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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) – Radiation believed to be from the nuclear plant disaster in Japan has been detected in Illinois.

The radioactive iodine similar to what was released in Japan was found in a grass clipping in the Joliet area by the Radiological Assessment Field Team, which regularly checks on vegetation, air, milk and eggs to determine if any radiation is leaking from Illinois’ nuclear reactors.

In this case, the grass clippings were taken as part of a drill for the emergency plan at the Dresden nuclear power plant.

Once that grass sample tested positive for radioactive iodine, an air sample in Springfield was taken, which also detected the radioactive material.

Patti Thompson of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency says the levels are low: The amount of radiation would have to be 200,000 greater than what was detected to meet the regulatory limit for emission from a nuclear power plant.

Nevertheless, the state will now conduct more tests in other parts of the state.

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  1. derrick says:

    Now we are going to blame Japan for everything?

    1. Discerning says:

      Ron Paul wouldn’t stand in the same room as Sarah Palin.

      1. Hunsaker says:

        I’ll stand with both of them!

    2. NoPrisoners says:

      Correction: Sarah Palin wouldn’t be caught in the same room as Ron Paul.

    3. Henry Wener says:

      you are right, radiation is repeased from power planfs using coal and gas. Chem 101

      1. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

        Power plants won’t melt down though … like these reactors that ring around Chicago and are like the ones in Japan.

        • Dresden 2, Morris, Illinois, 1970, GE 3
        • Dresden 3, Morris, Illinois, 1971, GE 3.
        • Quad Cities 1, Cordova, Illinois, 1972, GE 3.
        • Quad Cities 2, Moline, Illinois, 1972, GE 3..
        • LaSalle 1, Marseilles, Illinois, 1982, GE 5, Mark II.
        • LaSalle 2, Marseilles, Illinois, 1983, GE 5, Mark II.

        —- http://911essentials.com

      2. Don't Panic says:

        Iodine 131 is only produced by nuclear fission. Nuclear Science 101.

      3. George Smith says:

        @Fanny Forbes Franklen

        There is not and never has been a reactor in Moline, Illinois. Quad Cities 2 is located near Cordova, Illinois, next to Quad Cities 1, or approximately 150 miles west of Chicago, Illinois.

        The Quad Cities installation is located by the Mississippi River, which is completely incapable of producing a tsunami of any kind. The nuclear power plant in Japan successfully survived a 9.0 earthquake. Had there been no tsunami, or had the tsunami been a bit smaller, the power plant in Japan would be completely operational now and safely generating power.

        The other Illinois locations you mention are not subject to tsunamis either. In addition, none of the reactor locations you cite is subject to any significant seismic risk. Finally, if you took radiation readings around these plants you would find them lower than readings near a typical coal fired generating plant.

        In summary, the nuclear plant in Japan survived a 9.0 earthquake, but the tsunami wall was just a bit too short, allowing the emergency generator to be swamped and rendered inoperative. Nuclear power plants located in Illinois and most of the rest of the United States are not subject to any of these extremely unusual conditions which caused the failure of the plant in Japan only because they occurred in combination.

        In general, nuclear power plants in the United States have been and remain quite safe.

      4. S. Britchky says:

        The reactors didn’t melt down in Japan, either, Fanny Forbes Franklen, until they were hit by a thousand-year earthquake and tsunami. How much radiation and other pollution will emerge from coal-fired plants during that thousand years? Come on — figure it out. You almost took a science course in school, didntcha?

      5. Gibbs Bentley says:

        Read some reality government paid shills.

        The General Electric-designed nuclear reactors involved in the Japanese emergency are very similar to 23 reactors in use in the United States, according to Nuclear Regulatory Commission records.

        The NRC database of nuclear power plants shows that 23 of the 104 nuclear plants in the U.S. are GE boiling-water reactors with GE’s Mark I systems for containing radioactivity, the same containment system used by the reactors in trouble at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant. The U.S. reactors are in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Vermont.


      6. RonnieReagan says:

        It’s all about the LEVELS of radiation, you fool. It’s important that we get these periodic baselines because it will help us better evaluate the situation as things progress. Step back and look at the BIG PICTURE like those of us working on this project. Moron.

