WASHINGTON D.C. (KMOX)– The Humane Society of the United States is out with a new public opinion poll that shows 59 percent of respondents do not want Proposition B-the puppy mill law repealed or weakened by Missouri lawmakers.

Prop B was approved by voters last November.

Forty-one percent favor the repeal.  Lake Research Partners designed and conducted the survey of 600 registered voters who had voted in the 2008 presidential election or had registered to vote since.   The telephone poll was conducted March 17th through the 21st.   The margin of error is plus or minus four percentage points.

The poll also revealed that if lawmakers succeed in either repealing or weaking the puppy mill law, voters by a nearly two-to-one margin want to see Gov. Jay Nixon veto the bill so that Prop B remains law.

“Some state lawmakers think they know better than the people, and they are seeking to override the decision of nearly one million Missouri voters who favored Prop B and stronger standards for the care of dogs in commercial breeding operations.” says Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States.  “These latest polling results from throughout Missouri show that voters don’t like this arrogant repeal campaign and they want Gov. Nixon to respect the will of the people and veto any major modification of Prop B.”

Supporters of the modification of Prop B says the new law is too restrictive and will drive breeders out of business.

Lake Research is a public opinion and political strategy research firm with offices in Washington D.C., California and New York.  Their clients include Harvard, the Sierra Club and numerous foundations and labor groups.

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Comments (97)
  1. Kevin Keen says:

    More untruthful HSUS propaganda! There is an online poll out there also and if you look closely you will see that the majority are from out of state. Why should we expect any less? Look at the lies that Barbara Schmitz told on KMOX radio. Gee, how ironic.

    1. Diane Frakes says:

      Did Ms. Schmitz ever come up with those inspection reports on that big 500 dog kennel? Is the vet still married to the fictional “Mary?”

      1. marie says:

        Good question If any of these people cared about integrity they will answer our questions . . . but they never answer the true questions

      2. bonniej says:

        Wayne Pacelle gets a pretty good chunk of a salary, I think he needs to do something else for it, something besides trying to bully people, people need to stand up to him and tell him to just shut the hell up !!!

    2. Shelley says:

      Since Barbara Schmitz doesn’t work for HSMO, I’m not sure why your comment is relevant to this story?

      Especially since this poll was released by the Humane Society of Missouri.

      1. bonniej says:

        Then why is Pacelle name always mentioned? Just like in this comment, he’s always involved, wish Missouri was like Nebraska, would have been nice if they would have just told you to get out beforwe you even got started. Shelly needs to find a real job!!!!

      2. Shelley says:


        That’s because KMOX pulled a Pacelle quote for the story.

      3. marie says:

        HSUS Pacelle came to Missouri capitol a few weeks ago and CAMPAIGNED HARD against the amendment bills to PropB. How can you say PropB is not tied to HSUS?

  2. Jeri Lea says:

    Same old story. The HSUS poll is what is reported as ‘truth’? In fact, out of state people are encouraged to call Missouri reps and the Governor’s office as well as take part in these polls. So, I would take this poll and throw it in the garbage.

    1. Shelley says:

      Did you even bother to read?

      The poll was funded by the Humane Society of Missouri. HSMO.

  3. Lauraye says:

    SO 2-1 vote huh? when only passed on ballot by 1%. More HSUS lies. NO one I know took the poll? Repeal this bill now or watch hundreds of animals die at the hands of HSUS, who say better off dead than in the hands of a breeder.
    Next they will want my chicken and beef

    1. Shelley says:

      Unless you sell your chicken and beef for pets, and call them dogs while doing so, Proposition B does not want your chicken or beef. Only someone with extremely challenged English skills would read “cow” when the word is “dog”.

      And it passed by more than 1 percent. Or are you trying to remake history?

      Plus, you have to remember: there are people who voted against Proposition B who do not agree with the representative’s actions.

      1. marie says:

        Can you make even one comment that doesn’t use insult in an attempt to put force behind your words?

      2. Shelley says:

        Not when people make foolish statements that Proposition B is about cows and chickens.

      3. marie says:

        If the statement is foolish, you shouldn’t have to resort to ‘insults’ to make your point. You just enjoy insulting, don’t you?

