Scott Mosby broadcasts from the St. Charles Convention Center for the 7th Annual Builders St. Charles Home Show. Along with answering caller’s questions, Scott speaks with the many experts that will be at the show until Sunday, April 10.




  1. Ricardo says:

    This is also my last cahnce to put out this pluibc plea to CBS.Dear CBS, Please please please, add my twist next season. We’re talking ratings through the roof.1. Hg’s get evicted from the game . but not the house. (keep that drama going) Just imagine the sour grapes when the hg’s that just got booted has to spend the rest of the season with the people that took away their shot at $500,000. and forcrd them to stay cooped up in the BB house, for no good reason. RATINGS.2. Evicted hg’s do not share the same privelages or punishments as the hg’s that are still Margarita Partys or shopping sprees not for the evicted. But no have not stuff or slop either.

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