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SPRINGFIELD, Ill.- (IRN) The University of Illinois trustees voted Wednesday to increase tuition costs for incoming freshmen at the three U of I campuses by 6.9 percent.

Base tuition at the Urbana campus for the 2010-11 school year was $10,386.  The increase for freshman coming in next fall puts tuition at about $11,100 per year.  State law requires that number to remain fixed for incoming students for a full four-year period, something U of I President Michael Hogan says makes things more challenging when considering tuition increases. 

“It is more difficult when you have the four-year guarantee, especially when you’re trying to set a tuition rate before you even know what your state funding is going to be,” Hogan said.  “But we have to do that because students need to know within the next couple of months whether they’re admitted to the university, and if so what kind of financial package they’re going to have.  So we often make decisions on tuition before we know the full financial background.” 

The state still owes the U of I more than $400 million.  Despite that, the board vowed in January to do its best to keep tuition hikes no larger than the rate of inflation. 

Hogan says Wednesday’s vote falls in line with the January promise by the board, even though they still don’t know how much they’ll be getting from the state next fiscal year.

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