mouth his town for the rest of my life.

        He called me back and threatened to sue me for defamation.

        I told him to shove it up his ahole and threatened to sue him for prior restraint on my free speech rights.

        He said that he was recording the conversation and I said great!

        Can’t wait for the lawsuit.

      2. poorsinner says:

        I looking for the City attorney’s number right now and am going to straighten this Tim Davidson feller out about the 1st amendment.

      3. Bubba says:

        poorsinner, you sound like a fun loving guy

      4. poorsinner says:

        Bubba,… and you sound like The City of Hazelwood city spokesman.


      5. sueinmi says:

        They are not your mom’s girl scouts anymore. The less money they receive, the better off the girls are. Another community organizer organ.

    4. Joseph Rush Wills, II says:

      I’m moving to Hazelwood! This city must be be really safe when city officials don’t need to worry about crime, fires, illegal immigrants or other problems that plague the rest of America so they can focus on Girl Scouts!
      And to think, some politicians want to sharply increase the beaurocracies that are crushing the soul of our country…

    5. J says:

      Why is your English so bad?

      1. Don Vitella Escobar-Quinones says:

        You, sir are an idiot. what difference could it possibly make?

      2. poorsinner says:

        Really? I forgot the ‘m on two I’s and my English is so bad as to render it unreadable.

        Is that you Tim Davidson?

    6. Gibbs Bentley says:

      The battle has just begun ……

      Time to start a citizen’s investigation into Tim Davidson. and all involved in that local government. I wonder if all the finances for that city are on the up and up? Good citizenship? How are all the officials spending the tax money? These morons have opened a can of worms. Time to start digging deep.


      Just like the guy prosecuting Paris Hilton for cocaine is busted for cocaine … I’m sure there is something as bad or worse lurking here. Have a great day.

      1. poorsinner says:

        #81 (63042) on the list of “Top 101 zip codes with the largest percentage of Kenyan first ancestries”

        # #63 on the list of “Top 101 counties with the highest percentage of residents that drank alcohol in the past 30 days”


        # 1 on my list of “Top 100 Cities to bad mouth.”

  5. Jim Busse says:

    Sounds like Kadaffi came to Hazelwood. It’s once a year for Christ’s sake.

    1. RETIREDCOACH says:


      1. The Devil says:


      2. LH says:

        You do realize You don’t go to Hell if WE use the Lords name in vain right?

      3. Jeff says:

        I don’t have a Lord or a King. You live by your rules and let the rest of us live by ours.

        …And you god-botherers wonder why other people are “intolerant” of you…

      4. Jim Busse says:

        what vein do you mean? I bet Jesus would not turn down a box of GS cookies. Probably wouldn’t buy on though. BTW they are Kosher too!

    2. Roman says:

      I heard those were kosher cookies.

  6. Mannie says:

    You Villll obey!

    Now shut up and eat your cake.

  7. John David Liddle says:

    Good for them. Tell the city to go pound sand!

  8. Leroy says:

    It probably would have been more acceptable to the city if the girls were handing out abortion pamphlets.

    1. Bubba says:

      Yeah or just performing cat and dog abortions. That would have been OK.

      1. Not Bubba says:

        The horrors!! K!lling puppies and kittens?? That is strictly against the leftist rules. You may only k!ll human babies. Bugs, flies and all other creatures are sacrosanct to this misguided bunch.

    2. kathy says:

      To have morals in the USA is to be corrupt! Wow, I wish the worse part of my day was having my street blocked by people who supported the Girl Scouts of America! Instead, I have Shariah Law in my back yard!

      1. Bubba says:

        kathy, what is Shariah Law? Why do you enforce it in your back yard?

        What is the worst part of your day? Why do think that it is corrupt to have morals in the USA?

        If you don’t like the USA, why not leave?

      2. Bubba2 says:


        Maybe it should be you who should leave. Considering they are changing America from what it was to what you want it to be… you should be the one getting on a ship.

        You can take Obama’s Change with you!

      3. Bubba says:

        Bubba2, these laws are old. This is a typical neighborhood dispute which have been going on forever. These laws of course are to prevent someone from opening a convenience store in their garage.

        This is blown out of proportion.

    3. Joel says:

      or if they were promoting islam, then we would have had the DOJ out in full force to protect them and arrest anyone who dare protest against the prophet mobama

      1. Kelly says:

        Yeah, that pesky US Contitution, huh?

    4. Mr. Grimpy says:

      Wait, isn’t handing out such pamphlets ‘protected free speech’ ?
      Epic fail.

      1. Yaspar says:

        His point is that moozlums would be protected by the full power of Federal law enforcement, while Girls Scouts get shut down. While we’re on the subject, izlaam is not only a religion, which is protected by the non-establishment and the free speech clauses of the Constitution, but a political movement that aims for the overthrow of that Constitution and it’s replacement with a moozlum theocracy, which is a criminal conspiracy. This is the same Constitution you cite in your snide remark. Now do you understand, epic smart guy?

      2. William R. Barker says:

        On a serious note, if flag burning is “protected speech,” then it seems to me that selling Girl Scout Cookies is also “speech” in the sense that the sales are directly correlated with advancing the ideals of Scouting.

        (Any attorneys out there willing to take a whack at this one?!)

    5. Cindy says:

      Sadly, you are probably correct.

    6. tag0701 says:

      It wouldn’t even be an issue if this were the case. But Girl. Scout cookies??!!! They’re just so offensive, dontchaknow.

  9. Ron H says:

    The bureaucrat who didn’t tell the “anonymous” complainer to behave like a grownup, talk to the girls and work it out themselves should be identified and fired.

    1. shawn says:

      why? show me the law that requires that? thats why we pay police. if I hear a domestic im not going over there only a moron would do that. trying to handle it yourself now a days is how you get shot.

      1. Michael Ledbetter says:

        Hmmm, shot by Girl Scouts. I’m sure there’s a real chance of that happening, Bozo.

      2. GirlScoutMafia says:

        Hazelwood is renown for their roving gangs of evil Girl Scouts that roam through the streets, cracking down on the competition and breaking the law. They’re like the mafia, but worse, cause they’re little girls and you’d never suspect them.

    2. Bubba says:

      “should be fired”

      Ron H. a wannabe Donald Trump.

      1. Lightrider says:

        Bubba, go back in your hole.

      2. Bubba2 says:


        They don’t make CAT equipment big enough to dig that hole.

    3. matt2717 says:

      Excellent comment! it’s sad that we have these selfish, inconsiderate morons who can’t tolerate a minor TEMPORARY inconvenience for the betterment of children!

  10. Coloradoan says:

    The city of Hazelwood deserves its fate – whatever that will be.

  11. USAFLgirl says:

    ONE complaint is all it takes these days to scare seemingly bright people into mush-brained sheep.

    This country can no longer be saved; we are so far past the point of no return. sigh.

    1. Bubba says:

      USAFLgirl, why don’t you leave the USA?

      A little thing like enforcing the law is not part of the downfall of the US.

      1. Bubba2 says:

        Something tells me Bubba is a big fat guy hoping the girl scouts have to come to his house so he can see a girl up close instead of on his computer. He’s just mad now he has to put some clothes on and go out in public and risk getting caught against court orders to stay away from kids.

      2. Bubba says:

        Bubba2, I bet I am taller, thinner and better looking than you. The original is generally better any copy.

      3. Bubba2 says:

        HAHAHA, keep living in your moms basement so she can keep telling you how pretty you are and its eveyone else that has the problem with your looks! 😉 It’s not you, its everyone else and the mirror that lie.

      4. Derf says:

        But a BIG thing, like enforcing STUPID law is, wouldn’t you agree?

    2. Mad Hacker says:

      If anyone has a problem with them selling girl scout cookies because of the traffic, Put your money where your mouth is. Buy there cookies eat them or donate them to charity or flush them down the toilet, And the problem goes away with no hard feelings and if you donate them you come off looking like a prince. This way you come off looking like a jerk.

      1. American Heretic says:

        Here’s a better idea. Buy the cookies, eat them, and then donate them to the city council.

  12. wildman2 says:

    Does this country care about anyone but themselves? Sad

    1. Fran Penna Belmont says:


    2. Bubba says:

      “Does this country care about anyone but themselves? Sad”

      Does this statement make any sense? I checked Google Translate and they did not have a Simpleton to English translation choice.

      1. Karl says:

        Your goofy and make me laugh……. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

      2. Ayanna says:

        Bubba if you wanna instigate with everyone, offer a real opinion rather than trying unsuccessfully to shut everyone down.

      3. ImChaz says:

        Bubba, after reading your posts, it seems that you have no concept of sarcasm, are possibly quite narcissisitic, and may suffer from educated embicility. (NOT in goggle– a common condition caused by loss of common sense secondary to to a perceived superior level of education.) Did you make the original complaint?

      4. Bubba says:

        Thanks Karl.

        Ayanna, my opinion is that this is a local matter, the Drudge headline is a distortion of the facts, neighbors have disputes all the time, we don’t know the real story, and that this local dispute is not indicative of any decline in America or an indication of anything to do with Obama.

        What is your opinion or are you just trying to shut me down.

      5. poorsinner says:

        Bubba, the lone Communist on this site is you.

        I think he’s the city manager of Hazelwood or the city clerk’s husband.

        The City of Hazelwood
        415 Elm Grove Lane
        Hazelwood, Missouri 63042
        (314) 839-3700

  13. WorkingMan says:

    Just like a Kool-Aid stand, a kid selling from their lawn is socially acceptable in most places in this great country. However, when it turns into what appears to be a sizable and profitable business (2000 boxes!) that creates public safety and quality of life issues for the residents of that area, you have to draw the line and respect your neighbors. Besides, what ever happened to selling door to door and WORKING for the sale?

    1. jimkress999 says:

      Cite 3 safety events that have actually occurred. You Leftist, anti-capitalist would-be-tyrants make me ill.

      1. WorkingMan says:

        All it takes is one, NOT 3 safety events and if it was a member of your tribe that got run over by some gawker looking for a sugar fix, you probably would not be responding with typical no brain name calling

    2. K-Dawg says:

      You ever do the door to door thing? It is miserable and the numbers of No’s to Yeses is frustrating, I sold door to door for 8 years reaching more then about a thousand dollars that way is near impossible, right now they are nearing $2000 quite the accomplishment.

      1. WorkingMan says:

        Hey genius, its 2000 BOXES, not dollars. Big difference in terms of tying up traffic and creating public saftey and nusance issues. Accepting NO usually breeds character since you learn how to deal with dissapointment. It makes the positive sale all the more exciting. A liitle hard work never hurt. I delivered newspapers. It was a character builder. Its unfortunate those types of opportunities don’t exist any longer, at least in my hood k-dawg.

      2. Lisa says:

        Door-to-door is discouraged nowadays by the GS of the USA due to safety issues. Also, better to sell on your property where parents can be sure they’re safe. Also, I’ve done dozens of booth sales at places like Walmart and sometimes those are scary, too. And 2,000 bx doesn’t make it a big, profitable business. The troops/girls only get a portion of the sales. I happen to know that many girls couldn’t experience camp and other trips if not for cookie sales.

    3. Frank says:

      Work smart, not hard.

      Foreign concept to you, most likely….

      1. WorkingMan says:

        hmmmmm…work smart? like in suck the Obama Gov’t teet? No thanks, Frank, as my name implies, I’m proud to roll up my sleeves, whether for pay or as a volunteer.

    4. pb in N VA says:

      Girl Scout rules specficially prohibit door-to-door selling due to safety concerns. The kids have no choice but to set up a stand or force Mom and Dad to hawk the cookies to their co-workers.

      1. WorkingMan says:

        I think you may be mistaken about door to door sales. Here is a recent excerpt: In an effort to boost door-to-door sales, the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta is offering new incentives including a specific “Walkabout” patch (featuring a girl taking strides), according to Sarnethia Wilkinson, product sales marketing representative for Girl Scouts Greater Atlanta cookie program.

  14. dptrucker says:

    Once again, an opportunity to teach your children about the intrusiveness of Government run amok. I guess then any home based business is illegal then?! What about products such as Mark-Kay or Avon Or Amway? All these products are also sold from home. Most likely a Democrat controlled City and county.

    1. HowDat says:

      Democrat Senator Clair McCaskill, tax cheat’s area

      1. Joseph Schlitz says:

        I wonder if they might react differently if the Girl Scouts volunteered to donate 5 cents per box sold toward McCaskill’s $300,000 deliquent tax bill?

    2. boyscout1 says:

      Ah people, it just so happens the people of Hazelwood or any other city elect the city officals who make these rules/laws so there must have been some support for them to be passed. IF others want the law changed than vote the officials out of office or work to change the laws. Ive seen some really bad laws passed by both republican or democrat controlled city councils/states/federal. So this is what you do: (1) either move out of the city or this country or (2) accept it if your elected officals keep on getting elected – its the will of the people. If the majority people of Hazelwood want this law it should be obeyed – and apparently they do or it would have ben amended by now. Everyone here talks about “the government” like its some kind of evil that took over in a coup. If you dont agree with the majority of people in your district or country that want these rules and voted for these officals not much you can do about it. Unless you want to make America a theocracy under the rules of “Moozlums” LOL (referring to that ignoramus who spells it that way above – you must be a “Katlik” or a “Protastent” buddy) thats what a demecracy is all about -as the song says “You cant always get what you want , but if you try sometimes you get what you need”.. Personally , I dont need any calorie inducing girl scout cookies or any girl scout wasting my time.

      1. Dalgor says:

        Many laws are made in reaction to a flagrant abuse or an incivility. The problem is that they are generally written so broadly that they encompass situations not in the original intent of the law, such as the Girl Scout cookie sales on a front lawn. These overly broad laws are then subject to a wide interpretation and uneven enforcement. In this case, the law should be amended to allow a permit to be issued for organizations such as the Girl Scouts to sell their cookies.

      2. David says:

        Yeah but what happens when you dont get what you want or what you need?


    3. natalie schechter says:

      correction dptrucker – GSA is a non profit org – proceeds of which go to PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Google GSA + Planned Parenhood – its all there. These little girls are pawns in a very lucrative racket. Cheers.

  15. Todd says:

    How big of a line could there be to but a box of girl scout cookies? Come on people has common sense gone out the window in this country. I live in West Virginia but I would be glad to help these two girl scouts to reach their goal. Email me and I will be happy to order a couple of boxes. That is if there is not some kind of law preventing sending girl scout cookies through the mail.

    1. General Specific says:

      Stop being a sensationalist. Support your local girl scouts instead.

      1. Trad says:

        General stop trying to get people to do things your way. Tod has a right to do things his way when no one gets hurt. His local Girl scouts will survive.

  16. rightherenow says:

    Michael, Imagine the traffic and noisy inconvenience for a few hours a day for a few days while the girls are selling cookies to support their good citizenship programs. Maybe they should be on the taxpayer dole and get a check like so many inner city folk.

  17. anthony says:

    god bless you and the cookie hope you get 2000 sold

  18. Roger Vogel says:

    Change the law! Allow minors to sell fund raising items, and especially littler kids selling lemonade. Its part of our culture, its what we should encourage.

    Some neighbor had a burr under the saddle.