      7. detter says:

        Grow your marijuana indoors. Don’t eat the soil, and grass. lol

      8. MotorCitySarge says:


    4. d gault says:


    5. Cody says:

      nooooo, it’s Bush’s fault!

    6. jimballs says:

      No. Blame Sarah Palin

      1. hottie says:

        Sarah Palin is hot.

      2. joemahma says:


    7. bloodaxe says:


    8. tom says:

      Per nuclear physicists: There is NO safe levels of radiation exposure; low levels over time is harmful. I would avoid any diary products from affected areas.

      1. dumb guy says:

        I’ve never kept a diary, so I guess I’m not affected?

      2. Wexpat Guero says:

        dumb…. as a rock you are. Nuclear physicists say that there is a beneficial amount of ionizing radiation. Greenies and other people who feel, rather than think, go so far as to immerse themselves in pools of radium, and to the bottom of mine-shafts to breath the healing radon gas. Go figure. But nuclear physicists agree that there are also beneficial effects.

        Twit-noise aside, Tom, is it just me, or is detecting something which is 200000 times below a level of concern, not really information at all.

      3. glowinthedark says:

        Drink up folks, the end is near.

    9. Bob Roberts says:

      Why not? After all, whatever isn’t Obama’s fault is Japan’s fault – doncha know?

    10. SamIamTwo says:

      Gotta go someday. I’m drinking radiated milk today in WA state. Maybe it will cure something or slow down some bad cancer cells…who knows…

    11. Dr. Bombay says:

      Illinois is by far the most nuclear state in the United States. We have been plagued by a series of firsts and mosts …



    12. dirac says:


      Illinois is by far the most nuclear state in the United States. We have been plagued by a series of firsts and mosts …


    13. sjkflm says:

      This might help out for what ever reason? Go here and look (will try to get this url posted) http://www.youtube.com/user/sjkflm look at the main pics and films are available. Hope this helps.

    14. earl says:

      we don’t have to asign blame, they are already guilty.

    15. KingArthur says:

      I wondered why my wife was glowing so much lately

  2. Terrie says:

    If the shoe fits…

  3. Howard Stern says:

    Hmm… did the radioactive iodine have slanty eyes?

    1. tom says:

      Perhaps b/c your viewing them thru slanty eyes….

  4. glaw says:

    due to the half life of the isotope, there is no I-131 in the environment, except for what was created through fission fragments… thats also why U-235 is so rare, it has decayed since the beginning, and there is little occurring in natural uranium (.7%). So yes, the I-131 being detected WAS created in Japan.

    1. Ma says:

      And we all need to stay on top of this issue. It’s not going away.

      Every day that the radiation spews from Japan’s power plants, it can be carried by the jet stream winds to the United States if the winds are right.

      This is a good Austrian site that shows animated Japan disbursement maps:
      http://www.zamg.ac.at (go under “Neue Informationen” to find animated maps”)

      And Berkeley is doing its own radiation monitoring of milk, water and air in California:


      1. diane says:

        We already know there must be something wrong with the water or air in Berserkly.

      2. Jimballs says:

        Does anyone really care about California?

      3. hatchie says:

        very good Diane. Berserkly is where that freak professor is tha flat out lied about his “so called” results” on global warming.

      4. WakeUp says:

        Since the winds blow from California to the east, which means they blow over Illinois, what California is finding out IS IMPORTANT to Illinois and every other state!

  5. jim says:

    Is it possible that the radiation could cleanse the souls of corrupt illinois elected officials and bring change to illinois?

    1. just one says:

      Its too soon to be joking about this

      1. Bobbert says:

        …no it isn’t…

    2. neocon57 says:

      not a bleeping chance!

    3. jay says:

      Oh PULEase……………………!!!
      “Nothing” will ever change the corrupt politicians

    4. Sam says:

      I am with you on that one.

    5. tom says:

      Fat chance….nothing short of the Second Coming would make a dent….just look at the president we wound up with in Barry Soetoro, the Indonesian citizen illegal alien so-called president….

    6. glowinthedark says:

      You mean the corrupt, self serving pigs in Illinois AND Washington? Not a snowballs chance in hell that they will EVER do what us poor working slobs want.

