Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–The St. Louis Health Department is giving a clean bill of health to the Busch Stadium Administrative staff,  after 100 workers have undergone voluntary testing for tuberculosis.

The round of testing came after one worker was diagnosed with a “non-contagious ” form of the disease.    Health Director Pam Walker says two additional workers tested positive for TB,  but they don’t have “active tuberculosis.”

“We have two people with a positive skin test,” Walker says, “That does not mean they have active TB disease.   In St. Louis we had 573 people last year with positive skin tests.   Only nine people had active TB disease.”

As a precaution,  Walker says the two Busch stadium workers who tested positive will undergo chest x-rays.   But Walker says they are showing no symptoms and appear to be in good health. 

The original case involved a worker described by Cardinals management has having no contact with stadium food, fans or the team.   That person’s TB was considered “non-contagious” because it was not in the lungs, Walker said.

Walker does not believe the two workers who tested positive had any link to the first case. 

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