  4. Stephen May says:

    Don’t you find it odd that the activists say it isn’t about HSUS yet there is Wayne at every turn. Wonder if the public heard Rep. Jeanie Riddles remarks and facts that she stated about Wayne Pacelle during the hearings in the House. I had no idea that he had broken the law. He is spouting off at our legislators about law?

  5. Enoughofthecon says:

    Where is responsible journalism these days? Rather than printing the deception of this group, shouldn’t real journalists be investigating and demanding prosecution of the individuals and groups responsible for one of the largest con jobs of all time?

    Before Prop B was on the ballot, the first push polls released by HSUS and published by irresponsible journalist said that Prop B had 93% support. Yet the animal rights industry spent nearly 6 million dollars in deceptive advertizing and the poorly written bill that is detrimental to the well being of dogs passed by only a tiny margin when people actually read the entire proposition.

    Everyone is now aware that most of the money spent by the animal rights industry went to the media. The lack of integrity in the media is not a Missouri value.

    Let us ask our Representatives to unanimously support the passage of SB 113 and send a clear message to the world that this type of deception will not tolerated in Missouri.

    1. marie says:

      Hear Hear! Maybe now someone is listening to the breeder’s story? Puppy mills do need to be stopped, but his can be accomplished better by the Mo. Dept. of Agrivulture.They would have shut down a lot more by now, but for lack of financial and other resources. In a way we should maybe be grateful for the PropB fiasco — it will certainly spur the state toake some improvements on it’s on. These things taketime, and we can’tthrow out an entire industry over night. MDA, with the help of consciencious breeders, will make major in roads in the next several years. Some dogs will continue to suffer, but they will be alive with the hope of a better day. Prop B would (and already has) resulted in the deaths of kennel dogs, and the so-called ‘rescue societies’ are rejecting most kennel dogs that won’t help make them their profit. That may be good for them in the long run, but the fact is with each and every refusal, they are probably sentencing that dog to death.
      There are so many problems that need remedy.Yet we have been caught up in a ridiculous war of words/rhetoric/insults instead of building the solution up from its bottom rung — what is good for BREEDING dogs snd what can be done to lighten their load. This is what good breeders do. Many of us want change, but change has to be realistic. I would like to know if any PropB supporter actually listened to and was changed from this comment.

      1. marie says:

        Please read edited version below.

      2. kathy1949 says:

        I listened and, generally, agree. The problem is that MO has had 20+ years to get this problem of deplorable puppy mills under control and seems determined to fail. I do not trust this state to look out for the interests of people let alone dogs – and this state has consistently proven that it does not deserve the trust of the people lliving, working and paying taxes in this state. I have no issues with Professional Dog Breeders who strive to maintain or improve upon a breed’s standard, and deliver healthy and socialized puppies and whose breeding stock have healthy and happy lives. But Commercial Dog Breeding – in contrast – OUT, GETEMOUT! And that applies to Hunte Corp as well. Unless these legislators can come back with a true compromise that benefits the dogs, the fight will continue.

      3. marie says:

        Kathy, we agree on many things so hear me out on this one. The State agency dealing with dogs is a good one. It has not been able to shut down substandard kennels because there are too many dogs involved (thousands,if all high volume breeders are shut down) with no resources to handle them (where will they put thousands of dogs? Not in no-kill shelters, I assure you).The other reason is lack of funding to enforce rules with the high cost of litigation. Volume breeders have money. They will often win. That’s why the amendments to B are important — they will make enforcement possible. Give the State another chance on this one. And turn our attention to matters like the minimum wage issue etc.

        What do you think?

        This issue–you are right,probably, on the other issues–but this one is about dogs and the dog ‘industry’. Mark my words,the State Ag on Dogs will be shaped up now from within. Like it should be.We don’t need more laws — if they are as bad as Proposition B especially. Let’s give our State Dog Dept a chance to rectify their past errors. I bet they do. They need to enforce the exercise rule stronger for the bigger breeders, for example.

      4. marie says:

        …and they needs to ask Missouri’s breeders what would make their work more effective and what makes the dogs happier and healthier. No one from the “Societies” polled or came to breeders for advice before PropB was written. Who exactly wrote PropB , anyway?