    1. Joe says:

      I’d be willing to bet, the ‘neighbor’ isn’t the same race.
      I’d also be willing to bet, the ‘neighbor’ might not even be a real neighbor (i.e. live anywhere nearby).

    2. Trad says:

      Roger you are exactly correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Joe says:

    I can’t imagine this is causing major traffic issues. Let’s not get carried away.
    Sure there is some extra traffic and people but if there were Walmart parking lot style traffic, they would have reached their goal in the first day.

    However, the law is the law… people should work to get the law removed or changed and this neighbor should mind his own business. Government should have no place in restricting the sale of girl scout cookies. Just further evidence that government has grown too large even at the city level.

    1. DeputyMarshal says:

      My friend, using that tired old “the law is the law” argument , is really dodging the issue. That the city even passed such a law is a bit of over-reaching. There is a concept in law called ‘Legislative Intent” and it is a safe bet here that the city wasn’t thinking of two little girls seling cookies. This is clearly a violation of the intent of the law. The city doesnt want somebody operating a lumbering operation in their front yard. An interesting thing has happened in this country. Overly legalistic fools have murdered common sense and as a result everyone feels that if they are entitled to NOT BE INCONVIENCED OR OFFENDED. Not true…. get over it.

      1. Jaime says:

        DeputyMarshal, I am glad that brains and common sense are still alive somewhere. Thank you for the illustration of this major overeach from the bureaucracy and stupidity from the “anonymous” neighbor.

      2. Eric says:

        Probably the comment that has made the most sense.

      3. nancyo says:

        If their business is disruptive to the neighborhood, then I think that the law applies to their little Girl Scout operation as well. It’s not overly legalistic. Besides, they’ve apparently been asked nicely by city officials to stop, but they’ve decided to continue because they don’t think they should follow the rules like everyone else? How is that ok?

    2. shawn says:

      do you know how many cars it takes to clog up a 2 lane residential street? not that many. im glad my community doesn’t allow cars to park in the street. nor outdoor gatherings not approved by the HOA. its called quality of life laws in most areas.

      1. Thomas says:

        You must be one hell of a great neighbor….

        /yeah, it’s called facetious – look it up

      2. K-Dawg says:

        If they have 3 customers at any given time believe me they are not creating traffic problems. I live on said 2 lane street, you pull off to the side of the road and other people pass you, or they pull into your driveway.

      3. Michael Ledbetter says:

        You offend me with your unfettered ignorance! Who are you (or the HOA) to tell me that I cannot have a Quinceañera for my daughter if it is outside? What about MY quality of life? You breathing infringes on MY right to live without you stealing my oxygen, so STOP STEALING MY AIR!!

      4. Gabe says:

        “nor outdoor gatherings not approved “…wow…you need permission to gather outdoors.

        When did you have your balls surgically removed?

      5. Trad says:

        Shawn, your great neighborhood has skinny streets probably houses 15 feet apart. They have Naziistic HOA rules. That is why I don’t live in an area like that because I do like quality of life.

      6. Jeff says:

        What a fantastic little commie you are. I bet you’re a real pleasure to live with.

    3. Mad Hacker says:

      However, the law is the law. So turn in the Jews the state has passed the LAW. Juden frea.

    4. geoff says:

      Ifr the law is the law, then why do illegals keep flooding over the border while the feds do nothing? Sounds like selective enforcement.

  20. Cliff says:

    Michael, it is ole farts like you that are the real problem. For a couple of weeks take a chill pill and get over your self importance. This is a good cause and it isn’t a permanent business. We are getting to be a very intolerant self important country. The city ought to pass an exception to this law to allow certain groups a SHORT period of time to raise funds.

    1. Hank says:

      Sounds to me like the girl scouts should get over their self importance.

  21. TexasForever says:

    If the mark of a good citizen is to follow the law then why does elected politicans ignore the Constitution when they fail to comply with their country’s immigration laws?
    Typical liberal hyprocrites!

    1. Old and in the way says:

      Yep. Actual US citizens cannot sell cookies on their fron tlawn, but illegal immigrants can stand around Home Depot parking lots and no law enforcement personnel give a hoot. That’s the Demoract way of enforcing laws.
      The revolution is coming. Lock n’ load.

    2. Chili says:

      OK, let’s follow the law. Namely the Patriot Act. The city should call in the Feds and send these little terrorists to Guantanamo for life. They’re obviously causing terror tin their neighborhood. That’ll learn em!!

      By the way, city “code” isn’t law. It only applies to people who don’t know the difference.

  22. Dennis says:

    Law is the law, thanks mom…. you are teaching your children to disobey the law. We can do what we want, you cant make us stop!!!! Thats why our kids disresect each other and the law. Its all about me me me me. The best way to take care of this problem if it is a problem, try changing the law, the right way

    1. thedoctor2001 says:

      Are you and “Michael” roommates? Chill out.

    2. Mr.Monty says:

      Yea Dennis and Rosa Parks should have kept her ass on the back of the bus.

    3. shawn says:

      way to teach your kids that the law only applies to others and only when you want it to.

      1. K-Dawg says:

        Way to take a law and apply it to something that it originally had no intent of effecting. Way to throw common sense out the window

  23. Biker Trash says:

    I agree that the law restricting the selling of Girl Scout cookies is to far reaching, but what are you teaching these girls if you tell them to ignore laws that you don’t agree with. Instead their parents should explain, that if they believe the law to be unfair or unjust, then they should first obey the law and then take the appropriate action to have the law changed or repealed. What would our world be like if we just ignored all of the laws that we didn’t agree with?

    1. Tspud1 says:

      Illegal aliens do that every day.

      1. shawn says:

        MURDERS happen every day to so do rapes, just because its common makes it ok? wow this country is full of morons. thats the real problem everyone is stupid.

    2. K-Dawg says:

      They will not go through the legislative process to get that law changed for 2 girls, by the time those girls get that law changed they will be in college. Its called common sense and legislative intent.

  24. Catherine A. McClarey says:

    Does the city of Hazelwood also crack down on every lemonade stand in the summer, or everyone selling stuff on eBay from their basements? The anonymous complainer probably already had a grudge against this family, and wasn’t man or woman enough to discuss their issues with this neighbor one-on-one, before dragging the local government in to settle their private beef.

  25. rrm says:

    Wow, a girl scout cookie crisis, dogs barking, people milling around, congested traffic with possible dinner delays … city government rules against the brown skirts, get those cookies off your front yard, we’ve had a complaint! Ain’t it grand folks, and because of the internet, you don’t even have to be there to be there …

  26. Phil B says:

    The city claims they support the Girl Scouts? How? How much money? Will they buy the last 300?

  27. Free State Project says:

    I ask all those people who think that the US is going down the tubes to DO SOMETHING about it:

    Check out FreeStateProject.org for people who are DOING something about it.

    1. NOBOTS says:

      What stupid autoposting bot thing to say Oh wait Free State Project is a bot what was I thinking

      1. Frank says:

        Yes! Free State Project rocks! Nobots- what a dumb comment! Lots of people feel trapped in their big government nightmare, and the Free State Project is a solution for these people! Why stay in a city that takes your money and freedom? We’re always told “if you don’t like the rules, go somewhere else”. Well, people are starting to do that, and are taking their tax dollars with them. Missouri seems to be trying to win the race to the bottom, extorting money from its citizens, who it also treats like children. Hasta La Vista, MO!

  28. Billy J says:

    Leroy, you are on to something. I think this family could cause a significantly worse ruckus by doing various things during the year… Having a neighbor that is so easily annoyed makes for significant IRL trolling opportunities.

    U MAD, neighbor? How about a full lawn display on Easter, Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Veteran’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, a massive light display on Christmas, and something neat for Valentine’s day?

    1. shawn says:

      god im glad I live in a gated community so I dont have to deal with morons like you. everyone who moves in there are very specific bylaws, we can and have kicked people out over minor offenses. I LOVE IT.

      1. K-Dawg says:

        Is that gated community called a zoo?

      2. K-Dawg says:

        Or maybe a prison?

      3. K-Dawg says:

        Nazi concentration camp?

      4. Kelpster says:

        Probably a barnyard…… Well, no. That would be insulting the farm animals.

      5. JenB says:

        K-Dawg, you are cracking me up! Exactly.

        That is why we are moving out of our friggen snobby a$$ “gated community” The HOA are like little tyrants.

      6. Jeff says:

        Shawn, it sounds like you’re a little too interested in what everyone else is doing.

        This usually means that you have deeper issues of your own.

  29. nancyo says:

    good lord! If the girls are breaking a law then they need to stop. It’s as simple as that, GS cookies or not. Just because it’s cute doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want. I can’t believe their mom is encouraging them to be little jerks.

  30. Chas says:

    Doesn’t this violate the Commerce Clause of the Constitution? And don’t home-based businesses have a right in this country to “sell products from home?” Hazelwood will probably lose whatever court battle actually challenges this.

    Does Hazelwood allow garage sales?

    When everything finally crashes, we’ll all be selling stuff from home!

    1. Hank says:

      Wow, you’re more than a little ignorant, aren’t you?

  31. mark says:

    The city of Hazelwood is falling apart at the seams and the do gooders are worried about a few girls selling girl scout cookies.. They are doing more business on their front lawn than half of the business in Hazelwood. Let’s get our priorities right….

    I guess they should be selling crack or themselves like many in the Hazelwood neighborhoods….We are doomed….

  32. Dave S says:

    “He says it is also against city code to sell products from home.”

    So there are no Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, insurance salespeople or home offices in Hazalwood? Sounds like a violation of the constitution. But then I guess the City council does not belive in it.

    1. Tspud1 says:

      The neighbor needs to check the classified ads in local paper for others to turn in.

  33. B Powell says:

    “But the girls’ mother, Carolyn Mills, is vowing to let them keep selling their cookies, until they reach their goal of 2,000 purchases”

    Why is it necessary for them to have a goal of selling 2000 boxes? What sort of troop are they running there? What sort of character are they building in these girls. What overbearing nonsense.

    1. Jaime says:

      Do you know what kind of project(s) would the GS troop be financing with the proceed of the sales? I hope it is not to pay for cancer treatment of B Powell and they are not able to reach their goals. Some troops have only one fundraising activity and if the trop does not reach its goal it is in deep trouble. Further, why would parents have to finance the troop when they are already paying the salaries of the stupid bureaucrats annoying the GS? Get the anonymous neighbor a Valium, elect new county board members, and fire the all the bureaucrats.

    2. Lord B. Powell says:

      I must agree… Thats not something I was taught as a scout.

  34. Dwight says:

    Wow, such an important issue for the city to spend a considerable amount of time debating. Hey city council members, hows that balanced budget working out for ya? Got one yet? No? OK, then let’s forget that and go after the Girl Scouts instead..

  35. gordonwagner says:

    “An anonymous complaint” sounds like horse poop. Put up or shut up — you can’t be bothered to TALK to your neighbor? I don’t buy it. It sounds like some bored city drone. Kind of thing is precisely what is wrong with the USA.

    I do wish that Girl Scout cookies were of the quality they were back in the 60s, though…

    1. shawn says:

      why do I have to? so someone like you can answer and turn it into a fight? yeah much easier than me picking up the phone. laws are laws if you dont like it try to change it dont show your children to spit in the face of laws that dont benefit you.sounds like these kids need girl scouts the mom doesn’t have a clue how to raise a child.

      1. K-Dawg says:

        no so we can make fun of you for being a little B***H publicly, they do the anonymous complaints because they know they are ridiculous.

  36. JD says:

    This is what happens when Liberal trash runs amuck. The disease is infesting itself deeply into society and it’s got to stop. Picking on Girl Scouts now huh Libs?

    1. Jac says:

      Michael says he is a republican?

    2. CookieMom says:

      If you knew you how liberal the Girl Scouts has become, you’d never buy another cookie again. It’s sickening.

  37. JR in STL county says:

    It’s a sad day in this country and in this community when some old geezer gets their controlling bloomers in a twist over some girl scout cookies, and shows a total lack of adult discernment when someone can’t tell the difference between a handful of kids and someone running an illegal burger stand.

    However, Hazelwood has gotten the government it deserves. If it doesn’t like this situation, vote them out of office. It’s really beyond time to stop suffering fools.

  38. jnsesq says:

    FIRE the clowns responsible next election! American citizens of Hazelwood, you have that power — unless, of course, the public employee unions run your city.

  39. mark says:

    Correct. Even though there are dozens of Pawn Shops, abandoned fast food joints and Payday Loan shops on the main drag, home-based businesses are illegal. That’s why I moved in ’94, and evidently thousands feel the same way; just take a drive through.

    1. Jack says:

      Great, I’ll open a pawn shop next to your home then. You should love that.

  40. Hank Warren says:

    Banning Girl Scout cookie sales, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. shawn says:

      yeah all this happend since obama came into power didn’t it? um bush wmd that didnt exist, thats a war crime my friend. but I guess you cant see the forest for the trees. this has been going on pretty much since 1800.

      1. K-Dawg says:

        Don’t start on the Bush train, didn’t you read the article 2 mos ago on the guy who actually supplied our CIA with the bad intelligence?

      2. john says:

        Shawn, I’d sure like to slap you in your moronic face. Get out of mommies basement sometime you waste of a human being. Do the world a favor and die.

  41. daniel says:

    How about stopping crime?

    1. shawn says:

      so wait only breaking certain laws is a crime but this one isn’t? im really starting to suppport this NWO thing eliminating 90% of the population. as long as we kill morons like daniel

      1. JR in STL county says:

        If you think that a group of girl scouts in elementary school constitute a criminal element, you’re high

      2. anon. says:


  42. Regulas says:

    First off I know that they are Democrats because if they were Republicans you can bet your bank account that CBS would be shouting it out, probably in the headline.
    With that said these Democrat nanny state hacks have got to go. Voting is easy now, just look for a R and give them your support, join a local or national Tea Party march and such and lets give control back to grown ups instead of Gestapo Socialists.

  43. Brian says:

    Michael, if you hate civilization, why don’t you move to where there are less people.

  44. Mr. Wee Wee says:

    Mr. Wee Wee Sue you go Michael and stand firm behind Barrack! You go girl!

  45. Alan says:

    As Abe Lincoln once said (or so I’ve been told) – the best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it rigorously. There might be enough people offended by the way this family’s being treated to force an improvment to the law, if you push it now.

  46. sean patriot says:

    “home occupancy code” ?????

    Sounds like Commie BS to me

    1. shawn says:

      every town in america has them. one of them at least in my area is number of bedrooms times 2 is the most people that can legally live there. also no more than 3 dogs in city limits. if you dont think your town has them you just dont know about them or live in a terrible city. not communist in any way. next time you have a thought just forget it.

      1. John says:

        Shawn the complete imbecile,
        You should take your own advice d’bag. Every post from you is utterly moronic. It’s obvious you never received proper schooling. Now you sit in your section 8 apartment waiting for your food stamps while posting idiotic nonsense on the internet on your subsidized computer. Way to go loser.

  47. Kenny says:

    Everybody wants to live in a neighborhood, but somehow act as if they have no neighbors. When living near others, we have to take the good, with the occasional bad. Everyone is, and should be, different. As neighbors we have to put up with some minor inconveniences from them, because they’re gonna have to put up with it from us.

