Charlie talks over the budget battle in Washington D.C. with Dotty Lynch, CBS News political consultant.

  1. Fran says:

    Charlie, Was listening to you this morning talking about the farmers making lots of money on there sale of grain this past year, you don’t realize that for the past 10 or 15 years that farmers have gone bankrupcy or have lost there farms due to the low prices they had gotten for there grain. Many dairy and hog farmers sold out because they couldn’t make it, the farmers had to use were using real old machiney, because they couldn’t afford to buy new. Even some farmers killed themselves because they were discouraged about losing there farms. They didn’t own a boat, or a camper to take vacations with, they couldn’t affford it. Now all of you are crying because the price of food is going up in the stores,and the cost of gas, well its about time the farmers are reconized for what they do. You all don’t think how much it cost to operate the tractors, combines, etc on a farm.
    What percentage do the americans spend for food here compared to other countries? Need to spend a month on the farm and see how hard it is to earn that money.

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