      5. kathy1949 says:

        I do not know who wrote Prop B. And, YES, I wish all parties involved would have come together to identify the top priorities and workable solutions. Because this is supposed to be about the health and quality of life for the dogs, I have to believe that it is still possible to reach some common ground but, at this point I doubt if B-supporters will accept SB 113 as written. The distance-vetting is unacceptable, allowance of continuous breeding was one of the big issues and remains, and lack of exercise and socialization are other concens. I just do not understand why or how it is that some reasonable compromise can not be made.

        You have made excellent points re care of dogs taken or surrendered from bad breeding facilities, and I too have been concerned. I do know that different state humane society groups have been taking them. I’ve taken 3 so far, but caring for a mill dog is not something that enough people are willing or able to do. Ones I’ve taken were in very poor health and had/have major trust issues. It is a big investment but with huge returns. I do not want to see these dogs sold at auctions – which seems to be a common outcome. Prop B did not include any plan for taking in these dogs – nor does SB 113. Treating them as collateral damage is just not acceptable.

        I don’t know the solution – but I am still hoping we all find one. Obviously, we all need to talk and listen and work together,and stop fighting. But how to begin?

  6. bonniej says:

    Personally I am tired of the HSUS, and all of the other animal activists trying to act like they are the only ones that care about animals, There is a lot of good, descent, hard working, honest Breeders in Missouri that do a fantastic job and, we don’t need these dingbats from out of State trying to tell us what is good for Missouri and our economy, they don’t live here so how would they know ??!!!

  7. marie says:

    Hear Hear! Maybe now someone is listening to the breeder’s story? Puppy mills do need to be stopped, but his can be accomplished better by the Mo. Dept. of AgriCulture. They’re a good organization besides a few bad apples in the barrel. They would have shut down a lot more substandard kennels by now, but for lack of financial and other resources. In a way we should maybe be grateful for the PropB fiasco — it will certainly spur the state to make some improvements on its own. The new Amendments can help them to do so. Change takes time, and we can’t just throw out an entire industry overnight. MDA, with the help of conscientious breeders, will make major inroads in the next several years. Some dogs will continue to suffer, but they will be alive — with the hope of a better day. Prop B would (and already has) resulted in the deaths of kennel dogs — the so-called ‘rescue societies’ are rejecting most kennel dogs that won’t help make them a profit. That may be good for them, but the fact is with each and every refusal, they are probably sentencing that dog to death.
    There are so many problems that need remedy. Yet we have been caught up in a ridiculous war of words/rhetoric/insults instead of building the solution up from its bottom rung — what is good for BREEDING dogs and what can be done to lighten their load. This is what good breeders do. Many of us want change, but change has to be realistic. I would like to know if any PropB supporter actually listened to and was changed from this comment.

  8. Shelley says:

    I can see that HumaneWatch is out in force.

    This is a poll conducted probably by the same company who conducts polls for many other organizations. The error is +/- 4 percentage points. The voters were polled from a random sampling.

    You may not like the results, but you better believe the representatives are paying attention. Unlike you all, they know how polling works.

    You can’t bury fact with your hyperbole.

    1. marie says:

      What do you mean by ‘hyperbole’ in this reference?

    2. Bill O'Donnell says:

      The representatives know exactly who HSUS is as it is the hot topic of conversation with them and our senators. Don’t be fooled by Shelley and her rhetoric. They know exactly what this radical movement is all about. Line #9 of B will next attack your domestic livestock. That is Missouri agriculture folks.

    3. bonniej says:

      I can see the animal nut cases are in full force also, I can speak for myself, Shelly has too much time on her hands, she needs to get a real job !! You always tell the Breeders that, so why are you on your but on the computer all day??

    4. Shelley says:

      “This is about Missouri agriculture”

      This is about dogs. But agribusiness interests want to “bloody the nose” of HSUS, in he colorful terms used by Forrest Lucas of Lucas Oil and Cattle, so though the interests don’t care about the dogs, or really the dog breeders, they do care about showing the state that they’re in control here–not HSUS, and definitely not the voters.

      The only people who see this is about agriculture are people who have deficient reading skills, or those who are just playing political games.