  48. Keir says:

    What an example this mother is setting for her children. Show contempt for your neighbours and ignore any law or regulation you don’t like.

  49. Muttley says:

    Looks like it’s time to take power away from Government at all levels. Start by starving them of tax revenue.

  50. AnnieK says:

    What’s next? Garage and yard sales!

  51. sean patriot says:

    “He says it is also against city code to sell products from home.”

    REALLY? So Ebay is alsd illegal then right? Garagae sales are illegal too? What about is I want to sell my car from my house, is that also illegal. LIBERALS ARE STUPID, DONT LISTEN OR DO ANYTHING THEY SAY

    1. General Specific says:

      Speaking of stupid, look at your comment. Your eBay storefront is online..not in your basement.

  52. geneva says:

    The alternative is for these teen girls to go door to door. As a parent, which would you prefer? A temporary stand on the front lawn or an Amber alert?

    1. General Specific says:

      Yes, assume everyone is out to kidnap kids. Please refrain from commenting further.

    2. shawn says:

      wow so everyone of your neighbors is a kidnapper you should move.

      1. K-Dawg says:

        No but Geneva is right it is far more dangerous, and far less lucrative to go door to door.

      2. The MaD HaCkER says:

        Considering the posts here and the complaints made it sounds like a GREAT time to get out of town. This town sounds like it has a future like Detroit. (Detroit is creating abandoned areas, just sections of town with no public services.)

  53. Stonewall says:

    If at first you don’t secede; try, try again!

  54. LJ84 says:

    It is not as if they are selling items for their own personal profit so I don’t get why would they prohibit the sale of Girl Scout cookies which raises funds for this worthy organization and happens what once a year.

    Do they allow yard or garage sales in this town? Maybe they should have a garage or yard sale and sell the cookies at the yard or garage sale.

    1. General Specific says:

      Garage/Yard sales likely require a seller’s permit to do so.

      1. LJ84 says:

        So they could just get the permit. My town doesn’t require garage/yard sale permits but I do know that some do. The town I lived in previously required a permit but it was free of charge.

  55. Troy says:

    Hmmmm, lets see. Whining neighbors who are so silly and spiteful that they can’t let children be children because of barking dogs, and traffic.
    That’s the problem with people today, it’s all about themselves, and not what is good for kids and the community.
    I thank God I live in a rural area where people value their neighbors, despite barking dogs, and children learning life lessons, which in the long run cause absolutely no harm.
    Michael, you are a sad case, you would put these children in a place where a robbery or other dangers become much more likely.
    In short Michael, it is folks like you who are rotten neighbors, and totally lacking the milk of human kindness. Welcome to the neighborhood Mr. Scrooge!

    1. shawn says:

      actually by not allowing this they are doing whats best for the community, not just whats good for this mom, and the kids because allowing it would be saying “GO AHEAD BREAK THE LAW, IT DOESN’T APPLY TO YOU”. we sure need more people that think the laws only apply to others. and no barking dogs are another no no, once what your doing affects my quality of life its time to stop it. i have easily called the police 50 times over dogs. i have a job if your dogs barking at 3 am thats a problem and if you dont see why you dont deserve to be alive.

      1. MustLoveDogs says:

        Did you seriously just say that people that don’t mind dog barking should die?

        Troll much?

      2. BDnSC says:

        Here’s wrench in this little diddy…Why wasn’t the dog owner cited for public disturbance?
        Could it be they were the culprit? If so, the girlscouts need to fire back every time the dog barks from now on. They mave have lost the battle but they can still win the war.
        Glad I live in the country…

    2. wahttheheck says:

      Sounds like the “Anonymous” caller should have actually complained about what was really bothering her, you know barking dogs, and bad traffic. That would be a real reason to complain not the girls on their own property selling cookies for a non-profit fund-raiser. If someone in your neighborhood has uncontrolled dogs barking it is a problem if someone is double parking in the middle of the street blocking traffic it is a problem. Those things are the problem code enforcement should be dealing with. It really is not the intent of the law to stop commerce only to stop unlawful commerce. So if the girl scout cookie drive is legal (which it is) then correct the problem bad dogs and bad drivers in a confined area.

  56. CookieMom says:

    Cookie season is actually close to six weeks long. If the average customer purchases 3 boxes, that’s 660 customers. I’m not so sure that I’d appreciate 100 extra cars on my street on a weekly basis. These girls can set up a cookie booth in any parking lot of their choosing.

    It sounds to me as if their mother is choosing HER convenience over that of her neighbors. Consider that for every one person that complains, there are others who remain silent. Lastly, we don’t know whether the anonymous complainant first went to the mother. Why does anybody assume that the mother is a reasonable person? After all, knowing that there has been a complaint, and knowing that her daughters are breaking the law, she refuses to alter their behavior. I don’t know about you, but I have some neighbors who are real whack jobs.

    1. John says:

      It’s called common sense, I shouldn’t HAVE to go talk to my neighbor if their dog is out barking all night every night for weeks straight for instance. I had an incidence like this once and I called the cops about it, then I get a knock on the door from an angry neighbor saying I should have come talk to him first.

      Excuse me, I shouldn’t have to go talk to you to tell you to keep your dog muzzled.

      1. Bubba2 says:

        Your a Pu$$y JOHN!!!!!! Do you also run under your bed when someone comes to your door?

  57. Anne says:

    I was all prepared to defend the GSA until I realized that whether they are being unfairly or not, they are WILLINGLY breaking the law, and their mother is supporting them to do so. Just because it’s a cherished, traditional, children’s group doesn’t give them the right to break the law, and as a former GS, I can attest the group’s tenets would nevr support this. They need to go to city hall and change the law. THAT would be a real lesson in good citizenship. (And on a snarky note, I’m wondering what prize the girls will get if they sell 3,000 boxes?)

    1. Jacquelyne says:

      Excellent point Anne…..go to city Hall and try to get that law changed. Would learn a lot more than screaming loud enough to get your story in print.

  58. Jacquelyne says:

    This mother is teaching her child that she is better than everyone else and that she is above the law. Pretty typical from what I have seen of teenagers now days.

    1. CookieMom says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. This has been going on for six years? UGH. I can’t imagine that the mother is blythely unaware of her neighbors’ feelings. Purposely obtuse, and now a scofflaw is more like it. Probably doesn’t want to make the effort to supervise a cookie booth at a public venue or parking lot. Putting her girls on the front lawn is easier for her.

    2. SoTM says:

      What an idiot you are…….pretty typical of the Americans today though. A bunch of overgrown children who love all the laws they can get.

  59. nancyo says:

    wow. I seriously cannot get over the comments here.
    Maybe if we just follow the rules part of the time then all the conservatives will be happy. If they’re cute, let’em annoy everyone in the neighborhood. I’ll bet there is more than one person that disliked the increased traffic. It kills me that people here have read an article and decided that they know that there really isn’t that much traffic, it’s just some old geezer of another race who has a grudge against these girls already, who also hates Girl Scouts and America, and to force his Democratic liberalism on EVERYONE he had to complain to the cops that they were creating a disturbance. Yep, talk about reading between the lines.
    Maybe we should have a massive country wide vote to see when we should really enforce some laws and when we should just let folks slide. That seems like a super good idea. I’m thinking that’s the only way most of the responders to this article would be happy. We should have a bunch of folks decide on a case by case basis what seems like the right thing to do.
    There are reasons laws are made, and like it or not, everyone should have to follow them. Even cute little Girl Scouts.

    1. greg says:

      nancy i am a conservative this isnt a conservative or a liberal.. if anything it is a liberal bs thing, as we again have to yield to one person’s rights vs common sense that is liberal action at its worse
      you guys are such hypocrites you don’t realize the damage these extreme individual rights you champion do too society
      think before you write a piece suggesting it is the conservatives… again i am a conservative and have common sense i am simply a conservative for financial purposes and holding the true core values of our society Imo pro choice and pro immigrant.. so stop your sensationalized uninformed titling i

      1. nancyo says:

        you’re right, it shouldn’t be conservative or liberal. I was responding to others’ comments who had complained about it being so. (why didn’t you take issue with one of the many, many people who blamed liberals? you wait for someone to call out conservatives to complain?)
        this isn’t really extreme individual rights either. people should be good neighbors. there are city codes in place for people who don’t care if they are good neighbors or not, and this is one of those times that someone needed the authorities to enforce the code.

    2. kathy says:

      NancyO, I have you have an O tonight.

      1. kathy says:

        oops “HOPE”

      2. nancyo says:

        I still have no idea what you’re trying to say

    3. anne says:

      I’m a conservative and totally disagree with the mother encouraging her daughters to disobey the law just because they don’t like it. The GSA is generally supported more by conservatives, but disobeying the law isn’t.

  60. FAB says:

    I wonder what my Grandfather would say about a law in America that prohibited the sale of items from a home. In America? This is simply another example of the vanished private property rights of our citizens.

    What’s going to happen when the folks next door lose their jobs and would like to put a sign out in front of his house saying that he’ll mow yards or do HVAC work or any other type of work where he/she could utilize their skills to feed their family? I’ll tell you what happens… Mr. and Mrs. Better Than You call and make and anonymous tip to the government authorities and a code enforcement officer comes to the house and tells this guy that his good-for-nothing neighbors that are living off their gov’t funded pension are annoyed by your little sign and you can’t advertise on the only piece of ground you OWN because they have the luxury of sitting around all day looking for something to complain about while a family goes into financial ruin ! ! ! !

  61. moveto michigan says:

    feel free to email the city manager egcarlstrom@hazelwoodmo.org Phone: (314) 513-5010

  62. El gato says:

    And this is what we pay the bureaucrats to do? Give me a break!

  63. Mike says:

    Our local governments are a joke. Just last week I had a poice officer show up at my office because someone recieved a direct mail piece from a local business owner who they thought was me. When the officer told me why he was there I could not believe it. I made him repeat that he actually came out to my office because he thought I mailed an advertisement for insurance to someone who then called the police about it. This is a true story. Good luck to these girls I hope they make thier goal.

    1. Tom D says:


      Wow! If your story is true (& I have no reason to doubt you), that guy was a real moron. It’s guys like that who make it difficult for those who are truly dedicated to protecting the public.

      The problem goes deeper than local government. Example: Very recently, the Justice Dept. forced Dayton, Ohio to further dumb down their two part police entry exam so that scores of 58 & 63% are passing. Link:

      When I went into law enforcement in the early ’70s, passing scores were in the 80% range & then, because of the competition, you still couldn’t get hired unless you scored in the mid to high 90s.

      Dumb down the requirements & suffer the consequences. Our whole country is experiencing the repercussions from the dumbing down of nearly everything.

      Most people respond to the level of excellence expected from them.


  64. Hank says:

    Braindead. Good government employees.

  65. Gordon says:

    We are a country of laws and ordinances. If enough people want to change a law or ordinance, they need to go through the proper chanel and change it. That is the beauty of our system. We maintain law and order and yet we can change any law or ordinance.

    1. K. Reux says:

      The question is, did they actually disobey the spirit of the law? Was this law created with this in mind? Again, does this law apply to garage sales? What does the “Home Occupancy” code say specifically? Yes, we are a country of ordinances but if the law is selectively enforced only when someone complains, then there is a major problem here.

  66. I love cookies! says:

    To the Bozo who said “i’d be irritated if I was just trying to get home after a long day at work and my driveway is blocked by a line of traffic to buy cookies”…..

    Call Nine Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you big whiner. You are irritated seeing 9 and 10 year olds girls selling cookies and having to wait a few minutes to pull into your driveway? What a joke. Were you tormented as a child by your old, grumpy neighbor? Because if you haven’t noticed, you have turned into that guy.

    Sad commentary on the state of neighbors in America who are in such a hurry they ignore the beauty of children trying to earn a living doing something they enjoy.

  67. My Rights says:

    Just place a Yard Sale or Home for Sale sign in your yard and tell the city and neighbors to mind thier own business.

  68. Claire Marie says:

    This really shouldn’t be an issue. How many days are involved here? Where is the American spirit? So, maybe it puts you out just a little bit but think about it this way. Do you really want some busy body neighbor (or the city) controlling what you do on your property that you bought with your hard earned money and that you pay the taxes on? Of course, we aren’t speaking of illegal things such as the selling of drugs. But….the last time I checked, Girl Scout cookies were not illegal. Think a little less of self and more of others and your world will be a happier place….otherwise, you might just be sitting in your backyard enjoying a cool after work drink when somebody decides they don’t like the look of your well worn lawn chair and demands that you throw it out!

  69. Frank says:

    What about teaching respect for the law?

  70. ForOurTroops says:

    I wonder how many AMWAY dealers are working from their homes in Hazelwood!!!

  71. Terri says:

    To be fair schools ought to be banned from selling products and fundraising too as the property is for education. Also firefighters raising money on streets ought to enforced as it may be disruptive to traffic flow.

  72. KW says:

    The “anonymous complainer” deserves to die in a fire

  73. Sergeant Hulka says:

    My 9 year old girl sold cookies in our front yard this year, and has been for three years now. I get nothing but support from our Shreveport neighbors. My little girl reached her goal of 1000. After that, she was willing to give all the sales she had over 1000 to other girls who havn’t reached their goal yet. That’s what Scouting teaches our children. If I lived in Hazelwood, Mo, I would drive by and buy a case of cookies from those girls just to show my support, then I would send one box to each of the city council members.

    1. ClassicFilm says:

      LOL – love it!

  74. Steven Lehmann says:

    did the police cite the dog owners for the barking, as I believe that’s a code violation. people these days have gone crazy people comment in here like Cookie sales goes on all year a few weeks, when i was a boy I went door to door taking orders for fertilizer. today I would be subject to arrest. there is no common sense anymore. we need more people supporting these moral building organizations mot condemning them. I was the boy scout who would have shoveled that witches driveway when we got 5 inches of snow because your taught to help others.

  75. MiguelSaavadera says:

    Only error here, the family forgot to give the ‘vig’ to the neighbor (i.e. buy them off with girl scout cookies).

  76. truspeek says:

    Some one should buy all the cookies and allow the girls to GIVE them away from their front yard. That way they will be legal and “get back” at the cowardly neighbor that rated on them by continuing to creat the commotion at the street.

    The mayor and the city seem to have become heartless at a time when cities need the full support of their citizens.

  77. harley2002 says:

    And the authorities have nothing else to do? I say they should fire some people if they have time to hassle girl scouts I would say they have to many on the payroll. Morons. Hey lucky it was not a lemonade stand they fools probably would have water boarded the girls.

  78. Johnny Appleseed says:

    We have a right to know and confront our accuser in a court of law if we start knocking down cookie and lemonade stands for “Anonymous” victims; We no
    longer need victims for the offense to occur. City inspector will be dispatched
    to every neighborhood looking for potential violations. It’s time to elect leaders
    not petty liberal “socialist” bureaucrats.

  79. noodlesnoodlemann says:

    Couple points. I don’t think that the mother is teaching her daughters the right thing. Whether you agree with the law or not, it is the law. Telling them to ignore it is not in keeping with the ideals of the Girl Scouts. And what if some other group, say a gay rights group or NAMBLA decided to sell cookies or books or whatever on a front lawn? Would that be OK, too. Laws apply to everyone. If you don’t like them, work to change them. Also you might want to check out the mother’s facebook page. It sounds like she may be the pain the rear in the neighborhood.


