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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (KMOX)-Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is asking legislators to add $1.1 million to the state budget to help protect dogs.

The money comes from federal reimbursements for previous state expenditures, that were higher than anticipated. Nixon’s spokesman, Scott Holste, says that while the money could be used in a variety of ways, Nixon believes it should go to enforcing dog breeding regulations.

Holste says the $1.1 million would be used to hire three full-time veterinarians, three investigators and four inspectors, “It also would help in being able to provide funding for contracting with local veterinarians to be able to go out to a site on an emergency basis particularly when a particular bad situation has been discovered.”

Holste says whether Senate Bill 113 passes, or Prop B remains in full force, the state doesn’t currently have the money to adequately enforce its dog breeding laws, “We still gotta have the money to be able to go out and do those inspections because neither one of those measures currently provide those resources. A law isn’t much good unless you can have the resources to enforce it.”

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Comments (4)
  1. BobHaze says:

    We still have to tell Governor Nixon to veto any attempt to overturn Prop B.

    SB113 guts the provisions that prevent cruelty and suffering. Period!

  2. Jessica White-Bryand says:

    This is just like the HSUS. They leave a mess in every state and then expect the taxpayers to clean up after them, while they are on their book tour. I remember supporters being told this wouldn’t cost the taxpayers. We have more laws on the books for dogs before Prop B, then we did for kids in Missouri. At least dogs were getting fed twice a day. With Prop B, they will now only get fed once and there is still no law in Missouri to require kids to be fed at least once a day. You all need to be writing your legislator and Gov. Nixon in support of SB 113 that changes Prop B and provides funding for enforcement!!!!!

  3. Bonnie Thompson Jensen says:

    Jessica, you are exactly right, couldn’t agree more when you say H$U$ always comes in does their thing and leaves everyone else with the mess to clean up, I think with all of their millon$ they make in contributions maybe they ought to be the ones that fund this, Only 1% of their money actually goes to helping animals, the rest goes to lobbying, (such as what they have done right here with this), lawyers, high wages and salaries, overhead on fancy builings, retirement and, pension funds,!!

  4. R Brooks says:

    I do not quite get what Nixon means by contracting with local vets. It sounds like he wants to pay them a retainer to be on call. Anyone who actualy deals with a vet on a normal basis knows that the good rural ones are on call 24/7 without a retainer. Part of their job! Is he thinking of doing this all through out Mo? I am afraid the man does not have a clue what is truly needed here. A little more organization and proper management of the funds that are available plus those being alocated in SB113 would suffice without hitting our state with a $1.1 million dollar price tag. We have a extreme animal rights group throwing a fit. Govenors in other states are taking a stand and saying take your lies out of our state. Not our Gov! No his big move is to throw money at it.

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