Brian Kelly

ST. PETERS, WARRENTON Mo (KMOX)-Police are asking the public to help find three people who stole credit cards and wallets from three victims last week, one in a restaurant and two at a Wal-Mart.

The Restaurant was the I-HOP in St. Peters, where Officer Melissa Doss says two of the three suspects sat down at a table behind a woman who had hung her purse on her chair,  “The patrons that stole the credit cards actually had just sat down. They stole the credit cards and left before they ordered any food.”

Doss says the woman was at the table the whole time, and didn’t realize the cards had been stolen until she tried to pay for her meal.

She says the three used the two credit cards and a debit card to the nearby Target and Macy’s and bought over $3,000purse snatcher woman Thieves Lift Wallets From Purses in IHOP and Walmart in gift cards.wton credit driver1 Thieves Lift Wallets From Purses in IHOP and Walmart

In Warrenton all three walked into the Wal-Mart, where Police Chief Greg Houdyshell says, “One of the three of them stole a wallet out of a lady’s purse and actually used her credit card in the store before they left.”

Houdyshell says they bought a $700 dollar gift card there. He says that while there they stole another wallet from a purse and used a credit card from that one in Wentzville.

 If you can help identify the suspects call St. Peters Detective Paul Barish at 636-278-2244 ext 3531 or 636-278-2222 or Warrenton Police at 636-456-3535.

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