    1. Dave R. says:

      This is part of the reason why City ,State, and Federal idiots are broke, bureaucracies spending your tax money to enact and enforce absurd laws & regulations. What’s next, Kool-Aid Stands? Oh, I’m sure NAMBLA or a gay organization did something similar, they’d get a hand slap at most, and if they did get the hassle that the Girls Scouts got, there would protests, cries of prejudice, intolerance, etc. It’s always the Liberal few that make the most noise and must get treated with “kid gloves”. Have to be P.C, you know!! The citizens of this town need to ALL show up at the City Council and demand this sort of nonsense stops! What in God’s name is this country coming to?

  80. zef says:

    Anonymous neighbor, hmm, more like coward, Sam is right, if you have a beef you go and talk to your neighbor and try to come to a mutual resolution, the troubled neighbor could have left a note if they were so afraid, so does that mean no garage sale, or lemonade stand, or selling comic books, so here is an example of kids doing the “right” thing and they get punished for it, I guess the neighbor would be happier if the girls were off somewhere quietly getting stoned or drunk and having unprotected sex, right Mike.

  81. Jo Litzen says:

    If these Girl Scouts wanted to be “Good Citizens” – according to today’s standards – then they would be selling the boxes for $10 each, pocket the profit, keep half the boxes to eat themselves and then tell their scout leader that, “Surprisingly, we can’t account for 1/2 the boxes!”
    In other words, they would act like their political and law enforcement leaders.

  82. Boppa says:

    Congratulations are in order, Hazelwood has joined Massachusetts, where everything is illegal

  83. Yes says:

    Two Words … Jury Nullification

  84. justaminute says:

    Now, just a minute, people. I am every bit as much pro-business as everyone else; However, I am also a homeowner who pays property taxes among other things so that I can live exactly where and how I want to live. Having a bunch of strangers congesting my residential area like raving mad black Friday shoppers (COMMERCIAL), would not sit right with me, either. I am 34 years old, not an old, washed up decrepit, and I wouldn’t stand for it, either.

    These girls can go to malls and other stores like everyone else. The mother is teaching her girls how to selfishly trample on the rights of other homeowners. And that’s what this is about; The rights of homeowners; HOME is where we all go after dealing with the commercial ratrace for peace and rest.

    I don’t care how much of a tradition these cookies are – do not trample on the civil rights of homeowners.

    1. JB says:

      So, you don’t have any products sold from yoru home? How about bought from someone else’s home? Have you ever been to an Avon party, Longaberger, Tupperware party? How about, have you bought anything on e-bay or the like where someone was selling something from their home?

      Moving on, if you get to say what I can do at my home, I get to say about yours. So, trim that tree that hangs over into my yard. AND, mow your yard since its a 1/4 inch taller than mine. Oh, and get it sprayed, too, the weeds are lowering my property value.

      Use some reasonable good sense. If they were selling crack, of ocurse, stop them. BUT, selling girls scout cookies, while it may be a tad bit of an Inconvenience, has a greater reward as it teaches and fosters good citizenship in girls that will one day be your baby-sitter or yard-mower, or kids’ teacher.

      1. justaminute says:

        I am a business owner with office space away from my home. Reasonable good sense, check.

        I never invite clients over to my home to clog up my street. Reasonable good sense, check.

        I could work from home if I wanted to. I could, but I won’t because I never did like my home becoming more of a workplace than sanctuary.

        I don’t attend tupperware or avon hen parties thrown by the meddling soccer mom type, because they’re just not my cup of tea. Reasonable good sense, check.

        I *choose* to live in an HOA community to keep trashy people from trashing the place up. Reasonable good sense, check.

        I don’t have weeds, but I’d be sure to report you to the HAO if you did. Reasonable good sense to ensure the HOA I pay good money lives up to their end? Check.

        I do, I do, I do buy from Amazon and ebay. Some of my own clients sell their products on those sites. They have the reasonable good sense to make sure their permits and licenses are in order so that they can sell from home. Some live in counties that don’t allow it for insurance reasons. They have warehouses or storage space for those situations.

        I never buy from a company that doesn’t have verifiable proof of having all permits to sell what they’re selling. It’s rather simple.

        Seems to me, this mother needs to be a little more business savvy. She’s teaching her girls how to break the rules associated with selling tangible items from home. We all *have* to follow our state and county laws when it comes to these issues. No, we should not make exceptions for girl scouts when they have access to commercially zoned areas to sell their commercial items.

        Breaking the rules does not foster good citizenship. It fosters inconsiderate people with no accountability who go through life thinking they’re victims because they can’t bend the rules. This also fosters a poor work ethic, as the mother of these girls is clearly too lazy to put forth real effort and leave her front yard.

        Let’s have some reasonable good sense.

      2. Bubba2 says:


        What’s the name of your business so I know to NEVER give you business!!! I vote with my money and I would NEVER do business with you… So LIST it!!!! Let us see who you are. IF you feel that most agree with you then you should have no worries listing your business.

    2. justaminute says:

      Hey, Bubba – so, you’re against free speech and pro-breaking business laws and reducing the value of homeowner civil rights?

      Do you agree or disagree that each homeowner in a community has the right to say what happens in their community? We’re not talking about inside people’s homes; we’re talking about what people take out to the street, thus making it the business of everyone else.

      Other than you, who said I feel most people would agree with me? Did you think it wouldn’t be clear that most “victims of society” here would not agree with me? I’m not here for approval. I’m here to voice my opinion.

      Your threats mean nothing. Rest assured, the services I sell can not be utilized by someone who proudly calls himself “Bubba”.

      Focus: This isn’t about me or my business (thanks for trashing the debate up with threats, though). This is about a lazy girl scout mother who breaks laws and encourages her kids to do the same, all while trampling on the rights of homeowners.

      Taking away the rights of one group to advance the cause of another means there’s a dictator somewhere. And, it’s not the homeowners who have the mother of all rights to keep commercial activity out of their residential area.

      1. JustaminutesDaddy says:

        You find someone saying they will not do business with you as a threat… I guess that really shows how big of a wuss you are.

        what is your business name?? What threat is that? If you find most on here agree with you then you have nothing to worry about?

        My name Bubba has nothing to do with me…. are you saying just a minute says somethign about you… maybe that is why you are so upset cause you last just a minute.

        I have a problem with neighbors who have to call the cops when they could have walked over and said something. Were these girls that scary? In your wuss world Im sure they are.

        I do agree that a homeowner can have a say, but why is one person say worth more then the rest of the neighborhood? What rights did this mom trample? Did she have the cookie sale in the neighbors yard or her own??? Does the neighbor pay her property taxes? If not then she can only worry about what happens in her yard. I know this cause I had a cop called on me for having my radio on when I was washing my car in MY DRIVEWAY. When the cops showed up he asked me who made the payments on my property taxes. I said I did then he went over and told her if she called again that I could get her for harrassment. I have the right to play music (and it wasn’t loud) all I wanted till 9 PM.

        Well you should get back to cleaning toliets…

      2. justaminuteDaddy says:

        Did you say that having 2 girl scouts reduces the value of homeowner civil rights???? Wow, you really are in the deep end of the pool. Explain how someone having their 2 kids for a couple weeks out of a year is “reducing the value of homeowner civil rights”. So when did neighbors have the right to say what you did in your yard? So do you feel if you had a garage sale, I could stop you cause you were “reducing the value of homeowner civil rights” What if I do not like the mower you use cause its loud and causes my dog to bark and you like to keep your yard really nice so you mow it all the time and then use a leaf blower to clean up afterwards, should your neighbor call the cops cause you are “reducing the value of homeowner civil rights” by making all that noise?

      3. justaminuteownsbubba says:

        Wow. I think you might actually be the lazy cookie crusader mom, since this seems personal to you. Walk a little, fatty – all the other girl scouts do; They make the “long” trek up to their local supermarkets.

        What’s your full name, Bubbahick? I want it, your phone number and full address before I tell you my company’s name. I’m going to verify you are who you say you are. Know why? Because disclosing my company name would give you access to the CEO and registered agent’s name (THAT’S ME) and address. Why would I do that when you’ve given ample evidence that you’re quite vindictive, and who knows what else? You’re either going to play this game fair and square, or you’re going to shut your trap.

        You like to bully people, huh? Just like a girl scout mommy when she doesn’t get her way. Booooo Hooooooo, grow up and obey the rules! If someone in my neighborhood causes unreasonable delays in reaching my residence or dealing with traffic and people clogging up the street and sidewalks, that is everyone’s problem.

        Furthermore, learn to read, redneckbubba – I clearly said I know that the people here do not agree with me. Did your daddy pee in a flower pot and now he has a blooming idiot?

      4. Bubba says:

        How did I get dragged into this argument.

  85. Claire Marie says:

    Q: When I buy Girl Scout Cookies, where does the money go?

    A: With every purchase, approximately 70% of the proceeds stays in the local Girl Scout council to provide a portion of the resources needed to support Girl Scouting in that area, including the portion that goes directly to the group selling the cookies. The balance goes directly to the baker to pay for the cookies.


  86. Skip says:

    Democratic Sen. Clair McCaskill’s old neighhood? Hummmm…. Enough said.

  87. gizmodo says:

    The local government is full of trolls. Tromp on little girls. That makes the local government trolls feel powerful. Everything may be controlled and prohibited to insure public safety.

  88. Jay says:

    We’re so free!

  89. JB says:

    If you cannot tell the difference between what is good and therefore fostering to community spirit and what is bad and detrimental to the common good, then, Hazelwood, MO…..here’s your sign.

    Is the Chief going to get a stakeout on the Longaberger parties next?! Looking for criminal baskets going in and out of homes?! You know how many products there are the do direct sales? If you’re gonna move that mountain Hazelwood, you’re going to need a larger police force.

    I’d hate to be on the City Council come dinner time at home. “Daddy, why do you hate the Girl Scouts? I thought I wanted to be a girl scout and learn citizenship but not anymore.” “Hey, honey, I need you to watch the kids Friday night. I WAS going to have an Avon party – I’m stuck with $2,000 worth of stuiff I can’t sell now, bytheway, thankyouverymuch, but since YOU outlawed that, me and the girls are going out bar-hopping.”

    If you are a city leader in Hazelwood, you ought to hang your head in shame.

  90. SJohnson says:

    NancyYo must be Michael’s mommy ! Hazelwood must be a wonderful place to live.
    No crime, no illegals, no drug dealing, no corrupt politicians, no budget worries. Only thing going on in Hazelwood is little girl scouts trying to sell their cookies.

  91. Rick Pellicciotti says:

    What happened to due process? Don’t these girls have a right to face their accuser? Whoever the grinch is that called the city down on them should have to show their face in public and be branded has a girl scout hater.

  92. betsy says:

    I don’t think the “Mexican Taco Stand” illustration was racist. The point is, would everybody here who is defending these poor, beleaguered, Girl Scouts defend a front-yard stand that draws a brown-skinned clientele?

  93. Andrew says:

    The girl scouts only sell these cookies once a year, for only a couple of weeks. I am pretty sure that they were not selling them at 6:00am or 10:00pm. Why could the neighbor just not deal with it for a few days and then after the sale was over, ask them to sell in a different location next year? That is the responsible and polite thing to do. These are girl scouts, not vacuum salesmen or Jehovah’s witnesses. I bet this neighbor is someone who also complains about how “kids just get in so much trouble these days…”

  94. Robert in Texas says:

    To all the “well, law is the law” types:

    If that was the case and should be followed absolutely, then the United States would have never been founded.

    The founders should have just paid their added stamp taxes and kept obeying the King then, shouldn’t they?

    Telling busycrats trying to make and enforce stupid laws to “take a hike” is just as American as apple pie.

    And those complaining the mother is teaching her kids badly:

    The mom has my applause and respect for teaching her kids to stand up to petty tyrants, the busycrats, and the quislings who support them.

    I hope the mom and kids “local revolution” does lead them to challenge and overturn that stupid ordinance, as well as inspire others to stand up with them to get that done.

    For those complaining about Texas redneck syntax:
    Adding grammar police to a conversation isn’t adding to a conversation.

    1. ScoutDad says:

      You are correct when you stated the U.S.A. would not have been founded if the colonists would have obeyed the law but that is completely different. The colonists felt they had to because it was taxation without representation. Our laws are passed by elected representatives. If you do not like the laws, elect a different representative. Do not advocate civil disobedience due to a completely different situation. Our founding fathers created the constitution forming our current system so would not advocate what you do.

  95. Steve Williams says:

    It’s sad that these little girls have a communist living next door, the America I grew up in does not punish children for doing positive things and lerning about how the free market works. If I was the parents of the little girls I would get organized and convince the citizens to change the laws for the city, so that the children can still do what they are doing. Good luck girls!

  96. Steven Zore says:


  97. Reality Sandwich says:

    Liberal fascism at its best.

  98. jEWFROMHELL says:


  99. PJ says:

    What about teaching the kids to follow the law? They might not agree with it, but just because you don’t agree with the law (I completely disagree with the law) doesn’t mean you can just ignore it. As soon as they got the warning they should have stopped having a stand in the yard. Set up somewhere else, then petition the city council for a change or exemption from the law.

    Being a Girl Scout should include following the law and being respectful to the idiots that create the laws.

  100. Since1791 says:

    The most appropriate responce of the parents would be to instruct their children to obey the law, while at the same time assist them in starting a movement to ammend the city ordinance to exempt non profit fundraising activities. This could be an incredible learning experience for these girls and I suspect that their efforts would garner significant support not only from within the community but outside the community as well.

  101. Bill says:

    Keep up the good work girls! I thought it was bad when the girl scouts were banned from selling cookies at the founder’s home in Savannah. I hope this is not a trend. I guess Hazelwood also bans lemonade stands. Hey, there’s a thought girls: sell lemonade with those cookies. Good Luck.

  102. trx says:

    If they were illegal immigrants, no problem. Welcome.

  103. Veglvr says:

    But the cookies suck

  104. Tyrone Washington says:

    What the hell is this world coming to? This is seriously 1984. Big Brother is way out of control.

  105. Yurnot Scroodenuf says:

    There is really not much worse than a government employee with nothing better to do. It’s rare to find one with common sense AND guts.

  106. natb1 says:

    People are not happy just being miserable anymore. They must make everyone around them miserable too.

  107. Bob says:

    None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

    -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    And so goes liberty in a nation that is controlled by socialists.

  108. Mike from VA says:

    I fully support the Girl Scouts. Their ideals, the things they teach to young girls, everything. As for the cookies, I buy over a hundred dollars worth of every year, which my coworkers very much appreciate (as does my niece from whom I purchase most of them).
    However, I think the girls in this story are being very selfish. If it is against the law to sell where they are selling, it is their responsibility to move. But instead they are deliberately breaking the law so that they can sell more cookies. What is that teaching the girls? That it is okay to ignore the law if it infringes on your right to make a dollar? As somebody in the story itself pointed out, this is not ‘good citizenship’. Or being a good neighbor.
    Oh, and to the silly person above (ilovecookies! I believe), who essentially (and in a juvenile way) pointed out that those who are supporting the city’s position obviously hate nine and ten years old girls and whatnot. That is the age where their guardians should be finishing teaching them right from wrong. Breaking the law is wrong. Working to change a law you do not like is right. And just as a note, read the last sentence of the story again. The girls in question are 14 and 16…that is a huge difference from nine and ten, as any parent of teenage girls will tell you.

