Tanya Sinkovits

ST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOX) — Can you believe! Fifteen years ago this month a group of investors lead by Bill Dewitt Jr. bought the St. Louis Cardinals from Anheuser Busch, and baseball in the gateway city hasn’t been the same since. In many ways it has been better.

Chairman Bill Dewitt Jr. remembers the 2006 World Series win as one of the franchise’s highlights so far.

But its each day and each year that Dewitt works for. “We want to make sure the franchise stays on solid footing not only this year, but next year and in to the future,” Dewitt comments “and to get into October.”

Dewitt says their objective is to draw 3-million people in to St. Louis and to the games every year.

Dewitt splits his time between Missouri and Ohio, so we had to ask him: which is the better baseball town, St. Louis or Cincinnati?

“I’m not going to say anything bad about Cincinnati,” Dewitt remarks, “but there is nothing like St. Louis,” calling opening day a “remarkable experience.”

“Those who play us from other cities that haven’t seen our opening day are just amazed by what it’s like in St. Louis. It truly is a holiday,” Dewitt said.

Listen to Bill Dewitt full interview below:

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