  6. kdetreaux says:

    The Iodine is not the big news. The big news is that on every news site, you will see shills for the nuclear industry either minimizing the content of the post or news story, arguing with the poster(s), or posting absolutely ridiculous follow ups.T his phenomena is happing all over the web right now. GE designed five of the reactors and built three. They stand to lose billions in future business if public sentiment turns against them so they pay newsboard shills to create havoc. The big news, is there is no real raw news anymore.

    1. Tawanda The Avenger says:

      I have noticed that. The shill posts by the industry seems to have the same theme: nuclear energy is safe and ridiculing anyone who disagrees.

      Nuclear energy safe ? Sure it is, except when something goes horribly wrong.

      1. J says:

        This is 100% correct. Since the begging of this disaster there has been a disgustingly transparent attempt to influence public opinion on nuclear power via (obviously biased–payed off reporters?) articles and posts on forums and news sites. I saw one article that actually claimed wind farms have killed more people than Chernobyl–BS! This is so painfully transparent. *and as a side note. Notice how these articles often times try to tie in wind, solar, etc., and say it’s not adequate for our needs. Interesting.*

        Machio Kaku, on day 1, said “this cold be a Chernobyl in the making.” He was ridiculed and called stupid. Some anonymous poster said that Kaku has clearly lost all credibility. Another poster repeatedly said: “SHAME. SHAME. SHAME ON YOU [for this nonsense].” Again, BS.

        The public (voters) will decide what they like. And the people with interests in nuclear energy trying to persuade us through these obvious methods can only backfire.

      2. Springer Rider says:

        If you sample an air-conditioner filter, any day of the year, it will exceed the minimum limit for activity. that being 5×10-10 micro-ci/ml. That is normal from naturally occurring decay products from radon. Get a clue before you start calling people shills.

    2. Jeff B says:

      kdetreaux, Put your tin foil hat back on. Just because some people are educated about radiation doesn’t mean they are part of some conspiracy.

      I’m not in favor of building any new nuclear plants and hope the rest of the world agrees. But this level of radiation reported in the article is NOT news. This level of radiation is something like 5,000 times less than the radiation from potassium in a banana. Its less radiation than standing next to another person. Yes, we are all slightly radioactive, and sleeping next to someone exposes you to more radiation than what is reported in this article. That’s the truth.

  7. Mark says:

    Why is this paragraph the last paragraph? Just trying to create fear?
    “Patti Thompson of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency says the levels are low: The amount of radiation would have to be 200,000 greater than what was detected to meet the regulatory limit for emission from a nuclear power plant.”

    the level was 200,000 times LESS than the regulatory limit. 200,000 times less than the legal limit is not low, is super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super LOW.

  8. bill says:

    george bush is to blame!!!

    1. Sam says:

      And don’t forget Fox news and Halliburton!

    2. tom says:

      No, Ann Coulter is b/c she declared that nuclear radiation is ‘nutritiious’ for us; she should then move and live in the Fukachima reactors then. She has to date refused to accept Alex Jones all-expense paid trip thru his site at: http://www.infowars.com

      I detect great hypocrisy in her voice…what a vile cruel comment.

      1. Ron says:

        Fukushima, idiot.

  9. JA says:

    I blame Ben Franklin.

    1. Htos1 says:

      Well,then,technically it’s Enrico Fermi’s fault.

      1. just one says:

        that damn issac newton, or do we blame aristotle?

      2. Pam Scherr Rein says:

        Techinally it is madam curries fault she discovered radatition

  10. Mary Ann Jordan says:

    Okay am I the only one that this doesn’t add up for. Doesn’t it say there are NUCLEAR reactors in ILLINOIS So it seems to me logic would explain the radioactive materials are MORE likely to have come from ILLINOIS and not across the world from Japan. Silly study at best.

    1. Jason says:

      That may be how it SEEMS to you. But that would only point out your ignorance of the science involved here. Iodine-131 is spewing from Japan and diffusing throughout the northern hemisphere. Right now in the US, it is at levels that are barely detectable. But to say that it is not from Japan really does just show your complete ignorance of the facts. Look at the real data. It speaks for itself. You will not find a nuclear expert that would even consider denying that this if from Japan.

