SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Two Illinois senators are pushing a measure to give faith-based groups the right to turn away same-sex couples who seek to adopt children or provide them foster homes.

Opponents say the legislation is an effort to undermine the state’s new civil union law. But Democratic Sen. William Haine of Alton argues religious groups shouldn’t have to go against their beliefs when placing children for adoption or foster care.

In dispute is whether religious agencies such as Lutheran Child and Family Services and Catholic Charities will lose millions of state dollars if they adhere to their beliefs.

Democratic Rep. Greg Harris of Chicago, who is gay, says the adoption legislation is a “180-degree change in state policy.” Same-sex adoptions have been legal in Illinois since a 1995 appellate court ruling.

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Comments (7)
  1. Walt Pryor says:

    Push back! Push back this immoral slide we are in due to political correctness and minority rights, so called. It is all about undermining high moral behavior. It will never end until we wind up at the same level as animals! How blind can people get?

  2. ADOPTIVEMUM says:

    As an adoptive parent who, during the “peak” of the adoption process became enraged when the social workers questioned whether the difference in our skin color from our adopted child should prevent us from adopting her — I now have to confess that I see the light. Not just on the race issue w/adoption, but with the adoption of children by people who have alternative lifestyles as well. The color difference DOES matter, and has mattered for our daughter. We now know how absolutely detrimental it is to an adopted child’s “immersion” into a non-biological family that the family be as close to “nuclear/status quo” as one can get – meaning 2 parent, traditional couples of the same race.. Any variation from this can and IS catastrophically damaging to a child. If same-sex couples are able to conceive naturally & have a biological child on their own – great. To each his own. But I can promise you that it makes bonding extremely difficult, if not impossible, when we wander too far from providing the most normal possible adoptive family to an adopted child – we create more emotional problems for the child. Ask adopted children how THEY feel – and they can confirm how skin color, race, and having 2 parents (of the opposite sex), etc DOES matter.

    1. gphx says:

      As opposed to how damaged these kids feel with no one willing to step up at all?

  3. jasperddbgghost says:

    More caving to the “Bundle of Twigs” religion.

  4. henry knox says:

    It appears the “bundle of twigs’ religion is the victim of the “bundle of twits” religion which congregates in our local universities. No doubt jasperddbgghost is a very tolerant person.

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