Pacific, Mo–The Missouri Labor Department’s Division of Labor Standards (DLS) conducted an investigation and found a Franklin County company, Klance Staging, Inc, in violation of the state’s wage law, for not paying its workers overtime. 

“The Missouri Department of Labor is actively enforcing the wage and hour laws. In these difficult economic times, employers are not allowed to abuse their workers by not paying them the proper wages,” says Department Director Larry Rebman.

State law requires employers to pay overtime when employees work more than 40 hours in a seven day work week. After receiving a paycheck that did not reflect overtime, a Klance Staging employee filed a complaint with the DLS.

“I am expected to do the work I’ve been asked to do and my employer is supposed to pay me for that work. It’s not fair when employers do not hold up their end of the deal and I found it is also against the law. Thanks to the Department of Labor, I was able to get the wages I earned,” says a Klance Staging employee. 

The DLS investigates all wage complaints and has more than a 90% success rate of recovering owed wages. Due to the state’s involvement, Klance Staging paid $12,597.70 in restitution to 51 workers for the overtime pay.

 In fiscal year 2010, the DLS received 732 wage complaints, found 147 violations, and collected more than $199,185.93 in restitution. So far in 2011, the DLS received 124 wage complaints, found eight violations, and collected more than $16,356.18 in restitution. For more information about the state’s wage and hour laws or to file a wage complaint, visit


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