Bob Hamilton

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Cardinals baseball was in San Francisco Sunday, but for some in St. Louis, it was not on TV. 

This year the Cardinals games are on cable under contract with the Fox Sports Midwest television network.  Problem is, one of the area’s largest cable providers, AT&T U-Verse, was not allowed to carry the game. 

AT&T and 23 other cable companies in the area are in a contract dispute with Fox Sports. 

Fox had said that if the cable companies couldn’t come to terms, they’d be cut off.  On Sunday, they were. 

Fox Sports Midwest says it will stay that way until the cable companies agree to terms. 

Charter Communications, the largest cable provider in the area, and the two main satellite TV providers, continue to carry the Cardinals, as does KMOX Radio and the Cardinal Radio Network.

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Comments (7)
  1. Stacy LoBello says:

    This is extremely frustrating to Cardinals fans… I typically do not miss watching a game and now I am forced to listen to the radio or watch online. It makes me want to switch cable companies…

  2. Dan Schnitzius says:

    I am a sports fan period. While hockey is my favorite sport, I’ve followed the Cardinals since I was very young. I find it more than frustrating. I specifically purchased the U-verse package to watch my local teams.
    for the most part, I have enjoyed the service ATT has delivered. However, should this dispute not be resolved, I will have to rethink the matter of who I pay money to for the servie I expect. Charter learned this lesson the hard way. You would think ATT would have been paying attention.

  3. rmb says:

    Sports fans, please do not blame uverse for this, fox sports is trying to charge the networks more money for those 20 games. When the networks start resorting to extortion as a means to increased profits, the end user, YOU, will eventually absorb the higher costs charged by the network.

  4. Delores D. says:

    Fox Sports wants more money due to 20 additional games that were carried by KSDK last year.
    C’mon kiids…grow up…split the difference…and LET’S PLAY BALL

  5. vince s. says:

    contacted att and they deny any fault, they say the dispute is between FSN and the cardinals org. Every one i spoke with gave me a different story. Don’t know who to believe. Anyone know the truth? I will drop ATT in a heartbeat as the rest of their services has much improving to do, starting with hirering enough staff as to not be put on hold Every Time You Call !!!! It takes entirly too much time to navagate the computor then put on hold!

  6. Bob Darragh says:

    ATT UVerse claims to be the best service provider in the area as far as TV and internet service is concerned—it was until Sunday when they stopped providing the Cardinals games—-now I’m forced to rethink who will provice my service—-let’s hope ATT get’s smart and gets the Cards back on the screen real soom—

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