      1. David Hollaz says:

        Is there really a need to attack Mary Ann personally?? If the facts are really on your side, you would not need to preface your remarks with, “that just points out your ignorance.” Since you resort first to an ad hominem attack, you seem not to be so sure the facts really are on your side after all.

      2. Mike says:

        You like to say “spewing” a lot don’t you?

      3. Brent says:

        Jason, why did you call her ignorant then not give a single fACT proving her wrong. I don’t know a lot about the science involved but I’d bet ur not a nuclear scientist either. Just because Japan is leaking nuclear material that automatically means every bit of nuclear radiation found is from them? Are u saying its impossible ANY could be leaking from our own reactors/ if it is truely impossible why even test? Sorry man, ur complete lack of facts or REAL arguments of any kind shows everyone your ignorance. Someone please post some real facts telling us why Japan is the only place this could have come from.

    2. Htos1 says:

      There’s a reason it’s acalled “fallout”.It “falls” out of the sky rapidly,it’s particled that are EXREMELY densely heavy,regardless of their size.

  11. ted says:

    Instead of ‘flagellating’ this morning, maybe you should have picked up a dictionary so you didn’t embarass yourself by using the wrong word.

    Must have been brain flatulence.

  12. boB says:

    No one ever questions HOW DO THEY KNOW IT IS FROM JAPAN? We are just being more vigilent now in checking for radiation, so it’s possible it’s from any number of things. Heck, every plane that lands is positive for radiation because of traveling at 35,000 feet.

    1. Bill says:

      Actually, you can take a sample, use a mass spectrometer, and get the spectral response curve of the I -131 and CS -137 and match it exactly…. EXCEPT WE DO NOT KNOW IF THIS WAS DONE. So your point is still valid.

      1. Htos1 says:

        Can the regular person obtain one that connects to a Mac or PC?I would post readings all with video,

      2. Scott says:

        boB – Jets are not “positive for radiation”. That may be English, but it doesn’t mean anything. Jets are exposed to radiation. The jets themselves, and the people onboard, are exposed to a dose of radiation. It is conceivable that they could pick up radioactive contamination, but it is unlikely.

        Htos1 – a mass spectrometer is not something your everyday person owns. They are quite expensive.

        Regardless, based on current events, any I-131 found these days is most likely from Japan.

  13. Tim says:

    “Patti Thompson of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency says the levels are low: The amount of radiation would have to be 200,000 greater than what was detected to meet the regulatory limit for emission from a nuclear power plant.”

    It seems like anything that needs to be 200,000x greater to REACH a regulatory limit is really small. Why is this even reported?

    1. Tony says:

      To scare people into turning against Nuclear energy, there’s definitely an agenda here.

      1. just one says:

        there may be some flame faning but… Invisible cancer accelerating particles in the air water and food.. which you have to eat, you have to drink if youre in the affected region unless you want to be seen really wacky. People expect you to just relax eat tainted food , breath tainted air with no explanation to the public about exactly what it means to us, i skipped physics in school. I sorta understand radioactive decay and quantum mechanics, but do expect us to not be scared?This was supposed to be worst case scenarios stuff

  14. Frank says:

    You are a dumb ass.

  15. roy wilt jr says:

    Are you kidding me. You folks can’t even identify a registered voter nor do you want to. Now you claim to be able to trace radiation to a specific source. REALLY????The most corrupt state in the Union claiming to have unique scientific knowlege??? Come on now.
    As the first President from Illonois said, “you can fool some of the people some of the time…” But not all of us are stupid enough to believe this.

    1. FlyTom says:

      Not sure who “you people” are, but radiation can be tracked to it’s source via signatures…It is not the same from plant to plant. It is not a ‘unique scientific knowledge’, but rather a well known scientific fact. You need an education.

  16. Joe says:

    I beleive you are referring to Abraham Lincoln, Roy, who was from Kentucky. Ronald Reagan is the only president from Illinois.

    1. Tony says:

      He was born in Kentucky but his home was Illinois…stop being a semantical wise ass.

  17. Bill says:

    THis does NOT even merit a news story… however, I wonder if you could sell potassium Iodide tablets to people gullible enough to worry about it. So, on second thought, the news story is the best marketing possible ! (mark up the cost at least 1000 % on those tablets)

  18. Tom says:

    Always thought it would be neat to glow in the dark.

