SPRINGFIELD, ILL.(IRN)–A former candidate for governor didn’t get out of politics after he lost in last year’s Republican primary. He instead formed an organization that looks to rein in state spending.

Adam Andrzejewski recently formed For the Good of Illinois, which found residents across the state are saying “we’re spent.” Andrzejewski says one of his group’s major policy goals is persuading lawmakers to enact a meaningful cap on state spending, but he says it’s not his place to suggest what that should be.

“I’m not a legislator. I’m not trotting out a budget today,” he says. “I’m outlining the fundamental principles of spending reform. The budget cuts are up to the lawmakers to negotiate, and I’m comfortable with that.”

Lawmakers who support For the Good of Illinois, however, are pushing legislation (SB36) that would cap next year’s spending at $30 billion. Also high on the group’s list of targets is Illinois’ workers’ compensation system. For the Good of Illinois points to recent media reports of what it calls egregious examples of waste and fraud in the workers’ comp system. It’s encouraging the state to move forward with a forensic audit of the system.

State Rep. Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon), who sponsored the resolution mandating the audit, says recent proposals to blow up the entire system and send workers’ compensation cases through the courts are short-sighted.

“The reform legislation is out there, but we don’t need to put this in a courtroom,” he says. “They’re already stacked up already with cases that are really meritorious. We don’t need to fill it up with workers comp cases.” Kay says the state would save millions by enacting safeguards to ensure the current workers’ comp commission awards money only to those actually injured on the job.

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