Kevin Killeen

Today, Kevin goes to read an historical marker, but finds it’s gone…

  1. Karl Young says:


    This metal theft going on in St Louis is infuriating! Several questions come to mind:
    Who in St Louis is BUYING the stolen bronze plaques, stolen aluminum gutters, stolen copper wiring, etc? Perhaps THEY might chip in towards the cost of a new plaque? I have heard that the St Louis Police chase metal thieves with “decoy houses” with lots of aluminum siding to steal, but why not go after the buyers? A “no questions asked” policy at the buyers encourages the thieves.

    How much pocket change does a thief receive for all this stolen metal, and how does this compare to the cost of the metal items? Isn’t a theft of $500 or more a felony? I am reminded of some car break-ins in the Central West End. Many people had their windshields bashed in for the COINS in their car, and the security guards blamed it on the car owners. You see, one should not leave coins VISIBLE to tempt thieves.

    Perhaps you could interview convicted metal thieves, and ask them what, if anything, goes through their minds. (You would have to pay them, but apparently, they work very very cheaply.)


    Karl Young

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