ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Hundreds of visitors were stranded at the top of the Gateway Arch while crews tried to determine why some doors at the top of the South leg wouldn’t close due to computer problems.

The National Park Service says it happened after noon Thursday.

The visitors were in the viewing area at the top of the monument when they were told the doors at the top of the south leg would not close.   They were stranded for less than an hour.

For their safety they were sent to the tram on the North leg.

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Comments (3)
  1. Ed Golterman says:

    Put a lid on Arch 2015 promotring and spending, and attend to what appear to be more problems with the condition of the structure than are being reported.
    Maintenance problems dont fix themselves and time is the enemy.

  2. pierangleia says:

    omg i was at the arch on wendsday i went on the ride to the top of the arch and im so glad that i didnt get stuck up therer !!! whew

  3. hope says:

    i was at the arch Thursday and i did get stuck and we had to stay up there for a hour and we rood up on the south tram and then number 4 broke causing the problem. and then we had to go down on the north tram and our door was open the hole time and number 7 on the way down and it went up then down and we did this two times then we finely got down. that is what happened to me Thursday on our field trip!!!

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