Brad Choat

GRAFTON, Ill. (KMOX) – The Mississippi River continues on the rise at Grafton, but the mayor there says no flooding is expected until Monday, at the earliest.

“There should be no problem with people getting to Grafton, Pere Marquette State Park, or any of our fine shops and restaurants this (holiday) weekend,” Tom Thompson tells KMOX News.

The river stage was 21.5 feet, Friday morning, at Grafton.

Thompson says it’s predicted to approach 25 feet on Monday or Tuesday, at which point the lowest roads in town could be water-covered.

Grafton does have a detour plan, if that happens.

Extended periods of heavy rain have brought flooding and even mudslides to the town in the past.

Mayor Thompson says he’s not at all concerned about a mudslide this spring, “That slope was stabilized, and we put some drainage in to carry the water. It wasn’t a problem last year, and we don’t anticipate it being a problem this year.”

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