  9. Candice says:

    Breeding for profit is WRONG!!!!! I hope all of you are shut down. Breeding should only be done for the love of the BREED. If you are truly caring for these dogs as companion animals and not as commodities, there would be no WAY you could be making money. If Missouri’s economy is so dependent on dog breeding, I say : SHUT IT DOWN!!!!! Get a real job and stop abusing animals for profit.

    1. Mills says:

      Candice we all hope that you don’t breed.

      1. lmr says:

        I bet you’re a breeder Mills… in more ways than one. Mostly breeding alot of ignorance and selfishness. If there were more people like Candice in this world it would be a better place. We do not need people to breed dogs they can do it all by themselves. We need people to take care of the homeless and abused dogs we already have and take the responsibility to spay and neuter. YOU are part of the problem.

  10. Dave R says:

    Its not about anything but leave the law alone. The people passed it, so its nothing the legislature should have a hand in.

  11. J. Anderson says:

    This is the way that Wayne Pacelle makes polls turn out the way he wants them to. With a call from everyone who is of the animal rights agenda to have their say. If all the 400,000 members respond, it would be interesting to see how many responses were received from outside the USA or in other states. HSUS sends out about 10 of these messages per day.

    As you see in the messages sent to this blog, breeding is wrong is based on the abolitionist of the animal rights movement. Anything based on slavery in relationship to animals is wrong, touch on the human rights issue for animals. Wrong to sell, wrong to tether, wrong to keep in cages, wrong to breed. Read up on the abolitionis theory of animal rights and be in the know.

    Talk Back: Big Votes, Big Wins for Animals – Wayne Pacelle: A …Nov 12, 2010 … Each of your votes brings us one step closer to helping thousands of suffering animals. Please vote today and every day through Nov. …
    hsus.typepad.com/wayne/…/pepsi-refresh-election-comments.html – Cached – SimilarYouTube – Vote YES on California Prop 2 – Wayne Pacelle of HSUSOct 4, 2008 … Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States … Please vote YES on proposition 2 in California on November 4, 2008. … and that people can be lied to just to win the polls with fascism. …
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_-RoMZsZIc – CachedThread Fw: Please vote: CBC poll – is it acceptable to wear fur …2 posts – 1 author
    Fw: Please vote: CBC poll – is… Published (2010-12-21 04:22:00) … FW: U.S. Fur Sales Lowest in Nearly 20 Years | Wayne Pacelle: A Huma …
    boardreader.com/…/Fw_Please_vote_CBC_poll_is_it_acceptable_5iedhX9z. html – CachedGet more discussion results
    Wayne PacellePlease vote YES on proposition 2 in California on November 4, 2008. For more information please visit http://www.YesOnProp2.com and http://www.HumaneCalifornia.org. HSUS …
    wn.com/Wayne_Pacelle – CachedDog Politics: HSUS & Wayne Pacelle -Vick’s Dogs Must DieAug 22, 2007 … Wayne Pacelle of HSUS goes on to say, “It’s a very difficult thing to ….. I am slightly amused by your boycott PETA poll on the blog. ….. Please join the 3rd Annual My Dog Votes Worldwide Candlight Vigil Against …
    http://www.dogpolitics.com/my_weblog/…/hsus-wayne-pace.html – Cached – SimilarMajority Polled Want Puppy Mill Law Left Intact « CBS St. LouisApr 4, 2011 … Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States says , … SO 2-1 vote huh? when only passed on ballot by 1%. More HSUS lies. … Please read edited version below. April 4, 2011 at 10:36 pm …
    stlouis.cbslocal.com/2011/…/majority-polled-want-puppy-mill-law-left-intact/Get more results from the past 24 hours
    Urgent! Don’t Let Your Missouri State Senator Overturn the Will of …Mar 9, 2011 … Wayne Pacelle Please make sure to call your Senator ASAP and urge them to vote NO on SB 113 and NO on the emergency clause! …
    http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=208078585875606 – CachedVICK SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO OWN PETS! – The Petition SiteDec 17, 2010 … Target: Wayne Pacelle ,HSUS, Fox News Poll,; Sponsored by: Advocate for Saving Dogs. Please crosspost AND vote! …
    http://www.thepetitionsite.com/…/vick-should-never-be-allowed-to-own-pets/ – CachedOklahoma Poll: Puppy mill law supported | Tulsa WorldJan 21, 2011 … Please give it a title, and short description so that visitors to ….. —Wayne Pacelle This is who you are supporting when you vote for …

  12. Adios HSUS says:

    [audio src="http://brownfieldagnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/carlson-tom-HSUS-110330.mp3" /]

    the truth

    1. marie says:

      Great link. Thanks. MUST hear this folks!