    1. Sam says:

      It’s easy to do. Vodka, bleach and a splash of cranberry. Works every time.

  19. Ma says:

    Stay educated on this issue. It’s not going away.

    Every day that radiation spews from Japan’s power plants, the jet stream flowing east can carry it to the United States. Learn to read wind maps.

    Here is a good Austrian site that shows Japan radiation disbursement maps:

    http://www.zamg.ac.at (go under “Neue Informationen” to find animated maps”)

    And Berkeley is doing its own radiation monitoring of milk, water and air in California:


    It wasn’t just Iodine-131 found in the United States. Cesium 137 has also been found.

  20. Tony says:

    God I was hoping for some self-abuse related sarcasm. I was interested… until the dog. That’s when I knew it. Melvin is an idiot.

  21. Jah Love says:

    Ron Paul loves this country and the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. Anyone against Ron Paul supports Big Govt Tyrany. Long Live the Republic!!

    1. he2 says:

      Phasers on stun…

      1. Sam says:


  22. seeker_n says:

    Grass Clippings? Duh, I live in Iowa (next door to Illinois) and there is no grass to clip here. It’s still dormant, so where is this contaminated grass? In a greenhouse?

    1. LRC says:

      Finally, someone asks the question…I live in PA, not much growing here…Oh wait, maybe the fall-out is causing my grass not to grow…or maybe it’s the stupid snow.

    2. Moni says:

      I’m in Illinois and we have tons of grass – neighbors have already been mowing

      1. seeker_n says:

        Excuse me Moni but we’re not talking about the kind of grass that you’ve obviously been smoking !

  23. joan driscoll says:

    If the Maya are correct, 2012 is either going to be the beginning or the end. Can’t fault them for taking a stand….on both sides to boot. Let’s just sit back and relax. None of us knows what tomorrow may hold, no matter what the prophets say.

  24. cojonius maximus says:

    We are surrounded by idiots….let’s hava a show of hands….how many out there born between 1950-1962?

    During that time, multiple airborne A and H bombs were detonated…aside from Godzilla movies NOTHING HAPPENED

    Let us get a bit of perspective…the Japan crisis is tragic it is not apocalyptic for Japan, let alone Will County Illinois

    The biggest danger is that environmental morons will destroy the Nuclear Energy industry in the USA asn make us more dependent on Oil

    The morons that push wind and solar as immediate alternatives are MORONS or VARMINTS …soon they will offer you big rock candy mountain acerage with cigarette trees and hens that lay soft bolied eggs…

    Of course this is the nation that elected a Kenyan Muslim Socialist (best case scenario there ) as President…

    We believed him…we will obviously believe anything

    1. Sam says:

      Lets make a trade with the Japanese! We’ll take all their radioactive waste and they take Obama. We’ll be much safer.

    2. conservativemom says:

      I take it you mean the bombs we detonated out in the desert that gave John Wayne and the other actors in those westerns cancer? Yup, nothing happened.

      Iodine is good for your thyroid anyway. Everyone should be taking 150 mcg of it everyday via normal vitamins, so what’s the big deal in being safe rather than sorry?

      1. Djoser says:

        I guess it had nothing to do with the 2 pack a day cigs, the booze, 5 pounds of beef/day and all the other free radicals floating around this great planet. Freaking libs are indeed libtarted.

    3. Shallel says:

      Airborne fission and fusion bombs use up their nuclear fuel, and if far enough away from the ground, do not bombard regular materials with neutrons and cause radioactive isotopes in these materials. I’m not saying they’re clean, and carbon in the atmosphere can become C14, but a reactor leaves so many terribly dangerous isotopes due to the various pathways of nuclear decay, and these are not spent in an explosion, since super-criticality cannot be achieved in a reactor.

      There will be an exclusion zone for hundreds of years, this is worse than Chernobyl by far.

  25. jimbob says:

    like we can believe anyone associated to the illinois government… if it was glowing they would still lie to us….