    1. Mike from VA says:

      I see they updated the story and have removed mention of the girl’s ages.

  109. natb1 says:

    I suggest everyone solicit the complainant on a regular basis. Try to sell them everything under the sun. Knock on there door regularly, just out of concern. Kids…..”Ding Dong Ditch”

    1. nancyo says:

      yes, that will solve everything

  110. bev overmyer says:

    For Pete’s sake….their children….would you do the same thing with a “kool-aid” or a “lemonade” stand…Let them be children. Children who are learning how to work…unlike many others in this country!

  111. Don says:

    If we are to live in a republic then we must all learn how it works. Always go to the code or law itself which is easily found online most times.
    It is simple to remedy this, petition a code change to add language along the lines of “unless selling of such commodities is conducted by minors of the household involved in an incorporated club or official school fundraising drive, is conducted outside of scheduled school hours, is done no more than 2 hours per day, and is of a period no more than 8 days in any 6 month period.”

    You get the idea – below is the code, change it. Not easy, but it is simple. Whining not allowed people. Off your behinds and PARTICIPATE – stop spectating and commenting!
    HOME OCCUPATION: Any occupation, profession or activity that is a customary, incidental and secondary use of a residential unit carried on by a member of the immediate family residing on the premises, in connection with which there is used no sign other than a nameplate not more than one (1) square foot in area or no display that will indicate from the exterior that the building is being utilized in whole or in part for any purpose other than that of a dwelling and which does not alter the exterior of the property or affect the residential character of the neighborhood; there is no commodity sold upon the premises; no person is employed other than a member of the immediate family residing on the premises; no unusual traffic is generated; and no mechanical equipment is used except such as is permissible for purely domestic household purposes.

  112. Scheideck says:

    Are they enforcing ALL laws in Hazelwood? Then there are no illegal aliens, right?!?!

  113. DBTRN says:

    The GSA caved in to political correctness a long time ago, so they lie in the bed they made.

    Five democrat assembly judiciary committee members in California blocked a resolution honoring the BSA on their 100th Anniversary because they will not allow sexual deviants into the leadership. Just so y’all know how low they can get.

  114. JA says:

    The government needs some common sense here.

    They must realize that if they don’t inspire kids to sell, there won’t be (too many) entrepranuers out there in the future, crashing our economy, breaking down our government.

    That rule is really only meant for people who want to sell bikes or have a restaraunt in their home. Not for kids selling Girl Scout Cookies.

  115. Newt2012 says:

    Clinton/Obama America…2 p ussies that have brought this country down with their Politically Correct ways…..God Helps the USA!!!

  116. Tom Davidson says:

    Ask Davidson if he thinks it is ‘good citizenship” to allow one *ANONYMOUS* complainant to control the behavior of several law-abiding citizens, with the government acting as an ‘enabler’ for such tyranny.
    Has the city abrogated the Sixth Amendment Right for the accused ‘to be confronted with the witnesses against him?”

  117. Seabee's says:

    Now, lets get the complete story! She has been warned that this was a violation of the city laws for the last three or four years, not in the story, she is willfully breaking the law because she does not agree with it, she is educating her childern to break the laws if they disagree with them, and she is telling her neighbors that she has no respect for them, their homes, and their solitude. Now you all want to bash on the government for enforcing the laws, you all seem to be a bit hypocritical here, if they did not enforce the laws you would cry, and when they do you cry. Make up your minds on which side of the fence you are going to throw stones from!

  118. Gary says:


    I’m so sick and tired of the girl scout cookie marketing BS. How many parents take there stupid list into work to sell cookies their damn kids are suppose to be selling. FAIL.

    Look if they were actually made by girl scouts, tasted decent, and weren’t so ridiculously overpriced, I could see myself buying them from time to time. As it is now, its a complete scam. Ill take Oreos any day over girl scout cookies, and there cheaper.

    1. gates1588 says:

      Gary – I agree that Oreo cookies taste better and are cheaper, but the GS cookies are sold to support GS programs. Adults understand the “profits” are meant for that purpose. If they were selling yellow wrist bands it would be the same, a price higher than Wal-Mart just to support the cost of GS programs.

  119. Sergeant Hulka says:

    My 9 year old girl sold cookies in our front yard this year, and has been for three years now. I get nothing but support from our Shreveport neighbors. My little girl reached her goal of 1000. After that, she was willing to give all the sales she had over 1000 to other girls who havn’t reached their goal yet. That’s what Scouting teaches our children. If I lived in Hazelwood, Mo, I would drive by and buy a case of cookies from those girls just to show my support, then I would send one box to each of the city council members.

  120. Steve Moran says:

    this is ajoke, yes?

  121. jack says:

    The caller/complainer is probably a retired gov. worker! Prove me wrong! That is the way these parasites act.

  122. UnionsRule says:

    It wasn’t a neighbor. The code enforcement people always say an anonymous tip or a complaint was the reason they enforced the code. This deflects the blame from them. Union workers at their finest.

  123. AnonX says:

    A total lack of details here 😦
    Were they having cars stopped when they should be moving? It sounds like they were selling to drivers of cars, if thats so, then I would support such a ban as would most people posting here. I just don’t think the whole story is reported here. I have to think people wouldn’t do these things unless there is a good reason.

  124. Nick says:

    Used to live in west county myself a while back…..sounds like I left around the right time as the area was becoming leftist at that time around the Gephardt days

  125. Todd says:


  126. Scotty says:

    Lets cut to the chase. The closing of this stand and the call that prompted it is in actuality an attack on an organization with perceived Christian ties and traditional values. Most of the people who support actions such as these have a prejudice against organizations like the girls scouts. It has next to nothing to do with law and order.

  127. gommygoomy says:

    These girls should put on Black Face, tell the city that they’re Black Panthers, and if they still have a problem? They can call ERIC HOLDER.

  128. jschmidt says:

    They shouldn;t sell the cookies. They should give them away for free, for a suggested donation of $3-4 dollars or whatever the sale price would be. Then they are not selling!

  129. Smegley Wanxalot says:

    I’d rather have these girls selling cookies on their lawn than laying the guilt-trip on me at the exit of the grocery store.

  130. M Smith says:

    While the government, indoctrination schools tell these girls how bad Capitalism is and how our glorious leader will lead them to the promised land of living in a Third World Economic country – they are seeing first-hand how their over-reaching, intrusive government is affecting their lives.

    Conservatives can rant and rave all day about the evils of this intrusive government and those words will fall on deaf ears. Instances of meddling, even at this level, will do more to teach the young people who to look to for their future – Conservatives who believe in their right to pursue any opportunity to better themselves or liberals, who believe that these girls should be held down and forced to submit to governmental regulations which do nothing but limit and deprive them of their freedoms.

    Yes, it is sad that these girls have to endure this, but I rejoice at the fact that there are now two more people (not counting all their friends) who will look at the leftist agenda with a jaded eye and not buy into the propaganda spewed by their NEA ‘educators’.

  131. jim says:

    Do they ship? 😉

  132. lschmit says:

    Sounds like something Nazis would do. Whoever the complaining neighbor is should have his house egged

  133. Chuck says:

    There is just waaaaay too much common sense being displayed in this blog…..

  134. Don says:

    “Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality” –Michael Ellner

  135. John says:

    The girls should just get a yardsale/garage sale permit and then tell the “annonymous” complainer to pack sand…….

  136. joe bart says:

    It amazes that people will vote for people that will tax and regulate them to death or let them pass laws that will get them put in prison.
    Stop voting for that type of leadership and change the laws.

  137. gates1588 says:

    Point one – why would a community ban home sales of any kind in an era of telecommunications and high unemployment? Our town has over 75% of its enterprises being conducted from home. All the businesses are very small (no bigger than a garage or office), sign ordinances are very tight (2 sq. ft. in size, about what you would see for an address marker), and there is a maximum limit on the number of cars that can come each day (including employees).

    Point two – it’s up to the local elected officials to change the law, which requires very little effort.

  138. JohnK` says:

    Why is it that it takes10 to 20 phone calls to get the Police to do something about people selling drugs, but only ONE to stop the Girl Scouts from selling cookies?

  139. kendrick1 says:

    Clear two murderers out of a cell and throw those two persistent felons in their place! We can’t have such horrible things going on such as selling Girl Scout cookies on their own front lawn. It may be necessary to get the National Guard in on this.

  140. Bill Beooks says:

    Anonymous complaint? There is always a jerk in the neighborhood that just looks for something to complain about.

    Next thing you know the city of Hazelwood will arrest a couple of six year olds for their lemonade stand – probably because the same jerk called in to complain about that too.

    Welcome to the real world kids.

  141. mb7725 says:

    1 anonymous complaint. That’s what it takes these days to shaft your foot in the can of every one. That anonymous neighbor should be the guest of honor of a neighborhood blanket party. What a bunch of lousy, sissy, coward, pukes.

  142. MaryLou says:

    The Girl Scouts there ought to take this as a learning experience and look into getting the city’s code changed to allow for selling from front yards? Maybe they can get a special permit or something. The organization teaches the kids to be good citizens, part of which is obeying laws. So working to change the law would be a good experience in civic responsibility.

  143. Reality Check says:

    The amazing part is the city official actually stood up and defended this.

    This something any sane man would have avoided like the plague.

    One can only hope there God uses this as a teaching moment and he loses his job and the whole world publicizes it.

    It will send a message.

  144. CookieMonster says:

    TERRORISMMMMM!!!!!!! Why doesn’t anyone think of the children???

  145. keith says:

    What a joke…..leave it to a city to tell a kid they can’t do something to learn how life truly works. How do you expect them to sell their cookies if you won’t allow them to do it from PRIVATE property, and probably won’t even let them do it door to door either. Just the fact that someone was so low to go as far as to turn in a few young girl scouts…..I’m sure its the same kind of person who would turn someone in for stepping on a crack in the sidewalk – hope you are proud of yourself

  146. Rowdy Boots says:

    Who is it that elects these moronic people?

    Is America losing it’s mind? When does common sense prevail? I buy Girl Scout cookies every year. Why? Because I see young people doing something entrepreneurial, something worthwhile, something good.

    Your Elected Officials are undeserving of Leadership. Is it not obvious?


  147. Stan says:

    And people wonder why we HATE the government with a white hot hatred?? Remember this carp when the war starts.

  148. D-Vid-Edit says:

    I can understand being frustrated about the high amounts of traffic and noise in a quiet neighborhood, especially if its due to the girl scout stand. I want my cookies like everyone else but regardless if its a lemon aid stand (like what I did as a kid), or girl scout cookies….. if the traffic is way out of hand due to their sales success, then that can be problematic.

    It’s not bad on the kids for being entrepreneurs, for learning the value of money, et al. It’s about quiet enjoyment, which is something all neighbors, including the parents of these girls are entitled to. There should be a happy medium but it sounds like whoever called the city chose not to talk to their neighbor first and try to work out a solution. People suck sometimes, neighborhoods no longer get to know each other anymore. Sounds like that neighborhood has a few “GET OFF MY LAWN” types. That’s unfortunate but the city should never have been called in to settle what could have been a very simple neighborhood chat.

    Reality is…the cookies won’t be around forever. They should find out who reported them to the city and have the girls present a free box of cookies to that stodgy neighbor. Perhaps then, that grouchy turd will rethink his/her actions.

    I hope they make their sales goal.

  149. Ed Sommers says:

    There is a big difference between SELLING for a profit, and a NON-PROFIT fund raiser!


  150. Reality Check says:

    You have to love the Minister though.

    He buys 300 boxes and has most of them distributed to the neighbors, including the anonymous one.

    That also sends a message.

  151. American Patriot says:

    Tell them to set up a stand and sell their cookies at any state bordering Mexico. No one will bother them over there.

  152. SickofNigero's says:

    Why not a NUDE PHOTO SPREAD of some WHITE GIRL SCOUTS?????



  153. natb1 says:

    cite the barking dog owners…..they are the worst kind of neighbors!

  154. Jeweler says:

    I am curious if the complaining neighbor’s dog likes the taste of “D-Con”…….Just wondering out loud……

  155. BubbaT says:

    Citizens need to start taking their cities back from these overzealous, idiot bureaucrats. What the Girl Scouts aren’t giving the city their “cut” so they outlaw them? This is the biggest bunch of BS.

  156. Reality Check says:

    To: Yirmin Snipe who wrote:

    “The fact that the mom and her kids think they are actually accomplishing something by selling a box of cookies for $5 so that the little troop can keep $0.35 with the rest going to the manufacturer and the head office clearly is an idiot. The troop could make more money going to a Sams or Costco, buying candy bars and selling them for a dollar a bar.”

    I agree with the above poster, you are clueless about the Girl Scouts and their cookie sales program.

  157. N Earle says:

    Boo Hazelwood.

  158. Irving Nussbaum says:

    Let me guess. This town is run by liberal democrats?

  159. John says:

    The City of Hazelwood could have handled this in a much better manner! If they were truly interested in educating the girls in “good citizenship”, then they could have talked to the Parents and advised them as to how they could petition the city for a temporary variance or permit. Instead, they simply advised them that they had to shut down this dangerous and illegal operation!! It’s shameful….

  160. VA_Magoo says:

    “Based on this complaint, the city of Hazelwood had to take action,” says spokesman Tim Davidson. He says it is also against city code to sell products from home.”
    Sooooo are they going to arrest every one in town that sells something on Ebay or Craigslist? I personally would be looking for a new city to live in.

  161. John says:

    This is so wrong on so many levels. First I would like to say hey would you rather have young girls selling cookies or older girls pushing drugs. The sad reality is that Davidson is not respecting the rights of The Girls Scouts they have always sold cookies, the Boy Scouts don’t have the tasty cookies the girls do, to drive money so we would sometimes get donations of Garbage bags to sell to the community, and the money does such wonderful things it is hard to even try to understand WHY, they would ban this action on the girls?

    I am an Eagle Scout of the Boy Scouts Of America here in NYC and because of the direction and creative spirit they,and my parents have instilled in me, has lead to me owning and operating one of the first schools for blogging and social media named Bloggers School and becoming a thought leader and trend spotter.

    I would like to donate a WP blog/ website just for the local sales and news from the girls to help people find you whenever they want for cookies and to see what happening with the troops the support, I also think that the girls should be able to sell face to face, throughout the community, it builds self-esteem.

    Please contact me using the email here Learn@bloggersschool.com if you are willing to except our donation for the girls.

    Sincerely John

  162. wizzy says:

    Has the city council done anything useful in the last decade? at what cost?
    40% of the electorate are too stupid to be allowed to vote

  163. LukeJohn says:

    “The Land of the Free…”

    Not anymore!

    This is pathetic. We have become a country of intrusive, controlling laws and regulations administered by self-righteous , brain-dead bureaucrats.

    We like to proclaim what a wonderful, free country this is but if you look at it with OPEN eyes and an OPEN mind, you will see that today we are LESS free than people in many other countries.

    Shame on us for letting this happen but even more shame if we allow it to continue to happen.