  13. Terry Ward says:

    New research from the Center for Food Integrity (CFI) shows that most consumers are twice as likely to believe the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) over farm organizations when it comes to humane treatment of farm animals.

  14. Terry Ward says:

    The survey found that voters across the political spectrum, including voting groups who can make the difference in close elections, want the Governor to veto the repeal bill in order to protect the voters’ will, including the following findings:
    • 62 percent of independents want Governor Nixon to veto the bill, including 66 percent of independent women.
    • 61 percent of Republicans with an opinion want the Governor to veto the bill.
    • Blue-collar women, who are late deciders in elections, want to see a veto (65 percent).
    • Voters in the vote-rich St. Louis (69 percent veto) and Kansas City (70 percent) markets would like a veto.
    • In swing counties where the vote on Prop B was close (+/- 10 points) more than three out of four voters (76 percent) support a veto, a share that is even higher than among those living in counties that went more strongly for Prop B (70 percent want a veto).

    1. marie says:

      You’re calling this a ‘survey’ for some reason . . . is it a poll, or is it a survey?

  15. marie says:

    “Breeding for profit is WRONG!!!!! I hope all of you are shut down. Breeding should only be done for the love of the BREED. If you are truly caring for these dogs as companion animals and not as commodities, there would be no WAY you could be making money. If Missouri’s economy is so dependent on dog breeding, I say : SHUT IT DOWN!!!!! Get a real job and stop abusing animals for profit.”

    This is secretly how most all pro-prop-B activists feel. Ruinous thinking. Where will all the puppies come from? Because there is much demand for them, and always will be.

    1. Candice says:

      I have nothing against breeding in and of itself. I know many people who breed many types of dogs and sell the puppies. This is not the same. These dogs are carefully raised in a HOME, exercised and socialized with humans and other dogs. It’s difficult and expensive work done by people who CARE. I do the accounting for some of these folks and they rarely make a profit. But, each of their puppies go to good homes, usually promised before they’re even born.

      Yes, there will always be a demand for puppies. But it is my sincere hope that people learn that the pet store is NOT the place to get a quality pet. I didn’t mean to be so rude, but from an accounting standpoint: if you’re making a living off of breeding dogs I can’t believe you’re giving them a good quality life.

  16. marie says:

    Enjoy ye polling while ye may, for soon will come Tomorrow.

  17. kathy1949 says:

    Thanks to all the stink created by MO puppy millers and the antics of their MO representatives, over Prop B, I have learned a lot about who is running this state. It’s primarily the Farm Bureau and wealthy CAFOs. There is no real division between city and rural MO – we need to join forces and ensure that we elect people that represent us. All PRO B voters – check out CAFOs and what they are doing to rural MO, our family farmers and our envionment, and the MO elected (such as Chris Koster) that protect them. The squabble over Prop B is just the beginning.

  18. kathy1949 says:

    And….LOL. SB 113 is nothing but an acknowledgement that MO Commercial Dog Breeders are in fact PUPPY MILLS. How does it feel to be ‘outed’ by your elected representatives? Come on – you need a law to make you place a barrier above your tiny cages, to keep urine and feces dripping onto the dogs below?And, you applaud distance-vetting for your beloved dogs and puppies? What a joke you have made of yourselves – and while the eyes and ears of the world are wide open to it all. To you and your elected – OUT OUT GETEMOUT -in the words of one your SB113’s most vocal supporters.

  19. Terry Ward says:

    Got a strong stomach?
    Watch this ‘illegal ‘ video of Missouri breeders auctioning off America’s pets…

    “Show Me” WHAT, Missouri?
    All of the above.

  20. KAY says:


  21. lmr says:

    The ONLY people that want to repeal this are those that are making a profit from it! I now have a new saying “THERE ARE NO BAD DOGS, JUST BAD LEGISLATORS!

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