Chris Kerber and Mike Claiborne host this Monday night edition of the show. They cover Blues, Cardinals, Missouri Tigers and the NCAA Tournament.

Kerbs’ broadcast partner Kelly Chase joins the show to discuss the Blues and gives perspective on a team that will miss out on the playoffs for a second consecutive season.

Cardinals radio broadcaster John Rooney checks in with the latest from Florida where the Cardinals will soon pack it up and migrate to St. Louis to begin the 2011 regular season.

Tom Ackerman talks with Cardinals converted starter Kyle McClellan about his spring training, plus how the St. Louis native always looks forward to opening day.

Does it matter who the next Mizzou basketball coach is? The University of Missouri has begun the process of replacing Mike Anderson. Kerbs and Claibs touch on the topic.

How are your brackets? Westwood One announcer Kevin Harlan joins the show to discuss the chaotic 2011 NCAA Tournament.