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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A first of its kind in the nation lawsuit is filed in St. Louis County, defending the right of two sisters to sell Girl Scout cookies from a stand in front of their house.

The Mills sisters — 16-year old Caitlin and 14-year old Abigail — are suing the city of Hazelwood,  which shut down their girl scout cookie stand, because it was considered a violation of local occupancy code.

The girl’s are represented by attorney Dave Roland with The Freedom Center of Missouri.    Roland says the suit seeks a declaratory judgement — no cash — just a ruling on whether cities have a right to tell a property owner they can’t have a cookie stand. 

“It’s time that there was a case that addresses the question, because it keeps popping up,”  Roland said, “We’re trying to find out what can you do on your property without the government’s permission.”

Roland says the Girl Scouts organization is not involved in the suit. 

The city of Hazelwood says they do support the Girl Scouts but not when they are violating the home occupancy code.  A neighbor complained anonymously about dogs barking at all the people and the traffic.

The sisters say they had sold some 1,700 boxes of cookies this year before they were shut down. 

“Based on this complaint, the city of Hazelwood had to take action,” says spokesman Tim Davidson.   He says it is also against city code to sell products from home.

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(Copyright KMOX)

Comments (6)
  1. Tim Das says:

    Thank God Americans have a right to bear arms. Next time the Hazelwood gestapo show up, the sisters and their parents should tell them to get the F off their property and back it up with some loaded shotguns. It’s hopeless up here in Canada, but there’s still time for good Americans to take back their country.

  2. Jo Anne Otterstrom says:

    Go get them Girls, we’re all tired of this country’s Gestapo tactics!!! you sell your cookies!!

    webmaster, it says “name OR email so whty the stupid error messages?

  3. Hank says:

    This is not a permanent business it’s tempory. The city should leave the girls alone. The neighbor that complained about the barking dog should talk with the dog owner or buy all of the remaining cookies so the girls would close down. Then he could donate the cookies to our soldiers overseas. Everybody wins and he looks like a hero instead of a jerk.

  4. tayfan2 says:

    I agree and this is temporary. What about home based business like Ebay sellers or home crafters who may receive frequent UPS/mail deliveries? This seems to have more to do with the cranky neighbor and the barking dogs. It doesn’t say the dogs belong to the girls. Most likely it was someone else’s untrained dogs barking. Hope they win.

  5. Sameer says:

    >>the email contact list is wdlily outdated, containing names of executives who left the company long ago.Yup, Mel Karmazin for one; didn’t he go to Sirius and lure Stern there…

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