    This country was founded on the inter-related concepts of personal freedom and self-responsibility as well as on LIMITED government.

    How far we have fallen.

    Time to get back to those great roots of true Democracy, the roots that once made this, the greatest country on Earth.

  164. natb1 says:

    Funny……Lets blame the girl scouts for the obnoxious dog barking, which is also a crime in most communities. Im sure it is in Hazelwood.

    I personally hate lousy dog owners who dont train their pets. All of our dogs have been well behaved. They didnt constantly bark at every gust of wind. Stupid dog owners think you just get a dog, hug and feed them, then put them outside to disturb the peace. They dont understand that their stupid mutts see all OTHER people as a threat.

  165. Biff Baxter says:

    Please all of you who love government, cherish bureaucracy and worship at the altar of regulation, please celebrate this great victory of regulation over common sense.

    Because in 2012, change is gonna rock your world.

  166. Rich Rosen says:

    Seems like this punk Tim Davidson needs a good crack across the ear with a box of my Girl Scout shortbread cookies. now the polictically correct are attacking the Girl Scouts? You guys are sooooo over

  167. jw5745 says:

    Minor bureaucratic functionaries doing what they do best…

  168. poorsinner says:

    I’m ready to buy a house in MO and for the rest of my LIFE… I’m going to bad mouth Hazelwood.


  169. roo says:

    It’s a bad situation. The Girl Scouts themselves don’t even support this.

    Hazelwood has an obligation to its citizens and they are not happy with this. It’s my understanding that there is a church down the road where they could sell these cookies but they refuse. A little compromise would go a long way here.

    1. Martin says:

      Good point Roo

  170. geneva says:

    General Specific:

    Obviously, you have no ability to extrapolate. Allow me to do it for you: there is a limited number of boxes that can be sold within the confines of one’s own neighborhood where these teens would be selling to known persons. Therefore, I suggest that they would wander outside their comfort zones and ring the doorbells of strangers. Possibly even in apartment complexes. I did this back in the 1960s myself. When my father found out where I had been, he accompanied me every time I went out selling cookies after that. In today’s society, for a bevy of reasons, some just and some not, most parents don’t have the time to act as out-of-neighborhood escorts. Do I think that all folks are out to kidnap kids? No. But it only takes one.

  171. Betty says:

    “told the mother and daughters to give the rest to neighbors.”

    I hope one of the neighbors receiving a box of cookies isn’t the one who complained in the first place.

    I am REALLY HUNGRY for some Samoas now.

  172. roo says:

    Oh,also, since I’m a St. Louis resident I went ahead and called Hazelwood city hall. They were very nice and explained to me that this woman/family has done this for years and they didn’t care one bit. This year people started to complain about the traffic and noise and creepy people in their neighborhood and all that. The city obviously has an obligation to all its residents not just people who sell girl scout cookies. I don’t think it’s as simple as just banning girl scout cookie sales. There’s a little more to it.

    And, I’m a former Girl Scout. We were told to NOT do what they are doing right now. They can go door to door or set up shop at a church or supermarket or whatever. The family could easily fix this but they decided not to.

  173. Wncchester says:

    Well, those girls are old enough to begin to learn about the effects of “liberal: government”.

  174. Anon says:

    Wow. It’s remarkable how an article about Girl Scout cookies has degenerated into a bigot free-for-all. It’s lovely to know that hate and bigotry are alive and thriving in St. Louis.

  175. Skep41 says:

    Those kids sure learned a valuable lesson about ‘Opportunity In America’. There isnt any. The government, aided by a few anonymous complaints from angry idiots, will shut down any attempt to better ones’ self by rendering a service to a willing public. I have a suggestion. Next year rename your product ‘Islamocookies’ and dedicate all profits to helping illegal aliens stay in the country. The aggrieved neighbors will be arrested for Hate Speech for complaining. The Girls Scouts are just too un-PC.

  176. Peter says:

    Full Disclosure: As parents of two boys, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, we’re in the popcorn fundraising business and those cute little girls and their irresistible cookies are ‘the competition.’

    That said, the Hazlewood government goons are just another example of the Obama/Democrat/Union war on capitalism. Wake up, my fellow Americans. We have goons in the White House, the Congress, right down to local leftists in places like Hazelwood.

    Keep buying the Girl Scout cookies (and the Cub/Boy Scout popcorn, please), and stick these Progressive/Leftist/Democrats recreants in the eye.

    Stand up for your children against the heinous lizards we’ve recently elected. Buy scout cookies, popcorn and vote your conscience and not your party!

  177. petroliapete says:

    It not only is “teaching leadership, communication, entrepreneurship” but it is teaching the difference between entreprenuerial capitalism and the overreaching control of an oppresseive government body.

    You go girls!!

  178. tom says:

    I would like to talk to the jerk who called it in , in the first place .

  179. billy says:

    if my life is ever so empty that i care if a kid is selling cookies just kill me

    1. Peter says:

      Apparently, your life is that empty. It’s up to you what’s next. Good luck!

  180. Ghostsouls says:

    I guess it w3oulde be better if the teen girls were out running the streets at night, doing under age drinking, taking drugs, having pre-marital sex, babies and abortions, and committing crimes….. Instead of being in the girl scouts doing good things within the community. Why don’t these people just make rules to allow these kind of events in certain places at certain times, then everyone is happy. Believe me, the person who complained is probably already known, there are people like this in every neighborhood, calling because too many cars by your house, your grass is too long, your trash cans were not taken in fast enough, you know the type, the old neighborhood grouch. They got nothing better to do with their lives. Businesses in town could allow these girls to have a table in their stores, the town could give a special $5 permit in certain areas of town during cookie sale time, which only happens once per year….there are easier easy of dealing with this people, use your heads.

  181. Anti-scrooge says:

    IDIOTS- leave the girls alone. The bureaucrats and neighbors need to get a life.

  182. hempstead1944 says:

    Perhaps if they make a campaign donation to Clair?

  183. JL says:

    “And while he has heard some complaints from residents that Hazelwood is being too harsh on the teens, Davidson says others have pointed out that one tenet of the Girl Scouts is good citizenship.”

    I’m sure that’s what they told the Hitler Youth.

    Good citizenship in America is supposed to mean standing up for the Constitution and our natural rights, not obeying some overpaid bureaucrats who rob the tax payers and steal our freedoms.

  184. Pete says:

    Sorry, with a registered complaint, the city is correct.
    If you want to jump on someone, jump on the annon. complaitant. They started it.
    Additionally, it is correct in stating, the Girl Scouts require their members to be good citizens. Bad law or not, they should comply with the regulation and if it has happened before, shame on these girls for defying it.

  185. mark says:

    The girlscouts are Al Qaeda

  186. ugi says:

    it’s bushes fault.

  187. Kirk says:

    Crazy what lengths some city governments will go to. I had to appear in court when I was slapped with a criminal nuisance charge for having Christmas lights last year. I was ordered to limit the hours and days the lights could be displayed.

  188. Dale says:

    Can’t sell out of your house? Where does that leave Amway, Tupperware and Avon among others?

  189. Charlie G says:

    If you want to argue law, then become a lawyer, then argure law. IF not then state your opinion. If the city of Hazelwood wants to spend tax dollars enforcing “code” that was intended for full time activities, then by all means waste more of our dollars we will remember!!! However to the idiot who complained and to the idiots who are trying to inforce a code outside of its intent then all I can say is I hope that your world is soft and that no one offends you, heven forbid that your rights are not strictly inforced. — To the parents of the girls: Good Job for teaching common sense!!! We need more of that in this country..

  190. Jenny Bea says:

    So what if someone wanted to have a yard sale? Really? Good lesson for thes egirls- the neigbors can be a pain, but especially when they haven’t the guts to do anything but anonymously report these little girls. You know, like the scouts are criminals or something.

  191. Barry Bin Inhalin says:

    Meanwhile, they’re debating the legalization of pot. The world is upside down. Please wake me when it’s over.

  192. Machismo says:

    FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Why penalize the Girl Scouts? Take care of the barking dogs! There are city ordenances against dogs barking. The City officials should be slapped down and be forced to make a Donation to the Girl Scouts for the lost revenue.

  193. Todd says:

    What is their opinion on yard sales?

    I assume they have banned those? (I think I know the answer to this)

  194. john says:

    This is the result of BIG BROTHER goverment…

  195. MAVERICK401 says:

    Illegal to ell products from home – so the city should be going after ebay then…right? What a joke.

  196. Ryan says:

    What useless, low, waste of human life came up with this sorry law. What a pointless and laughable ban on something. Forget about creating jobs or helping the homeless, as long as those damn girl scouts cant sell thier cookies on thier own property then America is safe.

  197. Lee Yarbrough says:

    The real villain here is the neighbor that called and made the complaint.

    Now you may not agree with the law but bottom line it is a law. If everyone started selling things in their front yard you would not be happy about it. The city has to do their job when there is a complaint filled. If they did not do their job you would complain about that also. Lay the blame on the one that complained, not the people doing the job you pay them to do. I know, Common sense is not easy to use but try it some time.

  198. Cheryl Anne says:

    Why is the that the government never seems to tell the chronic neighborhood complainer to mind their own business – the girls aren’t hurting anyone. It’s not, after all, illegal to have a garage sail with extra cars coming by, and girls have been selling girl scout cookies for generations. Any species that caters to the lowest common denominator soon goes extinct. I’d say we’re well along that path when our behavior is restricted to the first person who “doesn’t like” what we’re doing. Mind your own damn business or move to a kid-free neighborhood! And government: shame on you for “promoting small business” and then stomping on them at the first sorry excuse for an opportunity! Barking dogs? Really. Give me a break! Bah!

  199. natb1 says:

    Politcos cant use judgment, because they “feel” trapped by legalities.

    However, there is a legal, and reasonable means to dismiss the neighbors complaint. Do it like all politcos and layers do. REDEFINE the “commercial” zone. You can write a common sense definition for “Commercial / Industrial Zoning” in your jurisdiction. You can also write COMMON sense laws defining “disruption”, or “nuisance”. At some point, reason will have to play a part. First, Police make a judgements as to whether a complaint should be pursued. Then Judges decide if a case deserves continued pursuit. If its argued further, juries of PEERS make an ultimate judgement.

    There is no way reasonable people MUST conclude that July weekend lemonade stands, run by minors, constitutes a violation of zoning laws.

  200. KJ says:

    I used to be a code enforcement officer. When we got complaints like this we would “investigate” for about three months via the round file, them then inform the complaintant it has been resolved.

  201. Jilly says:

    What about people who sell things on ebay… from their homes. Is that illegal now too?

  202. Ted_CT says:

    “Davidson says others have pointed out that one tenet of the Girl Scouts is good citizenship”

    Does not Davidson have the responsibility to NOT be an a $ $ h o l e?

  203. Alan says:

    I’ll bet that the neighbors were complaining about the dogs barking and the news liars reported that the action was about the girls. It is CBS, remember.

    Nobody is going to even read this.

    1. poorsinner101 says:

      I read this! lol

  204. natb1 says:


    Why cant liberals just be happy being miserable?

    Why must they re-distribute so much misery?

  205. John Galt says:

    The complaining neighbor needs to get a life. The City authorities should
    have acted on her complaint after the girls reached their sales quota.

  206. K says:

    Interesting Contact Links can be found here for residents of Hazelwood
    http://www.ci.hazelwood.mo.us/index.php/contact-info.html. I do not condone others contacting a city directly unless they are direct constituents. Just making it easier for citizens of Hazelwood to find the folks they should be contacting.

    I would encourage all of the citizens of Hazelwood to express their opinions. This is a time to stand up. I would also like to point out the reactions of our government officials often don’t match the intent of the law. There is a wide amount of interpretation around administration. It is for this reason we need to hold our administrators accountable. Get rid of them if they don’t administer the law correctly, just as you would remove a legislator and should be able to remove a judge who doesn’t represent you. Just because they are an office employee doesn’t mean they can do what they like. Hold their bosses accountable and force them to do what is right.

    I am glad to see the Rev. step in and attempt to make peace. I think his intent was correct, but I don’t think it really had the impact he thought it would. If I had been the mom I would have looked at selling the cookies right outside of City Hall until they had all been sold. Shame on the neighbors. There is someone in that neighborhood who should consider packing up and living as a hermit. I can’t imagine the noise and ruckus was that big of a deal.

    Shame on the city managers and administrators. I am actually interested to know if they are flooded with complaints from citizens and to see what their longer term action will be on this point. Our community passed a special ordinance that allows our kids (school/scouts) to still be able to make these kinds of sales w/o permit and keeps the other folks out without a permit. It would behoove the members of Hazelwood to consider this kind of ordinance to help protect the rights of their kids.

  207. Oberon123 says:

    If Mills doesn’t like the LAW, then let her work to change it. To say that she was going to ignore the law means that she should go to jail. We live in a society. We don’t get to pick and choose which laws to obey. There are methods of changing laws, and she needs to learn some respect for the law. She has none; her kids won’t either.

  208. American Heretic says:

    This is a case where the ACLU could actually do something positive for the values of America. My bet is that they do not step forward.

  209. Jim says:

    So next year they should sell them from a neighbor’s home. What idiocy.

  210. Detter says:

    “A neighbor complained anonymously because of all the people and the traffic and the dogs barking at all the people and the traffic.”

    And if you grow veggies in your garden with a group of people, they will be knocking on your door too.

  211. seancauffiel says:

    One complaint about the selling, thousands of complaints about disallowing selling. And they’re still taking sides with just the one. Mm.

  212. Scalpless says:

    So you cant have a garage sale or sell on Craigslist either? This garbage has got to stop. To many rules and laws on our personal property. Land of the free…my butt!

  213. jackspratt1 says:

    Obama fault – he gonna tax you

  214. John says:

    Davidson suffers from rectal-cranial-inversion. Let him be.

  215. Irony Mike says:

    I’d be willing to bet that had the girl scouts selling cookies been gay activists selling AIDS ribbons to support AIDS research or muslim girls in full hijab selling whatever kind of cookie equivalent muslims enjoy in an effort to support their mosque, there’d have been no anomyous complaint and, even if there had been, no action would have been taken. Traditional American institutions are under assault by leftists across the country, including the ones in positions of authority in Hazelwood. The justifications given by the local authorities there are ludicrous.

  216. FLT says:

    Sounds like Hazelwood needs to fire/recall anyone connected to making this decision.

  217. John C says:

    The girl scouts should be allowed ot sell their cookies from their home AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T DISTURB OR INTERFERE WITH OTHERS.

  218. Bob says:

    The Girl Scouts support Planned Parenthood. I don’t taste the forbidden fruit.

    1. Jeff says:

      So just because you don’t agree with one of their positions, you’re willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater?

      Your position is absolutist, and rarely leads to anything good.

  219. deanH says:

    So.. are garage sales illegal in Hazelwood?

  220. Zak says:

    Don’t live in neighborhoods that put rerstrictions that you don’t like. This is why I will never live in a area that tells me when to put up, and take down my Christmas lights, what color I can and can not paint my house, and what I can and cant do in my own yards. Frankly, the town has every right to have rules. If the girl scout mother doesnt like it…. MOVE!!!

  221. LarryD says:

    It is okay to question AND defy in bad law. And that is a bad law, so go ahead and sell your cookies if you want to.