  26. flyingxk says:

    its the first of april as well,….i hope

  27. Hank Warren says:

    Useless EPA, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  28. Htos1 says:

    Radioactive iodine has a half-life of eight days.ALL radiation FROM A HIGHLY REFINED MATERIAL is inherently unstable and short lived,PLEASE ignore Rachel Carlson and former soviet bureaucrats.Edify yourself from trusted sources,not the beholden media.I have PERSONALLY witnessed uranium238 in a permutation device,rendered totally inert and useless in four hours.AND it was broadcast,on the msm in 1997.Never heard of it?I’ll bet!

  29. Joe says:

    Spot on. The nuke industry knows that if this story goes down badly, the uranium-based reactor biz is dead.

  30. Joe Holiday says:

    Did Al Gore take the readings? Maybe he can sell radiation credits.

  31. Kevin says:

    Not to worry sheep-Patti Thompson and the rest of the women and feminized men that run this once great country say that everything is OK. So, don’t worry and go back to doing whatever it is that distracts you from reality – la-de-da.;…

  32. UisAllChumps says:

    Shills for the airline industry are rampant on the message boards proclaiming how safe air travel is. Could there be a connection to GE, as they make a great deal of the turbines used in the engines? It seems as though there is a tremendous amount of coincidence that GE is behind all of these disasters and that Immelt is in bed with Obama. Kind of reminds me of Cheney and the Haliburton weather machine that created Hurricane Katrina

  33. tnmccoy says:

    I think the panic is inane and the danger of Japan’s radiation has been overstated. Despite what some of you claim as half lifes and certain types of radiation, I think the danger is minimal for most of the Country, if not all.

  34. HINMATON says:

    since GOD created the world and the universe we might as well put all the blame on HIM!! What is wrong with everyone ? I think it can all be traced back to OBAMA! after all he is from Illinois when he was here he contaminated our political scene and has now sent his FISH PREPARER Rahm here to finish the job.

  35. James says:

    It doesn’t necessarily mean it came from Japan. We have nuclear plants here in the US, and we have an airflow pattern above our nation. Don’t unnecessarily create a panic.

  36. Sparky says:

    Only in Illinois??? Not anywhere else inbetween Japan and Illinois? Nothing in Montana or Nebraska, just Illinois?

  37. asdf says:

    this isn’t even worth reporting….

  38. victor says:

    These readings are deffinatly coming from the problem in japan,,,they are being down played so the common ignerant american won`t worry about being contaminated and getting cancer or worse….don`t trust what you eat or buy from japan, they are trying to contain the problem, that`s good, but in the end all the effort will be of no value and a lot of people will die from the radiation….

  39. Hunsaker says:

    Another con job by another bunch of pro-government clowns and a company who will now get extended contract money to go “look” for more radiation – boy are we safe or what?

  40. Illinois Mutant says:


  41. Overtaxed Illinoisan says:

    Illinois is a known world famous sanctuary for elements on the run. This includes Wisconsin & Indiana politicians hiding from their duties, and Japanese radioactive elements. And now that Illinois has eliminated the death penalty we now have open arms for the perpetrators of heinous crimes.

  42. Chicken Little says:

    The sky is falling…The sky is falling…….

    CBS = Continuous BS.

    Get a grip people we are so frigging far away from the radiation source this is a none issue.

  43. moutainhiker says:

    The lesson to be learned from this accident ,is that if they ever try to build a nuclear plant ever again, any where on the earth ,we the people from earth need to stand up and stop them from building the plant.

    1. Sparky says:

      Sound just like a tree hugger.

  44. Tim Shotts says:

    Wow. Good thing that radioactive iodine didn’t come from any of the 11 reactors in Illinois!!!

  45. Annie says:

    Good! Does this mean that the fiilthy politicians, including the Obamas the
    Emmanuels, and the Daley’s are now radioactive and will soon die? How wonderful this is! Can’t wait!

  46. ma67 says:

    This is a problem, a global crisis. The Govt will say there is no harm. BS there is no harm.. The heavy metal particle fallout ends up in the ocean floor and ramifications will be felt throughout the ecological chain. Enjoy the plutonium enhanced “catch of the day” at a restaurant near you. What about the contaminated soil? We have no idea how this will all end up….

  47. Cazalicious says:

    I blame global warming, send Al gore to Japan, he will fix it like when he invented the internet.

