Michael Calhoun

CLAYTON (KMOX) – Large swatches of St. Louis County didn’t get the warning on Tuesday, and likely won’t hear a tornado siren for at least a few months.

Police Chief Tim Fitch says the County’s current system was built in the 50s, and there just weren’t enough people living in areas like Wildwood and Eureka back then to warrant sirens.

“They’re used to not having siren coverage,” he says, adding that there are “six or seven” existing sirens which have recently broken.

Service to those areas will eventually be restored, once a brand new multi-million dollar system comes online later this summer.

Listen: KMOX’s Michael Calhoun reports

“What we have right now is that the new system is being installed. Some of the new sirens are already up, but they’re not operational,” Fitch says. “So, the old system will continue to work until we flip the switch.”

The new system will cover the entirety of the County and will also allow for spoken word messages to be broadcast. Its construction is funded by an E-911 sales tax passed about a year and a half ago.

CLICK HERE to check St. Louis County’s current list of functioning sirens.

Comments (2)
  1. ss says:

    Does anyone know where the siren in the picture above is located? My son is a siren enthusiast and likes to see different types of sirens “in person.” He got excited when he saw this picture because he’s never seen one up close. Thanks!

  2. Jeff says:

    This is an ASC T-135 siren, and there are no sirens like this anywhere near the St. Louis area. This is a stock photo that the media uses for stories such as this.

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