  222. ihatehypocrites says:

    Wanna’ bet if this was a bunch of muslims or gays selling their wares, NOTHING would have been said or done?

  223. Rick Deckard says:

    Government: Common sense need not apply.

  224. tommy boy says:

    It’s time for a new mayor and while your at it mc caskill should go too.

  225. Philip McKracken says:

    I, for one, am glad to see this. While I am all for the scouts, there is the right way, and the wrong way to raise funds. The girl’s stand is a nuisance to one (or more) neighbors, period. We also don’t know all of the details. Did the complaining neighbor(s) have an infant who kept being disturbed by the barking dogs? Were “Customers” taking up parking spaces meant for the residents? Was excessive traffic creating unsafe conditions? The parents should have contacted the city before setting up shop. Having Mom allow the girls to continue is simply teaching them it is ok to do whatever you want, even if it breaks the law.

  226. Lilith says:

    I’m beginning to believe that the great state of Missouri is becoming a mirror of California. Your political scene is absolute insanity. What is going on with your state?

  227. Frederic Nash says:

    “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.”
    — Ronald Reagan

  228. Pete says:

    That is so wrong to coerce these young girls into selling these cookies, today cookies, tomorrow, their bodies. Let me guess, the executive director of the GS probably pulls down about $800K/year on the backs of these poor children, as does the CEO of the bakery. Go Hazlewood!!!

  229. Reality Sandwich says:

    Socialist America defies logic. The needs of the one out-weigh the benefit to the many. NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) will ruin the planet. Keep on selling, girls. Civil disobedience!!!

  230. Crisis Averted says:

    The Girl Scouts should be bound to the laws of their local community as much as any other organization, profit or non-profit, unless everyone up in arms would like to see Planned Parenthood selling cookies on their doorstep. Five minutes and I just found Planned Parenthood’s solution if they get cutoff from government funding. Thanks Girl Scouts!

  231. Robert Harris says:

    I guess law men cant come and sell their services at your home either? no solicitations of people selling things on your door knob or in your mail box either huh? I thought it was illegal to discriminate against people for age race and so on. Obviously this city hasn’t ever read the US Constitution. I think the ordinance they have is unconstitutional. Of course we see lots of cities resorting to communism these days by passing city ordinances so im not surpised.

  232. robert m says:

    Girl Scout cookies are a rip off. The portion of profit actually received by the scouts is minimal.Where the rest goes is probably found in the Hamptons or Palm Beach. I buy em, but would rather give all the cash to them. Cookies are so-so quality too.

  233. ralphone says:

    Poor – Poor Hazelwood. Good lord, the Girl Scouts??? Oh, figured
    it out — Street corner, side walk must have permit. $$$$$$$$$ you

  234. Kay L says:

    If selling the cookies from their front yard was impacting the quality of life for their neighbors then yes, it should have been stopped.

    I believe in the rights of people to do pretty much whatever they want with their property, but in this case the cookie stand was causing traffic and noise.

    No one has the right to impose that on their neighbors on a daily basis.

  235. Doyle Souders says:

    Typical City Reaction. One person complains and they shutdown the girl scouts. No consideration to the hundreds that want the girls to continue.

  236. Larry Mason says:


  237. SmarterThanLibs says:

    It is the DUTY of EVERY AMERICAN to break laws that are unconstitutional. Is there equal enforcement against estate sales, garage sales, ebay sellers, craigslist sellers, Avon parties etc? A good lawyer will destroy this BS law in court.

  238. mel says:

    Missouri…wow. Democratic Senator McCaskill forgets to pay property tax on her airplane, Westboro Baptist Church is free to devastate famillies of killed servicemen, and Girl Scouts can’t sell cookies in their yard. I thought California was bad! Shame on you all in the “Show Me State”, all you can show for yourselves is stupidity.

    1. waicool says:

      we’re working on it mel, now have your cookies and milk and goodnight.

  239. Jim W. says:

    When one doesn’t like a law or an ordinance, one can choose to work towards changing said rule, but never ignoring or willfully violating same. To do so would be advocating for the Rule of Men versus the Rule of Law, which would throw our whole republic into disarray. The rules must be followed or changed. The Girl Scouts and the mother of these girls should insist on lawful conduct. The ordinance could be easily modified to allow for “casual activity”, such as cookies; lemonade; yard sales; vegetable sales; etc.

  240. Dave says:

    Isin’t this “Air Clair” McCaskill’s stomping ground? No surprises here

  241. foosfan says:

    You wont be able to buy Girl Scout cookies but you can buy all the stolen goods in North County at any of Hazelwood’s pawn shops. They set up all of the criminals best places to sell their product right down the street from Florissant.

    This city is a joke. They have the newest run down, no body goes to it mall in the St. louis area becase of all the thugs that hang out there. You can tell the quality of the The Mills by all the stores that sell fake gold chains.

    Be sure to tell the Girl Scouts they can get a storefront for their cookies at that run down mall. Plenty of storefronts available.

  242. paladin says:

    Fundraising for a charitable organization (selling girl scout cookies) on the sidewalk (a publicly owned space/not within a home) is not selling a product from home!

  243. prutt says:

    They are poisoning people with the Hydrogenated OIls

  244. Patriot_765 says:

    Watch out all you tuperware, Amway, and Mary Kay sales folks. There is a new sherriff in town and he’s hell bent on cleaning up crime.

    This may win an award of the year for most silly enforcement.

  245. jess says:

    All it is is a cookie company pimping out little girls to sell there product.That’s the problem.The girl scouts get a very small margin of the actual sales.

  246. Rick says:

    It just takes one Policitally CORRECT LIBERAL to Eff things up for everyone…

  247. Osamas Pajamas says:

    Amazing. The problem with “law-makers” is that they tihnk they should sit there and “make laws.” Let’s REPEAL a few billion laws and throw these clowns under a bus.

  248. Texasron says:

    Where is Hazelwood so I don’t ever have to vist there?

  249. Martin says:

    Whats wrong not wanting lots of people around your home… Doesnt the community of neiighbors have rights too? If it was some guy selling the cookies for whatever cause, would that be ok? I bet if this was in front of your homes, all of the comments would read differently.. It sounds like a dangerous sitituation. I think the right thing was done. I buy Girl Scout cookies and will continue to do so, but lets do it in a safe way that doesnt upset our neighbors. They were asked to stop, but did not… That tells me that they dont believe in following the rules. Anyways, the people replying to this are very mean, you should consider that children might read this and have some respect… Shame on all of you that cant act like adults.

    1. Philip McKracken says:

      She sold 2000 cookies, right? That is a lot of cookies and probably brought in a lot of traffic into the neighborhood. If she wanted to sell the cookies, she should have gone door-to-door or asked a local business if she could have set up a table in a parking lot. There is a very good reason some areas are zoned residential and others zoned commercial. The lady should have been hit with a citation and the girl scout organization should punish them for knowingly breaking the law.

  250. Abby Normal says:

    Let me start out by saying I’m not attacking the Girl Scouts! (I love their cookies!)

    As stated in the artical it is illigal to sell ANY product from your home, not just cookies. They can’t suddenly make an exception to that rule just because they are girls, because then everybody will try to find a away to have an exception. They aren’t attacking the girls and they aren’t attacking the cookies. The government has to stop things that are illigal, that’s what we put them there for. The city has never minded it before, but somebody complained. That is why somebody had to tell them to stop. If the person wouldn’t have complained I bet they wouldn’t have done anything. The city can’t make an exception. It’s just like saying “Oh well. If it’s okay for girls to sell cookies from their house, then I can sell crack from my house.”

    I’m just saying.

  251. Concerned Citizen says:

    The city is just protecting its citizens from the Girl Scout Menace.
    It takes a special kind of courage to go after little girls.

  252. Fletchy D says:

    Good citizenship also involves taking responsibility to talk to one’s neighbors before bringing the authorities into it! Did these neighbors ever approach the stand and ask them to be considerate of their wishes, or to limit the amount of time they were outside selling cookies (it’s not like it’s 24/7)? Besides, everyone has driveways in Hazelwood, so parking ought not be an issue when the average time it takes to buy some cookies is less than 10 minutes. But really, on the face of it, THE NEIGHBORS ARE PROBABLY JUST MISERABLE PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE LIBERALS WHO HATE CHILDREN.

    1. Philip McKracken says:

      Seriously? Seriously !?!? If the extra traffic blocked the parking space in front of my house, or the commotion kept waking up my baby, then I would have done the same thing. This is but another fine example of people believing the rules are meant for everyone BUT them and it is OK to break the rules if it prevents one from getting what one wants. Quite frankly, I am sick of people, like this woman. There is a reason we have laws. If she wanted to sell 2000 cookies, then she should have rented space and sold them at a place zoned commercial. After a busy day a work and being stuck in rush-hour traffic, the last thing I want to come home to is more traffic!!!

  253. Bill Brooks says:

    Any of these Hazelwood politicians doing any work on their campaigns from home???
    Since that constitutes ‘selling yourself ‘ that is not allowed either is it???

  254. Mark says:

    I think they wanted to clear the street for their Gay Pride Parade!

  255. micoz says:

    The government feels it has to regulate everything. That’s one reason everything is in such a mess. The government ought to get its big, over-bearing nose out of everyone’s business.

    If politicians meant the law to be applied in this way, they ought to get their fannies kicked by voters in the next election. If the politicians didn’t mean it this way, the bureaucrats ought to get their fannies roasted by the elected officials. This is ridiculous!

  256. PopDigify says:

    As Ron White says, “You can’t fix STUPID”. Simply requiring the complainant to identify HERself would have ended this. Due to the CS nature of this, requiring identification of the complainer to enforce is reasonable and fair to the two young ladies involved.

  257. John Dallas Bowers says:

    When the kind-hearted pastor returned some of his cookies for neighborhood distribution, I wonder if the person who ratted out the Girl Scouts ended up with a box.

  258. Jason says:

    “all the people and the traffic and the dogs barking at all the people and the traffic” Sounds like an old person… any grannies around, it was them who called!

  259. Kay L says:

    “Typical City Reaction. One person complains and they shutdown the girl scouts. No consideration to the hundreds that want the girls to continue.”

    Yeah, well maybe the “hundreds that want the girls to continue” get to say that from the quite of their own properties far away from the noise and traffic.

    Your property rights do not supercede mine.

    A residential area is for people to live not for people to carry on storefront businesses that attract traffic and disrupt daily life. That is why there are rules.

    And it shouldn’t take more than one neighbor to complain.

    I am at home during the day. My neighbors are not impacted by my next door neighbor’s dog barking loudly for hours during the day.

    But, it impacts me and there are ordinances already that say they can’t let their dog bark all afternoon.

    I have spoken to the neighbors and they don’t feel its a problem. Well, of course–they aren’t home–I AM.

    So, before people go criticizing in a knee jerk reaction, consider that some of these ordinances protect the rights that you have to enjoy your own property!

    If the girls want to sell the cookies, then they should find a place that does not impact their neighbor in a negative way. They could sell them after services at a church. They could sell them in front of a local business.

    There are some times when complaining anonymously is very important. And sometimes anonymously doesn’t mean what you think it does–the municipality may well know who the person is but that the person does not want to be named–would you?

    That person may be vilified because they want the sweet little Girl Scouts not to sell cookies. There are often pressures on people to do things they don’t want to do in the name of “charity.”

    Likely, that person has nothing against the Girl Scouts, they just want to live in peace on the piece (of property) they have.

    1. Philip McKracken says:


  260. Mark Matis says:

    “Law Enforcement” is the Great Enabler for this swill. Be sure to thank them appropriately for the OUTSTANDING job they have done!

  261. Silence Dogood says:

    The law is the law, no matter what the law is.
    This one happened to be “no sales from home”.

    If you don’t like a law, get off your butt and run for office to change it, or collect signatures for a legal petition to change the law.

  262. Sean says:

    Look, the fact is is that citizenship and being a good neighbor is part and parcel of being involved in scouting. Running rampant over everyone for your own goals is not something supported or taught by scouting and this mother is a vile person for covering her own laziness under the veil of a learning opportunity. Get your backside off the couch and go down to the local grocery store and teach your child to talk with the manager in order to get permission to sell them outside.

    The only thing this mother has taught her children is that you can cloak whatever your goals are in a veil of goodness to trample over everyone and everything that stands in your way. You ma’am are precisely the reason why there should be restrictions on who is allowed to breed.

  263. MrV says:

    Then all eBay sellers in Hazelwood are breaking the law too!

  264. Truth Detective says:

    I hate anything to do with St Louis. It’s a has been city with morons on the loose who ban selling Girl Scout cookies. What’s next? Banning breathing?

  265. Steve Smith says:

    Easy solution:

    Sell the cookies in front of your neighbor’s house. This way you are not selling from home 🙂

  266. Missy Moosie Shell says:

    Get the Wisconsin Union pickets out there. Where is the Community Organizer Obama. Obama says down with these Constitution waving Terrorists. Lock them all up and reprogram them into good little dependents on the marxist state. No child left behind. Pick up those kids for the reprogramming camp.

    Girl Scouts. They have no rights under Sharia Law said Obama. Stone them to death for selling Girlie Scouts Cookies. Mooseshelle says Girlie Cookies make kids fat like her. She knows she eats everything.

  267. jeff w says:

    I cannot for the life of me understand what the heck is going on in this country, especially this happening in a State like Missouri where for the most part we have people with common sense. yet here we are picking on a couple girls doing what kids have done for years. To much government control, To many snitches, you know there is a saying, snitches get sticthes for being punk a** B****es.

  268. SammieJo says:

    If they were giving out condoms with the cookies nobody would bother them.

  269. John McGraw says:

    The power hungry city councils that prevent such activity because of small groups that are preferred by the majority should themselves be removed from office. We have no freedoms left. Bigoted oddballs always get their way while the majority is prevented from having what they wish. This is totalitarianism and not democracy.

  270. I think Lewis Black said it best…the good die young…but pricks live forever!

  271. Sam E Moore Jr says:

    I am told that Girl Scout Cookies are the Number One Seller of Cookies in America meaning Billions of Profitable dollars for over 70 years .
    My question is Where does all that money go ?
    It to my Knowledge being a money man has never seen it published .
    My own Two Daughters never benefited from it seeking almost a Thousand dollars worth as Girl Scouts between both of them .
    Something tell’s me the Cookie stinks of high heaven and the Young Girls and their Parents are well used by Anonymous where the money ends up!
    One suspects we would be shocked and mad as hell ,

  272. ned vanceypants says:

    It’s not like the Girl Scouts sell cookies all year ’round. Can’t the neighbors just tolerate a little bit of traffic ? If it was Muslims selling cookies, we would all be scolded to be tolerant.

  273. Derek Elliot says:

    …but if they were handing out free condoms, they would be praised by the powers that be.

  274. SoTM says:

    Further proof America is finished, especially when we have morons that are actually defending what was done.A bunch of overgrown children who love a chance to be the tattle tale- the good little sheep of the government. Pathetic.

    These are little girls selling girl scout cookies, part of an organization that promotes honesty, integrity and community involvement. How anyone could possibly take offense at it is beyond me. Maybe it was some fat American pig that thinks it is not fair they cannot eat cookies, so nobody can. Maybe some ugle selfish pig that does not want others to enjoy themselves.