  48. JTWilliams says:

    Nooooo, it’s al-QaEDA! The Islamic boogie men are releasing radioactive clouds from their underpants! Obama says give up your rights, and we’ll be safe!

  49. oldsoldier1945 says:

    N.B.C. reporting for those who think all this media hype is accurate, even these so called websites that show radiation above a certain region , is the forecasting of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical emissions after a tactical or strategic attack. We have survived at least 2 decades of hundreds of above ground nuclear blasts that sent induced radioactive into the upper atmosphere and circled the globe. There were measurable amounts of radiation in our food supply (ie. strontium-90). Unless you are old enough to remember this, you may think we will not survive the radiation. if you had a coal furnace in your house you got more radiation than a nuclear plant valve technician.

  50. bserius says:

    we in Illinois have been in much greater peril from the INDIANA AND WISCONSIN FLEEBAGGERS …

  51. oldsoldier1945 says:

    Anybody remember radon gas, a naturally radoactive element (atomic number 86). Well even though it has caused problems in mines for centuries (they didn’t know what it was in the 1500s-discovered in 1900), it didn’t affect the average citizens untill they started building energy-efficient houses that were so tight that they couldn’t breath. Houses that have exposed crawl spaces will never have that problem, because of constant air flow(also termites can’t survive with light and good ventilation. Thank big gov. for the proble…EPA. People, radiation is everywhere.

  52. olegunny says:

    Radiation in IL, particularly in the Chicago area could be a good thing.

  53. Chippy55 says:

    Millions of mercury-filled broken Obama curly Q light bulbs will be washing up on the shores of Pelosi’s district for the next 150 years, lol. That’s Karma for her deceitfully inserting a $105 billion tax into the Affordable (lol) Health Care Act, and if its so affordable, why are there 1,085 waivers? Why is the entire State of Maine being given an exemption? Why are all the unions being given waivers? You have 584 days to decide how many Liberals will join those 63 that were ousted because of one woman- Pelosi, who now illogically and nonsensically blames the Liberal Democrats single biggest loss in history on George Bush, lol.

  54. Geoff says:

    What kind of lazy-ass reporter doesn’t report actual numbers? They just take some govt rep’s statement that it’s “x reading is actually 200,000 times below danger level y” and the reporter is never curious as to what x or y actually are?

    Eff all newspapers and reporters–you deserve to be run out of business by the web.

  55. Koimaster Eke says:

    All I know is that last week all my Koi were normal…..now they have extra dorsal fins and one of them is growing eyelashes…..

  56. Marci Brown says:

    All granite counter tops will set off a Geiger counter too. Just think for a nice looking kitchen you could be killing your family. The radiation level is fairly small but so it may take a couple hundred years to kill of one family member.

    1. CHICKEN LITTLE says:


      1. Fart Particles says:


  57. Bob says:

    I glow with envy… and to think I could mow my lawn in the dark!

  58. FRANKOK says:

    Can all you greenie-weenies please list all the deaths from other sources of power – including windmills (you don’t have to list all the birds, sea gulls, and bats).
    How many deaths using those little power plants in autos, trucks, dozers and on and on and on?
    There is risk in anything including living in caves in Tora Bora.
    The VAST oceans and atmosphere ate up all the radioactivity from Hiroshima and Nagasaki along with thousands of A-bomb and H-bomb tests (and Chernoble).

    Quit reporting when levels “spike” to 1/500’th of allowable such as at the USA left coast.

    1. Osama says:

      It’s a Cave Complex.

  59. FRANKOK says:

    “…the amount of radiation would have to be 200,000 times than what was detected to meet the regulatory limit for emission from a nuclear power plant.”

    Hey Jim Anderson – get your head out of your own place where the sun don’t shine.

    Nothing else to report today? How about the fiscal calamity Stinky B.O. and the socialists DEMS have us in.

  60. jOSHUA says:


  61. Anthony says:

    wow! they found some radioactive grass clippings and some bad air samples NEAR A NUKE PLANT SITE!? sounds like a cover up blame game to me. in KY near the Paducah uranium enrichment site, there are (out of thousands) 17 contaminated barrels missing and believe to have just rusted away into the ground and into the Ohio river, I hear no outcry here, perhaps cause were just a bunch if dumb hicks and we don’t matter. thanks Mr. Government for looking out for us.

