Fred Bodimer

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday says he’s on the fast track to healing, following last week’s appendectomy, thanks to a unique approach being taken by the slugger to get better, faster.

We first heard about Holliday’s rehab efforts during Wednesday’s pre-game interview with Mike Shannon on KMOX. “David Freese has loaned me his hyperbaric chamber, so I’ve been laying in that,” Holliday said.  “It’s a tube that you lay in with oxygen pumped in. It seems like it’s helped.”

St. Louis University sports medicine specialist Dr. William Mitchell says that using the hyperbaric oxygen chamber makes sense in Holliday’s case:

“While it hasn’t been studied specifically for post-operative use, a chamber will increase oxygen delivery to tissues that have a lack of oxygen,” Mitchell explains. “It stands to reason that if you increase oxygen to a recent surgical wound, then the healing factors in that area will hopefully proliferate. It sounds to me that he’s been healing quickly and healing well.”

Hyperbaric chambers traditionally have been used to treat a variety of medical conditions, from decompression sickness to burns. Freese himself sought a quick turn around from surgeries to repair damage to his ankles.

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