  275. Saucy Fellow says:

    You should thank the city of Hazelwood for reducing unemployment. Those cookies can now be sold in mom and pop stores throughout the city. This will give mom and pop more tax money to collect for the city coffers. It will also reduce the carbon footprints left by hideous SUV’s idling in the parking lot.

  276. FrancisChalk says:

    Vote all idiot leftists/liberals (which is to say, all of them) out of office. All they want to do is advance Marxism at every level, Liberals spend their days saying, “What would Stalin do?” Liberals hate Capitalism and freedom above all. This is a great example of that.

  277. Markwb says:

    Simple solution. Call them Muslim Cookies.
    Problem solved.
    They will be allowed to sell them in the well of the house of representatives.

  278. CL says:

    Put yourself in their neighbors place. How would you like to live next door the house the girls are selling cookies. Cars stopping along the street..and apparently the activity was causing dogs to bark, would you want to hear that all the time ? I would NOT, so I have to side with the City of this one.

  279. Howard Ino says:

    Force the busybodies make a FORMAL WRITTEN COMPLAINT, “a right guaranteed by the 6th amendment to the US Constitution… then we will shun them out of town!!!

    Time to FIRE the bureaucrats, because they obviously do not have the intellect to use discression when it’s about the KIDS!

    Then TERM LIMIT the POLITICIANS that hire the bungling bureaucrats!



  280. CaptainKirk says:

    @Sam- I don’t blame the person for “anonymously” reporting the. Not all neighbors are nice and all too often neighbor wars start this way, if they don’t agree to cease the activity, next thing you know your tires are slashed etc.

  281. Santiago Perez says:

    How sad. Whoever was behind this should be ashamed of themselves. The reverend showed some class. WE, THE PEOPLE are loosing our country. And it is our own fault.

  282. gingerbread says:

    Hey, all you people that are complaining. YOU VOTED FOR THESE PEOPLE THAT YOU ARE NOW COMPLAINING ABOUT. Where were you during election time??? Were you working against these politicians or were you working for these politicians. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES or hasn’t any one told you that?? Next time be more cautious on who you vote for

  283. Frank says:

    Well I guess that there can be no garage sales in Hazelwood now either…and take that “For Sale” sign out of that car window also. Equal treatment under the Socialized state! If that were my neighbor, they woulld be under intense scrutiny so that the world could be sure that they complied strictly with every ordinance!

  284. Ursus Indomitus says:

    Busybodies, Archlochs and the Zerobama administration are the enemies domestic mentioned in the Military Oath of Service.

  285. Slap A. Liberal says:

    Teach your children young to fight big government until it understands who is in charge. These little girls will hopefully grow up understanding the importance of not voting in some pudding head into high office to make oneself feel good.

  286. Jeff says:

    I say good! Maybe it’ll help “level the playing field” for the complete lack of support given to the boy scouts.

  287. Ole Grump says:

    I hate Thin Mints! Give’em the electric chair




  289. K. Reux says:

    This is ridiculous. Last time I saw the GS were a non-profit organization. The rules applying to retail business should not apply to non-profits. I wonder do they have a ban on garage sales?

  290. JD says:

    Don’t let them catch you having a garage sale or selling something from ebay from your home in this moronic town,

  291. armyman says:

    if they were unionized and donated to the mayor, they would be good to go

  292. Eric Arthur Blair says:

    Slap a picture of a condom on the box, or a photo of the Virgin Mary splattered with elephant dung and the ACLU would already be on the case.

  293. Heywood Jablome says:

    Let’s try them as adults and give them jail time. Obviously, they totally disregarded the laws of the community. They deserve everything that happens to them.

  294. Larry Wright says:

    There goes the ‘One Guy Rule’ again. One Guy complains and government’s knee jerks so high it hits them in the chin. Whether’s it’s a manger, a prayer, a flag in the yard or even the Pledge of Allegiance, One Guy complains and it’s all over.

    What about the dozens of other residents who have no problem with them selling and even admire their gumption?

    I’m sick of the One Guy Rule.

    I think I’ll file a complaint.

  295. Son of the American Revolution says:

    well tha’s why I live on ten acres, keep a shot gun by the front and rear door and a pistol on the night stand. If the government and it’s suporters can’t even kep their credit cards and finances straight, how do you expect them to keep something as complicated as policing the community.

  296. Don Duncan says:

    The city says it’s our duty to obey the law. That is bunk! It’s our duty to resist bad law in non-violent ways. Freedom is won not granted. The fight is never ending. We must take a stand or evil wins. And many, many laws are evil.

  297. Blue Meanie says:

    So you pay a million $ for your house and some kid next door can intrude on your quiet enjoyment of your property? How about if the kid next door decided to sell oil changes or repair tires? Or smoke beef jerky? Or fire pottery? BTW why do people have to pay the town for commercial licenses to sell things? The girls learned the most important lesson of entrepreneurship in the USA, regulatory compliance. Next lesson tax compliance.

  298. jerrykregle says:

    This city can kiss my garlic & kielbasa Polish @ $$

    This world I don’t understand

  299. Bob says:

    Hope the complainer gets their wish. No reason kids should be doing something good. They could make a lot more money without the Girl Scout rules, dress code, code of conduct, sellling drugs.
    You girls drop them cookies, crack pay better.

  300. john smith says:

    These leaders you have elected are Marxists at best at least. They will prohibite money making activitie; then Tax the “bejesus” out of the population. This is done to brimg control to the town and an Over seer Government to the people.

  301. waicool says:

    This is not about the Girl Scouts at all. It is all about law and order. The City of Hazelwood is doing the right thing enforcing their peoples municipal ordinance and the Girl Scout family needs to straighten up and fly right. The outright public display of disobedience is a powerful tactic but in the end, civility and common sense prevails and the activity was brought to a peaceful close with help from who?, a reverend no less I would like to respect the Girl Scout family and see them cede to the law with grace and class. If desired, change the law or sell them cookies in front of the grocery store or church. Also, something else is going on because i think mom is actually reselling the cookies, the official sales were turned in almost a month ago.

  302. student1776 says:

    These town officials compare unfavorably to turds

  303. Jan says:

    This is not a-life threatening issue, The anonimous person should not have any power. Far too many public officials are afraid that some ‘anonymous’ person will ccost them their jobs.. Shame on you Hazelwood, Missouri!…

  304. Real Rick says:

    I think I’ll take a drive, granted a loong drive to Missouri, and buy cookies from these young ladies. Of course I’ll stop by their city hall afterwards and try to clog their toilet. Where is Hazelwood?

  305. chad says:

    “Under a perverted form of government a good man is a bad citizen,
    while under a right form of government a good man and a good citizen are identical.”
    – Dante

  306. Carrieann says:

    Well, “Gladys Kravitz” is at it again! The ole busy-body biddie has to stick her nose in the little girls business! The ole crotchity neighbor should’ve come out and helped those girls sell their cookies – instead of complaining about traffic and dogs barking. She should be thankful that they weren’t selling DRUGS! Sheeessshhhh — give the little kids a break!!

  307. Dwight Mann says:

    The result of an anonymous complaint? Such a complaint should not remain secret. Some really angry person that would be better off dead would complain about youngster doing such an activity. . .

  308. Fred Messinetti says:


  309. b2b2ss says:

    Robert M. Aubuchon
    Councilman – Ward 2

    7416 Sunset Drive
    Hazelwood, MO 63042

    Don Ryan
    Councilman – Ward 3

    1766 Coachway Ln.
    Hazelwood, MO 63042

    Mike J. Conley
    Councilman – Ward 4

    1524 Pontmain Drive
    Hazelwood, MO 63042

    Russell Todd
    Councilman – Ward 5

    7661 Sunset Drive
    Hazelwood, MO 63042

    Warren H. Taylor
    Councilman – Ward 6

    8402 Rena Court
    Hazelwood, MO 63042

    Rosalie M. Hendon
    Councilwoman – Ward 7

    1007 Christina Marie Court
    Hazelwood, MO 63042

    Mary G. Singleton
    Councilwoman – Ward 8

    1076 Pinecone Trail Drive
    Florissant, MO 63031

  310. George Somsel says:

    “Wednesday the Rev. George Hutchings bought the last 36 boxes. Hutchings took some boxes and told the mother and daughters to give the rest to neighbors.”

    I would hope that the anonymous complainer got a box and was convicted of her wrong action (on the principal of “turn the other cheek”, but that kind has no conscience so it’s probably a vain hope.

  311. underwood37 says:

    Nice, the same government officials that will happily pass out permits for the same site to flag burners and Code Pink!

  312. Gnarly says:

    Hazelwood obviously hates entrepreneurs and small business. Regulating what goes on in one’s home is the sign of a totalitarian state. God fearing, hard working Americans should leave Hazelwood for communities that are not into establishing a Marxist totalitarian community and let the “do – gooder” liberals establish their society of lazy welfare cheats like they want.

  313. DocNeaves says:

    You know, nobody wants to admit it, but if it were your street covered in parking, messes left on your lawn, people trampling your flowerbeds, you’d be upset, too. Today, it’s girl scouts, but tomorrow, it’ll be something else. Down here, we had a sex club being run out of a house, and the parking became the issue, not the business. The same thing applies here. Either it’s legal, and any business can then be run from your home, traffic (foot or auto) be damned, or it’s not, and it’s not okay if it’s girl scouts but not 4H, or some other thin line they will FORCE them to draw. Of course, nobody in here thinks about that, because that would be too much like thinking, now, wouldn’t it? Let’s just get on the emotional bandwagon, and support those girl scouts, even if they want to break other laws…after all, it’s for the GIRLS, so it’s okay, right?

    1. Robert B says:

      So, let me get this straight. You woul ban yard sales, family get togithers, Fourth of July picniics, Christmas parties, etc,,

  314. Robert B says:

    Next on the agenda of the city council is to eradicate all instances of Norman Rockwell Americana that might exist withing the cit;y limits and the public librarites. After that they will award the dity’s Simon Legree Citizenship award to the Scrooge who had nothing better to do than bully little girls.

  315. Tom EE says:

    With all the problems in the world today, a crabby neighbor and police have to harass 2 girls selling girl scout cookies? What the heck is this world coming too?
    There are so many laws that officials overlook and you have to harass girl scouts??
    The neighbor and city officials owe the girls an apology!

  316. Tagley says:

    As the real crime kills the St Louis area and surrounding towns driving business and people away we have the jack booted thugs picking on girl scouts. I think it is because they are an easy target and the jack booted thugs know they wont get shot at by some bro “keepin it real”

  317. proundnot2bliberal says:

    Most likey teh busy body neighbor who called it into the city was upset becasue thier daughter got outsold!

    Id hate to be this person at halloween!

  318. Tyrone says:

    The bottom line is they were not in compliance with the Law. Whether the Law is justified, fair, etc is irrelevant. The lesson actually taught was that violating the Law for economic gain is more important than good citizenship.

  319. MrScott says:

    Don’t live in Hazelwood if you want a home-based business. Or, throw the bums out of office.

  320. John from Florida says:

    It’s a crying shame that girl scouts openly disregard laws on the pretext that they help another cause. So let’s equate this… I decide to help the seniors by delivering meals and in order to deliver as many as I can, I will ignore speed laws. How would this s t u p i d mother feel about this? What if because of traffic, another kid got hit by passing cars?
    Laws are laws and must be respected. Isn’t it what girl scouts teach? This mother is only interested in having her girls win some publicity for selling a lot of cookies. What a dumb a__.

  321. Mackle says:

    Hazlewood got no soul and no artistic ability that’s a cultural thing dudes, like the lemonade stand. Go Hazlewood, destroy your culture,

  322. AlanDR says:

    This all comes done to money. Give the politicians what they want, which is more money to pad their paychecks and pensions and the problem will be solved in an instant. If you don’t vote the money suckers out then you have to live with a bunch of BS – your choice.

  323. sanfrd says:

    Does the City School District have the Grade students sell something in the Fall?
    Most of these are home sales.

  324. whoswatchingme says:

    So, I wonder if the “leaders” of this city is enforcing this tyrannical statute across the board…Are they stopping all Avon and Arbonne sales which are happening in homes? How about insurance salesmen who sit in old ladies’ living rooms selling them Medicare policies? How about the local preacher who visits a person who was at their church for the first time, “selling” the virtue and advantages of returning to that church? And finally, are they enforcing this inane rule on politicians who go door-to-door to solicit votes for theor election? I’m just sayin’………

  325. gudstuff says:

    if the city could make them pay tax they would leave them alone.

  326. Michael D. Houst says:

    Good citizenship also means using civil disobedience to protest against tyranny and injustice in government. As long as the girl scouts are peacefully resisting what they feel is an unjust law, and accepting punishment as part of their protest, they’re still following the tenets of good citizenship.

    Kudos to these girls! (or is that one of the varieties they stopped selling?)

  327. natb1 says:

    Turns out it was the complainant who has the obnoxious dogs.
    What a joke. File a complaint against her.

  328. cookies4neighbors says:

    Well played Reverend Hutchings! Well played indeed.

  329. Lisa says:

    I don’t know about the regulations in MO, but are you not allowed to have yard sales there? Where I live, people have them in the neighborhood every weekend. And yes, sometimes they park on the side of the street but who cares? Drive slowly through the neighborhood like you’re supposed to anyway, and nobody gets hurt. And I can’t imagine that a GS cookie stand is any louder or disruptive than a yard sale. And what about those “pesky, noisy” neighbors who have the nerve to use a lawn mower to keep their yards looking nice? Wow. There should be a law against that, too, because that might “disturb” someone.

  330. Joe Greene says:

    This is crazy! For you people who say they should abide by the law and that’s it’s there for a reason…you’re just nuts. The law is there for a reason, and i wouldn’t say that an adult should be able to go run a business in his front yard in a residential neighborhood. And as for people talking about how much money they’re making and they’re stupid for selling them….really?! ummm, it’s a great learning experience, they’d make more money if they worked instead of going to school everyday….ya, sounds pretty idiotic right?
    Also I hope you all try to have a yard or garage sale (very common) and your neighbors call on you.

  331. dnha14 says:

    I would keep selling until the authorities tore down the stand and hauled away the girl scouts. The video would be priceless.

  332. ♪Kaitlyn♪ says:

    why do people have to make these stupid idiot comments??

  333. StL Lori says:

    Well all those people in Hazelwood that are selling Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay, Party Lites, etc. are running a business from their home…..you have been put on notice.

  334. Thebes says:

    So much for the “Free Market” in America.
    Big businesses have reduced competition to the point they have their enforcers praying on Girl Scouts.
    My grandparents fought in WWII for this cr*p?

  335. Reliance says:

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  336. Mia says:

    Might be a good idea to keep track of the anonymous neighbor’s garage, Avon, Amway sales and parties along with their dog barking, etc…After all turnabout is fair play.
    Really, if there had been 5 years of girl scout cookie selling going on it would appear to be a routine and one that had a time frame of limitation. The complaining neighbor should have planned a vacation or their schedule around it.
    As a parent, the last desirable thing would be to have one’s child go door to door selling anything since crime is rampant. Neither is selling cookies at a mall, store, etc…where it is hard for a parent to monitor what is going on.

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