  62. Chris W says:

    Anyone with q high school education should recognize this a BS.
    That is anyone with a diploma earned thirty or more years ago.
    Todays students won’t know this.They will know about:
    Being “green”
    George Bush is bad
    Barack Obama is good
    Guns are bad
    Condoms are good
    God doesn’t exist
    White people are bad( unless they are gay)
    etc, etc, etc,.

  63. KG says:

    iodine131 has a half life of 8 days. So it does not last long and is not a danger unless the levels are extremely high. The media is playing up this radiation detected in the US to make a buck. The real dangers of nuclear energy contamination occurred during the late 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s. Nuclear workers and their families were exposed to all kinds of funky radiation at Hanford, Wa Oak Ridge, Tn, Nevada Test site and other government run nuclear facilities. They did not know all the dangers of the many forms of radiation back then. This maybe be a surprise to the progressives but the worst polluter of radiation and chemicals was/is the Federal Government not private industry. I am speaking from experience having family members who worked in government facilities from the 50’s through the 80’s. All were exposed to radiation and all had cancer. Go talk to families that lived near the Hanford Wa site.

  64. Guy A says:

    What people fail to realize is that the radiation levels might be low now, but what will they be throughout the United States by July?

  65. philip says:

    In Sacramento California there is a large Russian community-may people came after Chernobel event. Well the dirty secret is Sacramento, Roseviille and Citrus Heights Calif local cemeteries are LOADED with DEAD YOUNG RUSSIANS all, in thieir EARLY 20’s. The great thing about Russians, they put the picture of the dead and reason of the death on the grave-CANCER-Sacramento has a LOW rate of cancer-but the Russian kids who came here after the meltdown appear to be dying in LARGE numbers-Now that is a story someone should look into.

  66. She Gan says:

    Thank you,Chippy55. You said it All!



    Millions of mercury-filled broken Obama curly Q light bulbs will be washing up on the shores of Pelosi’s district for the next 150 years, lol. That’s Karma for her deceitfully inserting a $105 billion tax into the Affordable (lol) Health Care Act, and if its so affordable, why are there 1,085 waivers? Why is the entire State of Maine being given an exemption? Why are all the unions being given waivers? You have 584 days to decide how many Liberals will join those 63 that were ousted because of one woman- Pelosi, who now illogically and nonsensically blames the Liberal Democrats single biggest loss in history on George Bush, lol.

  67. The Admiral says:

    Radiation also found on North Pole, Brazil, central Aftrica, the Moon, center earth, CBS St/ :Louis TV Station, New York Times Newsroom, future site of Obama library next to White Sox field, at windmilll form in NW Illinois, in Solar Panel plant in CA, at GE HQ for use as tax teduction, Mens Room at Yankee Stadium, London Olympic statium, etc.

  68. Yosef gramel says:

    It is amazing the amount of disinformation that is being pumped from all sides. Obliviously it is an attempt to confuse and belittle the situation. Firstly, yes radiation can be traced to its origin due to its signature chemeophotography. Second, only ten years later it was known that over 1 million people died from chernoble. Third, how many paid shills are there posting here from the nuclear industry and from the goverment AKA project sock puppet. Lets see in 10 years how the cancer will be, or maybe it will be blamed on some convienent new strange disease

  69. Russ says:

    Nobody goes looking for radioactivity untill they have a reason (Japan) and when they do they find a very small amount if it and the news media panics over the discovery. It was probably always there before they went looking for it. Bah Humbug to all the worry warts!

  70. earl says:

    Whoexactly is Sarah Palin anyways? The quitting governor, the vocal quasi tea partier, Kissenger wannabe, Mom, wifey-pooh, or writer of self=pulp? I am not sure who she is…just sure I don’t need her for president although I;’ll take her over N-Obama or Bush the hypocrite or Newt the slyster from down under orwell you get the point. Maybe the quitting Governor might not be to bad considering the crowd of liars we have had in their the last 20 years or so.

  71. Pharma174 says:

    Hello! aekadkf interesting aekadkf site! I’m really like it! Very, very aekadkf good!

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