Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOX) — The St. Louis Cardinals Administrative office is undergoing voluntary tests for tuberculosis — after an office worker was diagnosed with a non-contagious form of the disease.  

St. Louis Health Director Pam Walker says the infected worker has had  no interaction with stadium food or the public.

“This is a workplace issue only,” Walker said, “There is absolutely no risk outside a very defined workplace area, and there is minimal to no risk there.”

Walker says worker has a “non infectious” form of TB, because it is not present in the lungs.  

Under health department policy,  when a worker tests positive for TB,  voluntary tests are offered to co-workers, Walker said. 

“So what we’ve done is offer to test the co-workers in the administrative offices of Busch stadium,” Walker said.  “And we will be back on Wednesday to read the results.”

Walker says the Cardinals front office has been fully transparent and helpful in informing all its employees.

Cardinals spokesman Ron Waterman says the voluntary TB tests are being offered to some 150 members of the Cardinals front office. 

The infected employee is being treated with antibiotics and has had no contact with stadium fans, food or the team,  Waterman said. 

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