Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – There’s growing optimism this morning that the layoffs targeted for the St. Louis Fire Department will be postponed — at least for now.

The firefighters union says Congressman Russ Carnahan’s is pressing the city’s finance board to delay a vote scheduled for this afternoon that would eliminate 49 positions — because Carnahan has received unofficial word the city fire department is on the verge of receiving a $3.2 million federal grant.  

The union also tells KMOX that two members of the board — Comptroller Darlene Green and Aldermanic President Lewis Reed — are against the layoffs.  Those two could block Mayor Slay, who has supported the cost cutting move.    

The fire department budget is $2.5 million short and expected to be deeper in the hole next year. 

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Comments (3)
  1. city hall insider says:

    rumors are abound over the past week that the mayors office does not want the grant because they would first have to be at full staff, & there are 19 vacancies that have to be hired first before qualifying for the grant.
    #2 the SAFER federal grant only covers the staffing for a couple years then the city will be responsible to fully fund then and that puts a pinch on the city budget again
    #3 the grant doesnt lessen the city’s claimed fire pension responsibility it only increases the amount.
    city hall thinks that this will cost more in the long run, & feel it to be easier just to cut costs now.

  2. retired says:

    i hope mayor slay comes to his senses and takes the grant to prevent the firefighter layoffs.
    St Louis needs more than any other city in the 4 state region, every single first responder they can get.

  3. Stl FF says:

    City Hall insider, the city would not need to fill vacancies to except the grant nor fill vacancies due to attrition after the grant is awarded. there is a waiver you can file that makes you exempt if you can prove economic hardship. That’s right from FEMAs website. Besides the city had to approve the grant before it was submitted so not accepting it shouldn’t be an issue

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